Gamma's Take on PPE


Dammit. Came back but quickly got defeated.

Is that the game’s way of saying ‘‘welcome back’’ ?


In a way, yes.

Starting on a day that is yet to be decided, I’ll be trying a more traditional style along with the participants of the Older Realms Discord. Excited to somewhat experience an age that I didn’t really get to be part of.

Oh yeah, unless you count my petless newbie days as “traditional”…


Looking forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face:


While we’re waiting, allow me to entertain y’all with some appetizers.


The sound I made when I saw the Sphinx instead of a Pyra was similar to that of a whale undergoing depression.


Exa HP is still a fantastic upgrade, though!


My stupidity: I’ll free one up.


No new PPEs yet. Just wanted to keep this alive for when I get a new character slot.


noooo i thought you were back at it.


Well I’m hoping/fingers crossed/praying to Stheno now you’ll have time for a ppe.

My first bump too, damn…


are you going to be posting your npe on here or keeping it secret?