Explorer Wizard Set - An ST set for the early game


STs are definitely a very late-game thing. However, I think that there should be at least one early-game ST set, for new players. On a Wizard, of course, since that’s the first class you unlock. There have been a few other takes on this concept, but allow me to present mine. Sure, it’s somewhat complicated, but what better way to transition from early-game to late-game? (Oh, and the sprites will be at the end of the post. Don’t expect anything too great, I’m not a sprite artist by trade.)

Explorer’s Cane

A twisted rod made from a branch from the Forest Maze. It lacks a magical crystal, so it draws power from the wood itself.


  • Tier: ST
  • Damage: 111
  • Shots: 1
  • Range: 8.55
  • Rate of Fire: 125%
  • Stat Bonuses: +3 SPD
  • Fame Bonus: 3%
  • Feed Power: 300

Drops From:

  • Arachna (in Spider Den)

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This staff has a high rate of fire, low amplitude, and consistent high damage. The two drawbacks are that the staff only fires one shot at a time and the projectile speed is half that of a normal staff. It consistently outdamages the t7 staff, outdamages the t8 staff at 1 defense, outdamages the Crystal Serpent Staff at 7 defense, and outdamages the t9 staff at 15 defense. It outdamages every tiered staff at some point, but is beaten out by Tezcoatl’s Tail before it beats out the t12 staff.

Explorer’s Spell

A peculiar spell carved onto a piece of wood. It seems to play a defensive role rather than an offensive one.


  • Tier: ST
  • Damage: 10-20
  • Shots: 16
  • Range: 16
  • Inflicts Weak for 0.5 seconds
  • Ability Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Mana Cost: 100
  • Stat Bonuses: +4 SPD, +1 DEF
  • Fame Bonus: 3%
  • Feed Power: 300

Drops From:

  • Mixcoatl the Masked God (in Forbidden Jungle)

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This spell does much less damage for much more mana with a hefty cooldown. The exchange is that each shot inflicts Weak for 0.5 seconds, which can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

Explorer’s Robe of Honey

This robe appears to be soaked with honey after many journeys through The Hive. Despite this, it’s very lightweight, however it has a tendency to tear.


  • Tier: ST
  • Stat Bonuses: +9 DEF, +4 SPD
  • Flowing Honey: Upon falling below 50% HP, heals 100 HP and inflicts Healing for 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Fame Bonus: 2%
  • Feed Power: 300

Drops From:

  • Queen Bee (in The Hive)

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  • This robe trades the usual bonuses of MP and WIS (and maybe ATK) in exchange for 4 SPD and the Flowing Honey bonus, which can be useful in getting you out of some sticky situations.

Explorer’s Compass

Every self-respecting explorer takes a compass with them wherever they go, to help them find treasure or avoid enemies. Be careful not to run too fast.


  • Tier: ST
  • Stat Bonuses: +2 SPD, +3 DEF
  • Explorer’s Intuition: On Ability Use: Grants Speedy for 1 second
  • Explorer’s Exhaustion: Inflicts Slowed for 2 seconds after Speedy expires
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Fame Bonus: 1%
  • Feed Power: 300

Drops From:

  • Mama Megamoth (in Forest Maze)

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This ring is, like the other pieces of the set, best used defensively. It grants a second of Speedy (enough to escape from most enemies) in exchange for two seconds of Slow.

Bringing it all together: The Full ST Set

2 piece bonus: +2 SPD
3 piece bonus: +1 DEF, +2 SPD
4 piece bonus: +2 DEF, +3 SPD
Subtotal of bonuses: +3 DEF, +7 SPD
Overall Stat Bonuses: +17 DEF, +20 SPD

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As you can see, the set is fully focused on increasing SPD and DEF, arguably two of the most necessary stats for rushing. In addition, it grants Speedy via the ring and inflicts Weak with the spell, making it a potentially useful set far into the late game. The pieces themselves have merit in other ways: The staff is decently powerful at high defense, the spell is a useful defensive spell, the robe is a useful defensive tool, and the ring is viable for any class. The Slurp Scion set could be considered a direct upgrade to this.


Item sprites and palette:
From left to right then top to bottom: unused sprite, Staff projectile, Staff projectile (full set), Spell burst projectile (should be half of shown size)
16x16 sprite

Final notes:

  • I don’t think this set should drop in the Mystery ST chest.
  • The set pieces would drop in the Beginner Quest Chest as well.
  • Please let me know your thoughts! I tried to balance it, let me know how well I did!


Honestly, I don’t think we need more ST sets. However, making this a low level UT set would be cool.


Neither do I, but they’re going to make more anyways and I figure it’d be best to introduce the mechanic with a lower-level set.


Honestly, I think ST’s should be more or less restricted for mid-late game content. It’d make more sense for this to be a UT set or a few unrelated UT’s.


But I love st sets, though! > :
Please don’t hate me… earning them all is a bucket list item for the game, even if many of them aren’t practical


Pirate cave is definitely early game. Mwoods is also early game. Snake pit is also early game.


The ring is bullshit (pardon my language), speedy on any class with practically no drawback is really strong.

For an early game set, for some reason you put a debuff punishment for taking too much damage? The robe makes sense as a ‘honey’ related item, but in terms of practicality this is not a good idea.

Additionally, the spell makes use of a fairly rare status effect (weak, for three seconds? that’s basically a better version of the tomb lute that drops from nut, wayy more late game, and that applies weak only around the user) but I don’t think you realise that’s not how bullets work in rotmg. Having a huge sprite doesn’t make the hit box bigger. You can be touching Pyrr’s fireballs or the LotLL spinners and not take damage.

The staff is pretty much the only thing relatively balanced for early game, although it really should do damage closer to the crystal staff since that drops from similarly difficult content but straight up does more damage.

I think a lot of this needs to be reworked to be both not a detriment to the player and also not on par with endgame items.


snake pit and magic woods are not early game


Pirate Cave, I suppose, is an exception. That said, the ST there is quite literally the worst ST in the game.

That said, MWoods and Snake Pit are closer to mid-game than early-game. A brand new player isn’t going to run either of those dungeons because they’ll have enough trouble getting to Lvl 20, let alone getting through those dungeons.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll attempt to make some reworks.


I very much dislike the idea of early game STs, and current STs in general

This would be much better as a regular UT set, sorta like the forbidden jungle’s necro set.




I’ve rebalanced the set a bit! Here’s a summary:

  • Increased the staff’s damage by 11. This makes a pretty big difference, believe it or not!
  • The spell no longer fires only the large bullet, instead it fires the weaken burst every time.
  • Gave the spell a much longer cooldown and shortened Weak duration to 0.5 seconds.
  • The spell now does much less damage.
  • Removed Slow from the robe and extended the proc’s cooldown. Also reduced its defense.
  • Increased the Compass’s cooldown and made it inflict Slow after the Speedy expires.