[Ended] Shark Tank Style Giveaway! [Valentine Egg / Legacy Pixie]



Think you have what it takes to convince me and the fellow judges to buy what you have to offer?

Are you able to make a basic item such as T3 tome look/sound good enough for the judges to be persuaded into purchasing such a product?

Well! Look no further as I am hosting a giveaway for these 3 items!

The event is estimated to start in the fungal server 3/25/2020 6pm PST (What time it is in PST)

1st Place (“The winner”) Receives:

Valentine Egg

Random Winner Recieves:

Legacy Pixie Enchanted Sword

Random VC Winner (If you’re in the vc):

Ring of Decades

How to Join

To join you must first join the Pub Fungal Server, and from there you’ll need to get yourself verified as both a regular raider/event raider, since the Shark Tank Giveaway will be hosted in the event channels.

After that is done you’ll need to fill out This Google App since we will pick up to only 8 people for the chance to win the Valentine egg! Tho excluding the people who got in those that don’t will be automatically put into a raffle to possibly win a Legacy Pixie.

How will the Giveaway work

After a brief interview of all the people that I thought was capable you will make it in (That is saying you pass the interview!), you will recieve a role called “Temp Contest Role” This role will indicate whether or not you were the lucky 8 to make it!

The winning aspect of this should be straight forward, you manage to convince me and the fellow judges that this product that your trying to sell us is actually really good, and if 2 out of the 3 judges say they would buy/support the idea then you move forward, but if you fail your disqualified.

Example: “This very T3 Tome right here was read by Danny Devito and not only Danny Devito but Keanu Reeves yes in fact they both read it and have written their signatures inside, not only that but this T3 tome is a name branded by the founder of gucci being one of their first products produced on a sketch…” Ya get the gist? just make the product of an in-game Realm of the Mad god item sound better than it really is.

If there are any questions just ask below! (And if there is anything missing tell me!)


It looks like you put a lot of work into this, I hope it goes well!


too lazy~