Every Server is Full [working atm]


this has happened in the past it was pretty much guaranteed to happen again


Right, so you’re telling me the guy who owns this account, who claimed to be Bert in the thread you linked, is NOT responsible for the attacks?

If so, how would Bert know the servers are going to be full in 30 minutes if someone else is doing it?


did u not see the other thread saying some1 was framing him?

maybe some1 got ahold of his passwords




Why would you say you’re being framed and then say something that makes you seem like you are the one doing it


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bert is innocent untill proven guilty


any1 have tips or tricks to get back in realm?


Hard to believe you when you seem to be a friend of Bert…


idc whos doing it i want them to quit


considering all things he’s done, i’d say guilty until proven innocent


still it does not seem like its bert since he said in that post that some1 got a hold of his discord and that checks out soooo it is likely it is bert but at the same time it might not be


am i the only one who doesnt care who it is


1 post from a known liar is not evidence.


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woah chill. i know this is a joke but, jesus


ya know witch hunting is not allowed on this forum


Everyone thinks it’s Bert, but you’re still trying to protect him.
And you used to hack too,

Protecting a fellow hacker I see…


When did I state that it was a joke? I am a serious person.


Or an alt account… You know, everything could be rigged, right.