Every Server is Full [working atm]


I guess you’re right dude ill stop


you have a very good point my dude


you are right, but just sitting around won’t do anything


Bert was salty too, so there’s that


guys bert isnt going to stop because you tell him to. do you really think that he will just because you want him to?



Can we #whine-cellar this thread? It has devolved into single sentence conversations with a troll.


I suppose you are right about that, but what can we do?


We know


we cant do much. we can just watch and see what deca can do. put something in the chat if there are any updates


discuss possible solutions and give updates on the situation i guess


btw just a question, when the servers were open earlier today, was that you just chilling or deca actually pushed a hotfix?


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Actually… No there are other solutions


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it still don’t work, server are full again and i can’t play


Thanks bert, we love you!



wow he must have some crazy connections to advertise the game to the point every server is full


We can say bye to that pet skin if this keep happening


No you dont. There are small moments when 1 or 2 servers dont become full. Just keep refreshing till this happens. Then claim your stuff when you’re in. I already got my pet skin.