Four T13 weapon resprites


I made some more Sprites because i had fun making the Amulett.
These are still some of my first attempts at pixel editing so please have mercy.

Bow%20of%20Mystical%20energy Dagger%20of%20Sinister%20Deeds Sword%20of%20splendor Staff%20of%20Vital%20Unity

They are supposed to be T13 resprites and they were made mainly because of the Dagger which just looked like a popsicle to me.


i think you went overboard a bit with the sword and staff


Bow looks weird, and sprites overall need better shading. Love staff shape tho


Actually really good looking. Good job!


Im fond of this one


Yeah. Honestly pretty good. Especially the sword and dagger.


I hate all of these sprites.

no but seriously, the bow looks… off. The dagger is neat, albeit the changes are a little hard to see. Sword is very weird color and doesn’t match the color scheme of the other weapons now, looks nice tho. Staff is nice, but the mid section looks like it would be hard to hold.


The staff kinda looks like the t11 staff winter reskinimage


I really like the color scheme of the sword, handle looks uncomfortable though. The Bow reminds me of the butter bow from the recent machine event.


Alrighty, I did my “improvement” of the bow sprite, while trying to keep with the overall yellowish theme.

The main problem with the bow for me was that it had very strong yellow colors and the fact it looked very [THICC] which doesn’t look appealing to the eye when it comes to bows, at least for me. the red gem(?) in bot the release sprite and this didn’t sit well with me either since it doesn’t fit the theme the weapons have for the most part.


the bow looks awfully similar to the heartstruck bow


They look so uneven… :sob:


Stop necro-ing threads Reeeeee

Tru Tho


While the resprites do carry a lot of potential, unfortunately, having the items so obviously break the trend of tiered items that it’s almost… uncomforting. Tiered items are made to be similar, so changing only one of them like this doesn’t fit well, at all.


I would have to disagree


Im a fan of all of them accept the sword, maybe its the color? Idk but im not really feeling it


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