Gamma's Take on PPE


Bard PPE has achieved god mode.


Everyone seems to be getting that ;(


RogueGamma is your main. MUHAHAHAHA
no but seriously if you don’t care about keeping your account private why don’t you use it on the forums


There was already a similar conversation above.

Also, something else I didn’t mention there: I get to act like a smartass and people wonder how a light blue star knows about endgame content. :sunglasses:


Weird flex but ok

also you might not want to admit you made multiple accounts it is “against Deca TOS” and they “”""""""""""""""""""""“might”"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" care about it




basically its against tos to make multiple accounts but deca doesn’t give a fuck


There are Muledump updates on the RotMG Discord.

Okay, here’s the thing. DECA doesn’t like mules for sure, mostly because they can easily be used to hide duped items, which is a big no-no. However, here’s what the developers said about the issue:

So basically, they allow them, but if they get yeeted, they stay yeeted.

From everything I have read, there is nothing prohibiting the usage of multiple accounts. (And I don’t know any game that has banned this, because no game has any reason to.) On the chance that I have missed something, I have left two links that lead to two TOS articles.


And here’s the Reddit page that I got the quote from:

Even if it was breaking the rules, it’s less of “DECA doesn’t give a fuck”, but more like “If mules and alternative accounts were banned, a huge portion of the game’s players would get mad.”


Insane. Better than any of my ppes


Do you meet woland reqs now lol


It truly works, it got me a lot of times. I was always like ‘‘huh, strange’’. Really, for me, you were very mysterious before I started roaiming these forums regularly. btw funny comment


Void Bow, Concertina, Crown, 3/3 with 90 MHeal. Chances are, I’m never going to reach those requirements. (Even out of all of my characters, only my Archer and Huntress do, and that’s only if I use my Tenne.) I try to avoid LH Discords anyway. Far too boring for me.


Why doesn’t anointed count as a dps item?


Unfortunately my last screenshot of the Wizard PPE alive. Reached the 1000 Base Fame milestone before later being slaughtered by Malus.

This one hit me pretty hard. Probably because A) I was 25 Fame away from 5 Stars, B) it was my first big death since Exalt, and C) it was completely my fault. I lost focus during the phase where Malus teleports around, and right when I looked away from my screen for a second, he snuck up next to me with a shotgun.

Good thing my Bard PPE’s alive for now, eh? :smile:


First Shatts on the character. Gamma’s greatest PPE? Maybe? Maybe?

Feels great to finally be free of that Nile. Like, who needs +MP on a Bard?


im so jelly


Says the one with the better ppe uwu


Your Knight PPE, though…I can’t even dream of getting a Bracer.


Er, so what rings are good on bard?


Probably something that gives HP (since he’s pretty squishy) and DPS stats. I didn’t mean getting the Bracer specifically for the Bard.