Gamma's Take on PPE


I grind enough Snake Pits to max SPD for at least five characters and I get this? I just need the Lute to go sonic mode. :sob:

I should also throw this in. Got the DBow a couple days ago, I think?


I feel ya, done enough snake pits to max speed on 10 chars if not more to get one bulwark.

oh yeah there might be something else than a lute in that white bag, be prepared man


Alright, so I feel obligated to make a PPE update by now. I got a CBow, which is replaces my T10 for sure. I have ~1,000 Base Fame (Base Fame? Alive Fame? How are you supposed to say this thing?) as of now.

“So, Gamma. You had 800 Fame in that OT. How’d you get the other 200 Fame?”

Mmm…I may (may, mind you) have done over a hundred Deadwater Docks in search of the Concertina. And I may (may, mind you) have spent several hours trying to grind for it. And I may (may, mind you) have not gotten it yet because the RNG gods are determined to make my life miserable. And I may (may, mind you) have crashed from exhaustion.

I’m usually super casual when it comes to gaming, but this was probably one of the most unhealthy things I’ve done related to RotMG – not only playing the game for an unholy number of hours, but also grinding the same dungeon over and over again.

And I have still yet to get the Concertina. Yay?

I also noticed that I haven’t been wearing a backpack this entire time. What do you guys think about this?

  • Just use one. Who cares?
  • Nuh. Hardcore PPE or death.

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Oof, that sucks. Personal well-being > game well-being!

On the backpack note, I usually just apply a backpack once my ppes reach a certain milestone (for me, it’s 6/8, can be whatever you want).

With the sheer number of marks, swapouts and other items one tends to carry around nowadays, not having a backpack is hard!


If the RNGgods are being stingy, try turning to Lootcifer…


Ooh. What’s this I see? Two whites in one dungeon? Haven’t seen that in a while.


Bard PPE’s still alive, though these screenshots are from a couple days ago.

5/8 and a good Lute, which is nice.

The entire thing is sort of getting stale, mostly because I haven’t gotten the Concertina after so many DDocks (I’ve kinda given up on getting on it).

Fortunately, I did get these UB rings, which included another UBHP.


im at this point just waiting for you to get crown, but I wont be surprised…


Well…The inevitable finally happened.

Thought it could last a bit. Just when things were getting good, too. Got three white bags in a span of something like half an hour, including the Pungi that I wanted so badly.

Here are the screenshots for those white bags.

So yeah. No Concertina. No Crown. None of that stuff. Honestly, I’m sorry it was so short, and sorry again if you guys were hoping for more. Not sure where I’m gonna go from here, and I’m even less sure if I’ll ever reach the merit of that Bard, but I’ll figure it out.


Nooooo, i jynxed it


It does, he forgot to mention it, some discords count it.


done 300 oryx castles no annointed robe overdamage fuckin exists


Alright. I have successfully recovered from the Bard death and am ready to get back into it. Since I don’t have any more PPEs to continue now, I went ahead and nabbed that Yellow Star. As promised, it is now indeed time for my great Bulwark PPE.

What class should I do it on – the Priest or the Sorcerer? If I do a Priest, it won’t appear on RealmEye because I already have one right now (or at least, it won’t appear until it gets enough Fame).

  • Priest
  • Sorcerer
  • Just do a normal PPE, silly goose.

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You may have guessed that I have way too many Bulwarks at the moment.


Lucky… bastard.

Anyway tried Bulwark sorcerer and you kind of need different abilities if you want to be flexible. So the quicker you get an UT ability the better.


For sure! If it comes down to a Sorcerer Bulwark PPE, my plan is to grind Mad Labs as soon as possible because A) it drops the Fulmi and other good Sorc items, and B) the boss is safe to sit on, though I may have to watch out for those potions (those suck).

And how could I forget to mention the Honey Scepter? Definitely counting that as a white bag if I somehow manage to get my hands on it. :wink:


Are ya ready, kidz?

I can’t heeaar you!

Okay, whatever.

Only three votes, but the Sorcerer was the only one picked, so I’m just gonna start it now.


  • The Wand of the Bulwark is received at the beginning.
    I considered using T0 Wand to grind Bulwark and use that, but that’d be bullying myself!
  • Backpack at 6/8.
  • Regular PPE otherwise.


Huh. Well I wanna cry.

PPE looked super nice until I peered into that bag.


It still looks super nice, good work, keep it up!



Yo wait, your robe’s tier is the same as your ring’s tier. ppe looked super nice indeed


Got it in from O1. Lemme pull up the screenshot. Honestly, SPD isn’t even that great for me as of now.

EDIT: And also remind me to never fight Oryx with a small group and a Bulwark. I found a method where you wait until the boss doesn’t attack, then get close and spam shots while circling…Except I almost got bamboozled during the rage phase.