Forum Halloween


Maybe because no one cared so far?


Why is this in the rules then?


@NEVOV ples reply the suspense killed me an hour ago.


Damn the “…is replying.” …RealmEye is always watching.
I’m multitasking and keep returning to reword it every few minutes. :slight_smile: But then get called off to do something more important :stuck_out_tongue:
You’ll be disappointed I’m sure! It’s nothing epic I promise. Just trying to word it in as least-disruptive a way as I can.


Not like I wanna use my Sharingan on you, b-baka

Also, should I try to improve my Halloween avatar or no?


Short answer: I don’t and I made a rash decision there but the other one was censored so I thought it’d be okay I’m sorry I’m trying to keep it as appropriate as I can which I failed at completely before but I’ll make sure to not let it happen again

Long answer:
there is no long answer

Anyway new pfp



Halloween is almost here already!


Did you not read the reply I made before?


I did.


Well @Seelpit answered directly already, so the issue is mostly moot now. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I would only comment further on the mention of forum rules @RMGnoob that nudity per se isn’t obscene or forbidden, & if you recall one of our mods has a musclebound rogue getting his abs out as a profile.


topless guy=/=topless girl

topless=/=full frontal nudity


I think if we want to begin a side-discussion about the forum obscenity rule & profile pics (edit: or sexism in the application thereof), it’d be better off separate from here to avoid wrecking the topic, maybe in #feedback or #off-topic.


Remember to take off your Halloween pfp’s everyone, I almost didn’t xd


I shall only remove my christmas hat for the month of December.




The season of spooks has arrived once again! Bring out your undead!


Okay, that one actually looks pretty cool XD

@GGaodzilla oh god oh fuck


this game already considers Megumin halloween-ish for some reason so i think im good.


…please…I just want to be…free…


all I have atm is my ninja in a witch outfit, idk if I’m ready to retire spook completely yet. we’ll have to see