Everything about Realmeye Formatting


Formatting guide for RealmEye forums

I Made this a Wiki Post so people can contribute to this.


Click for quoting guide

There are multiple ways to quote a text.

Method one, highlight the text you want to quote and then press reply (any reply button).

Method two, no highlighting needed. Just reply to the message that you want to quote
something from, and press the leftmost button in the formatting bar above your post:
Method three, Manually writing out the quoting text. Wouldn’t really recommend this. But the things need for this is
[quote="*user name that you quoting*, post:*the-post-number*, topic:*topicnumber*, full:true"].
Eg [quote="Shatter, post:88, topic:2324, full:true"].
Then you have the content,
Then at the end you need a [/quote]

Method four is probably the best. Just highlight the text and press this grey button "quote reply
This is how you multi quote, you can put like 100 quotes in one message (I didnt figure this out until 3months in)


Click for bolding guide

Is the secondmost left button, the B, just highlight whatever you want to bold.
You can also use two ** around the text you want to bold
**this is bold text** = this is bold text


Click for italics guide

Is the third most left button, the I.
Or you can put one * around the text you want to italicize
*this is italic text* = this is italic text

Font size

Click for font size guide

<small>small text</small> = small text
<big>big text</big> = big text


Click for code text guide

<code>code text</code> = code text
or you can use ‘grave’ punctuation marks ` for this:
`like so`


Click for headers guide

Headers are done by the use of # symbol followed by a space. One # gives the biggest header

For Header 1 size use # Header 1

For Header 2 size use ## Header 2

For Header 3 size use ### Header 3

Alternativly, you can put a ___ in the line right below it, which gives a header of size 2


Click for superscript/subscript guide

<sup>text</sup> for superscript which looks like: text
<sub>text</sub> for subscript which looks like: text

Horizontal Rule

Click for horizontal rule guide

Placing three or more hyphens, asterisks, or underscores on a line by themselves:
--- *** or ___ gives:

If it turns out to make you characters big, put an “enter” between the underscore and the line above.

Or the eleventhmost left button on the formatting bar (next to the smiley) no longer there on latest update


Click for images guide

Many ways to include images. One such way is to upload from computer.
It is the seventhmost left button.
You can also a upload an image by copying it to your clipboard and then pasting it into your post by pressing ctrl+v

Another method is to drag it from a website for example Imgur to the text box you are creating. Remember to use the actual link for the image, NOT the album for Imgur etc.

Or you can use html, example:
<img src="https://www.cultureamp.com/images/logos/imgur-llc-4a2c2ff3.png" width="60">

If you want your image to automatically stay proportional, only use one of either the width or length argument,
<img src="image link" width="number">
<img src="image link" length="number">

If you want a precise size, use both width and length, but if you get this wrong it will stretch the image.
<img src="image link" width="number" length="number">

Collapsed section (“Summary”)

Click for collapsed section guide

This is how to have a section in your post like this:


This text is hidden

If there is no other formatting in your post, you can have the code in a single line like this:
[details=HIDDEN]This text is hidden[/details]

You can use whatever label you like in place of HIDDEN.

If there is other formatting in the post, it can make a single-line code stop working. To get around this you need to have the [details] tags on lines on their own, possibly requiring a complete blank line above and below if the formatting is very complicated:

This bit is not hidden


This text will be hidden


This bit is back in the open again

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[color=#FF98FF] Color [/color]




- bullet
* bullet
  • bullet
  • bullet

lot of other shit but here’s the ones I always use, I use random mixes of code types :stuck_out_tongue:

Infernal Tophets Items

Don’t forget summary and chat


Aparently you didn’t. I can’t edit it.


fck forgot to make it wiki post, changing it rn.



yeah, isaw that along with some stuff posted by Doc, but those two don’t cover everything. That one covers all of the html stuff which is nice. Ill put that stuff in here later.


I would have put in multi-quoting, heading stuff and other neat things but I don’t know how to re-open a closed thread.


wait you put those things in the close one you did?





I’m pretty sure copy and paste works for images too.


Message da mods.


I have a new little trick that @Stupidity taught me,

Say I made this [very complicated] table, and you wanted to use it in your post.

Site Male Female
RealmEye 5 5
Reddit 6 9
Deca Website 0 0

Instead of begging for the code, or asking for it to be made wiki, just click Reply to the post with the table in it, and click Quote whole post (the speech bubble icon in the toolbar, first on the left)

You should then be able to see the quoted table in HTML and just copy-pasta.


lol, that was the only method i knew how to use until two months in. I have it included in my main post already, just not as well explained


Yeah, it’s just a lil’ trick because Shatter didn’t know how until recently xD


wtf! how do you do these

i tried everything, but piggby doesnt want to go in there.


No image right now.

I cant do sprites

@piggby pls make one :heart: :smile: :blush: If you dont im going to cry :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

[details=What a real life Katar Looks like]

@Scorchmist ok it works, exact copy and paste from your post. It is a little bugged… maybe make a new post in forum feedback?

I cant do sprites

@piggby pls make one :heart: :smile: :blush: If you dont im going to cry :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

[details=What a real life Katar Looks like]

cool, its ok i got it, but do you know why it keeps messing up, or how you have to do it?[quote=“UnicornSla, post:18, topic:2452”]
It is a little bugged… maybe make a new post in forum feedback?

ehh i guess i will, although maybe more Q & A, ehh ill do it some other time…


you should pin this thread @moderators since you pinned the good item guide :wink:


Ummm…I just format everything in raw HTML. It’s really not that hard to learn, and there are tons of good tutorials out on the web (Google is your friend).


[At least I’m actually replying and not making a stealth edit, mirite? OB]