Vanity Pets

Vanity Pets are a class of items that summon nonfunctional pets. These are separate from pet eggs, which hatch regular, functional pets.

These are pets that still behave similarly to the old pets. They are summoned using a pet generator, but are despawned everytime you enter the loading screen of a new area. To bring these pets with you, you will need to have the pet generator in your inventory and re-summon the pet. If your character dies with the pet generator, then you will lose the generator and thus the pet.

Valentine Generator
Valentines will follow the player while slowly bobbing up and down. The Valentine Generator can be traded. These were initally available on Valentines Day 2012 and were again available for the Player Appreciation Event in 2014.
Beach Ball The Beach Ball does not follow the player. Once it is spawned it can be tossed and passed between players. These were available for the Beach Party Madness Event in 2012.
Beer Slurp Generator
Beer Slurp near Beer God
The Beer Slurp follows the player, and when a Beer God is nearby the the Beer Slurp will have an exclamation point over its head and will continuously try to move towards the Beer God. These were available for Oktoberfest 2012.
Valentine Launcher
Valentine Heart
The Valentine Launcher functions similarly to the Beach Ball, except it launches a large heart to the closest player. These have been available during each Valentine’s Day events since 2017.
Pet Rock The Pet Rock is a stationary pet. It was released for April Fool’s Day 2017 in response to a bug that decreased the effectiveness of pet abilities.
Veteran of 2017 The Veteran of 2017 spawns four entities which follow the player, the entities are small versions of: the Deca Developer Sil3x’s character sprite, the Spectral Sentry, and two different tier gravestones.
Rainbow Clover The Rainbow Clover when summoned wishes everyone a “Happy St Patrick’s Day!” and then follows the player. First introduced in the St Patrick’s Day 2018 Event.
Paddy's Flying Hat The Paddy’s Flying Hat when summoned wishes everyone a “Happy St Patrick’s Day!” and then follows the player. First introduced in the St Patrick’s Day 2018 Event.
Santa's Reins Eggs
Santa's Reins
The Santa’s Reins Companions when summoned wishes everyone “Happy Holidays!” and then follows the player for 30 seconds. Each Reindeer gives a different temporary stat boost and can be activated any time of year, but will only give a stat boost during Christmas events.
Exalt Trophy The Exalt Trophy when used, spawns a stationary exalt trophy that summons the 3 Oryx Runes. The 3 Runes circle around the trophy for the remaining duration of the effect. This item was awarded to players who were playing during the Exalt Open Beta.