Forumer appreciation thread


@Ecookied nice ppes and likes, fun to talk to

@Wilhuff trying to make the forums a better place and star wars references

@Orsome kindness and a duckface and a good name (same as mine)

@Campfires kind to people

@Doc you stuck around for a while

@Unicorn genuine person and good to talk to

@Panytnaa for a good cool birthday and better 2nd language skills than I’ll have at least

@Mynamerr for being around a lot and being a cool german and speaking like perfect english

And a final shoutout to all those people I forgot or don’t know very well right now.


@Wilhuff This too.


holy mother of ping


thanks guys

hmm lemme see
oh yes @Mrunibro
idk if he counts as a “forumer” to you guys, but watching him/helping him debug the realmafia bot is a blast. also his videos are cool and without him this wouldn’t exist BREEEEEEEEEEE which is like the most perfect angry face reaction ever.


I scrolled right past that and once I past it I thought my screen was shaking!


Noticing a strong correlation here :thinking:

I appreciate the community as a whole, you guys make me feel better than my parents do.

@Toastrz/@Xaklor realmmafia is fun
@SoloSen great to talk to
@AKLDragon I’m still 50 trophies ahead of you, git gud.
@RMGnoob always has a thought provoking argument
@Wilhuff pretty mature
@Seelpit always kind to people
@JohnMH idk if this is a good thing, but playing on puffin browser and having success.
@SirSpud :ok_hand: vegemite still sucks though.

Out of pings bree

More people definately on list


I also appreciate talking to you and having another maf with more than 20 iq last game

aw! i think youre awesome too!

boxes are cool




wait what. what certain events :thinking:


Lol I can do that too except I dont know how to make letters big or small.


<big>big letters or <small>small letters
But lets continue any other questions here


it makes me want to die

eeeee thank you



<font size=10>BIG BOI</font>
<font size=0>smol boi</font>


@SoloSen for your fabulous comics
@ArexRew [insert reason here]
@Orsome For your positive attitude
@OtherBill for adding me to the forums in the first place (I had to wait 3 months before I got my member status)
@GammaGamer For your amazing ideas
@Redox and @Striix for teaching me how to sprite


OMG LUV U 2 <3


I’ll go ahead and say right now that a majority of the Forum has provided me with fond memories and a lot of improvement for ideas I’ve had.

Some notable people are @RMGNoob for being critical(most of the time lul) and @Wilhuff for being a Sith all around decent guy.

This also includes people who helped me on my original Chasm idea, and other people who are just kind of cool to have around. (cough @Santeripe even though it’s not actually on the forums often)

However. I cannot honestly say that my entire time on the forums has been pleasant. As a good few people know, there’s been some drama, and I have not appreciated it as of recently for personal reasons. Which is why I want to also add @CrystalPX, @Pepus, @ThatsMyJam and Wilhuff again for helping deal with that, and @GGaodzilla for trying to help bring it to an end.

oh and @ArexRew for being BookBookBo

If I can think of more, I’ll add them.


So much appreciation, much love :'3

So, as for my list, it’d be like…

@Wilhuff for the most fitting reaction videos, and Cult duo.
Both @RMGnoob and @Mynamerr for being generally good examples.
@Nevov, our favourite semi-leader and Sorcerer king.
@Fluffegan and @Orsome for kindness and soft profile pics.
@Doc and @OtherBill for being outstanding leaders.
@Panytnaa for the fun ideas I could help with.
@Xaklor for also being a great forumer with the greatest skin idea that should be added to the game.


…and to continue:
@GGaodzilla for comedy relief and being the forum’s local weeb.
@SoloSen for getting through tough times here, while still being pretty nice.
@ThatsMyJam for similar reasons (bi buds!!), as well as being an honorable [redacted] in Realmafia.
@Glawi for liking everything.
@Shatter for being a moderator of patience (and drunkness).

Finally, not really forumers, but still here:
@Kiddforce for keeping us updated on his own views of LH as its co-creator.
@Atrapper for the frankly amazing couple of ideas back in older forum days.
@Mrunibro for bees and solos. (and also explaining object communication in Realm!)


:blush: Honestly I wasn’t sure how this would go given recent events, but I’m glad everything’s all fine. Thanks y’all for spreading the love.


[I am not drunk enough to actually post something substantial here. Perhaps I shall remedy that tonight. OB]