Forumer appreciation thread


@NeutralKey for existing




thank :wink:


I wish there were more threads like these


@Rienhara thank you rienhara for always being a good friend :)) :grin:


im a bit late here, but how dare you


I mean, it’s a valid point


@Leohe @Derpypers Thanks a lot for helping me rebuild, I think I’m good now (I might not?)



Feelsgreatman Clap <3

Tell your tales and or encounters with this non ssd being

Also windows, if you see this…I feel like there’s a story behind your name, if so what is it and why’d you pick that name?


My encounters with WindowsHDD have been… pretty alright in my opinion. They’re epic


WindowsHDD Is a pretty chill dude


I’ve seen him in game before, he’s nice


for being a cool dude in game and on the forum ^^