Gamma's Take on PPE


Dammit. Came back but quickly got defeated.

Is that the game’s way of saying ‘‘welcome back’’ ?


In a way, yes.

Starting on a day that is yet to be decided, I’ll be trying a more traditional style along with the participants of the Older Realms Discord. Excited to somewhat experience an age that I didn’t really get to be part of.

Oh yeah, unless you count my petless newbie days as “traditional”…


Looking forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face:


While we’re waiting, allow me to entertain y’all with some appetizers.


The sound I made when I saw the Sphinx instead of a Pyra was similar to that of a whale undergoing depression.


Exa HP is still a fantastic upgrade, though!


My stupidity: I’ll free one up.


No new PPEs yet. Just wanted to keep this alive for when I get a new character slot.


noooo i thought you were back at it.


Well I’m hoping/fingers crossed/praying to Stheno now you’ll have time for a ppe.

My first bump too, damn…


are you going to be posting your npe on here or keeping it secret?


When you doing a ppe next?


Short answer: Soon, hopefully, but I don’t really know.

long answer

As soon as I have time. Been balancing enough different stuff (drawing, animating, Minecraft modding, going back and polishing up all of my texture packs, upcoming dungeon concept that I’m doing a collab with, exploring other games, slowly learning two languages over quarantine, planning on continuing development for a Discord-RotMG encyclopedia bot that’s already proved to be useless, some side drawing for a potential game that I might make with the help of some others, etc.) to the point where if I add anything else to do, I fear that I’ll get close to zero progress on everything. And those are just the so-called hobbies…:sweat: KotN and TRW more or less added to the plate.

The Sorcerer NPE I started for the guild competition will be carried over as a PPE. Considered making a timelapse video of some sort, but my computer’s been acting suspiciously slow, which might have to do with its storage (and if that’s the case, hours and hours of screen recordings won’t really help). Haven’t taken this game seriously in several months. Even the Necro PPE back in Sept was mostly just me screwing around while waiting for Older Realms (which never really happened, and the Discord server’s almost completely dead). I believe I already stated this in the past (forgot where), but my main concern is that the game has moved forward in such a way that I’m half stuck and half confused. With the updates that have happened (including the BPs/Forge Update, which I feel could be improved a lot, since I’m not a fan of its current state), the best way to describe me is a new player with good gear. An honestly, are those items I have even good anymore when put next to the huge power creep? And I’m not saying the power creep is really avoidable. I understand that it’s an inevitable and sometimes necessary aspect in games. In short, times have changed. A handful of new powerful items are available for relatively easy access as long as you’re grinding away in events, plus you can forge UTs now, which puts people like me who paid absolutely no attention to RotMG’s game development progress at a very big disadvantage. This goes to the point where everyone around me has moved ahead, getting massive amounts of Fame, getting all sorts of endgame items, while I’m still rolling around in this forum making random fan art. This was a few weeks ago, but I still think it holds true: Someone over Discord asked me why I couldn’t just pick up RotMG once more, progress through the game like a normal new player would, and get that goddamn Concertina that I always wanted. Because I can’t. And it’s not because Concertina has a 0/1 drop rate, or because my forum peers (or so I call) have pushed ahead and left me behind both wealth-wise and skill-wise. It’s because I’m not willing to go another 3+ years sliding down the exact hellhole I swore to escape. I spent my entire RotMG time careful not to get caught into the ropes of addiction. But at this point, it’s become something more than a matter of addiction. It’s rather the case of whether I’m willing to invest time and dedicate myself to this game for a longer period of time. And the answer is no.

The more I think about it, the more I feel discouraged to try new PPEs. You hit 8/8. You get every Exaltation. You get an Omni, an Ogmur, and every O3 white. You thrash every single boss a thousand times. What then? A lot of people say that I’m either too scared or too lazy to go for it. In a way, they’re not wrong, but they’re not completely right. There’s a reason why I had so much fun defeating Leucoryx in a group, successfully soloed Dammah first try, and striven to perfect my fight against O3 in PT, yet never stepped into the Void in my life. Ultimately, I think the creative side of the game (dungeon concepts, custom item sprites, character skin designs, fan art) is sometimes more worth exploring than the game itself. So that’s basically why I haven’t been playing much recently :[


It’s sad to see someone who has been a longtime forum user that I’ve always looked up to kinda take a step away from realm… take your time bro if you feel like you need a break take it, but if you feel like you want to get back into it then definitely do it :+1:


Do you now understand my pain when I saw Phantom leave us? T-T
Thanks for the kind words :purple_heart:


What 2 languages are learning?


German and French.


Indo-European languages…

I don’t know about me, but I may have some advantages if I learn Japanese (even though it’s Japonic rather than Sino-Tibetan).


:man_shrugging: I learned French in HS but promptly forgot close to everything, which is why I decided to relearn it. As for German, I always thought it was beautiful, and I still do to this day!

Japanese sounds fun. I learned Korean as a kid because my father’s from that area. Sad to say that my “peak” for that language was when I was in elementary school, though.


That’s me RN… got addicted to this game.