Forumer appreciation thread




Its GGaodzilla.
The A is before the O


if people know what im saying, then it still works, but ill change it.


Goad cavalry


Thanks to -
@candyshi for pinging me
@xaklor and @toastrz for realmafia
@tartarus for inting in every league game I play
@ludfru for giving the civs an easy maf kill
@tauntauned for conversing with me about political situations like a year ago in a shatts
@curlip for leaving me on these forums alone
@niegil for always dying so we dont have to


did you just compared me to spinatk


Even though these people have been added several times I respect and look up to @Doc , @Shatter and @Scorchmist for their contributions to the game forums and other activities.




yall are mad


who is owen?




oh yeah i forgot about him. he was amazing @evolyptic


I would like to give thanks to:
@Xaklor for realmafia (I know toastrz was the first one to start it! But I started with Xaklor and I hope he forgives me tbh)
@SoloSen For the amazing art that he makes! Seriously teach me!
@InfamousX For always making me laugh.
@Zuzu For being just an awesome person
@Leaders Who keep the forums clean and safe!
@Glawi For teaching me that there is nothing wrong with being a furry!
@Ecookied For being the person he is! Or cookie I don’t discriminate!
@AKLDragon For being such a friendly person!
[@]Stareaz and [@]PlebBurnt for being some of most awesome rotmg friends I could of had! (Not really forumers, but I appreciate them)
@SkySlurp for being my slurp knight twin!
@All my guildies who are straight up awesome!

And everyone else who I did not mention, I would! Everyone who comes here makes it a
image and that’s what makes the forums so special in my :heart:! Even when people are toxic people always seem to show love!


What would you like to learn? SoloSen#1143


Anything and everything! I’m just a beginner and my friend who draws is tired of me because he sees me every other class period.I tried to ask him, but he said no “Insert N word here”. lmao he is using an expired n word pass…


That’s pretty vague so unless you can show me your current level we’ll have to start with the basics


Ok Imma ask xaklor to post what I drew in the art channel. Still kinda working on it.


I’d like to thank @Zuzu for always posting pictures of there cat in my picture thread.
Everyone else is okay I guess.

@xaklor @Unicorn beereee


@Snippey We are here to appreciate how you are great player and give you free items and advice.
I started out like a week ago by giving him the rougue skin from bella (bc i got 2)


im late because im actually dead and my grammar conventions have deteriorated further

xak best host
shatter best not leader anymore
four best dog
jam best alaska
spud best potato stew
myname best shitpost
sen best sen
lud best akram
akram best akram
rmg best textwall
im pinging @toastrz bc no homo but id totally eat you