Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword

Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword Fairy Bullet Pixies are often a more aggressive fae. It makes great sense that they would provide heroes with swords as fine as this.

Legacy version of

Tier ST (Limited)
Shots 4 (arc gap: 10°)
Damage 75–90 (average: 82.5 / total: 330)
Projectile Speed 14 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.325 seconds
Range 4.55 tiles (true range: 1.87 tiles)
Power Level 232
XP Bonus 5%
Feed Power 500
Dismantling Value 40 Mythical Material

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Drops From None
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages

Part of the Legacy Swoll Paladin set.

When the entire Legacy Swoll Paladin set is equipped, the weapon projectile changes to:
Fairy Bolt

For tips on using this item, see the Pixie-Enchanted Sword page.

This item does not directly have any difference in stats compared to the non-Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword, but the soulbound version contributes to set bonuses that are not available on the Legacy items.

This item has remained unsoulbound throughout its time in the game and is often used in high-value trades, and as a way for players to compact their stored wealth, due to the weapon’s enduring desirability as “the best sword against 0 DEF enemies you can sit on”.

With the introduction of the UT forge and the Demon Blade being tradable again, the Pixie has lost much of its niche. The DBlade is stronger against enemies with more than 0 DEF, has a higher true range, and can be obtained ingame.

Added in Release 26.0 (Nov 2014) under its original name Pixie-Enchanted Sword.

It originally had the following sprite:
Pixie-Enchanted Sword (old)

This item was first released via the Alchemist and caused controversy as, combining aspects from two soulbound UTs: Demon Blade (a multishot sword) and Crystal Sword (a longer range sword), it was viewed as introducing an even better hybrid of the two for sale via the nexus shop. With Pixie being tradeable, unlike the UTs, it was thus felt to devalue and undermine the worth of the Demon Blade and Crystal Sword.

In Patch 27.7.X3 (Aug 2016) the sword was resprited to this short-lived sprite:
Pixie-Enchanted Sword 27.7.X3

This sprite only lasted one update as a further resprite followed in Patch 27.7.X4 (Sep 2016), giving the item its current look.

It used to drop in a cyan bag before the addition of orange bags in Patch X.18.0 (Oct 2017).

This sword used to give +1 ATT. However in Patch X.20.0 (Dec 2017) this bonus was moved to the (now legacy) Ring of Pure Wishes as a rebalance within the ST set.

In Patch X.31.8.0 (July 2019) the item was renamed to Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword upon the release of a new soulbound version of the weapon: Pixie-Enchanted Sword. The original-now-Legacy version was removed as a drop at this time.