Gamma's Take on PPE


(a joke):
22 hours and you went from level 20 to level 19. Remarkable progress indeed.


Bulwark sorc don’t need a lot of speed, you’re right, because he don’t need to move much. I would even say that every piece of equipment that sacrifices speed is potentially good. Wait I checked realmeye and the only minus speed equipment that you can use and obtain fairly easily is the pernicious peridot: +150 HP -5 SPD.

The reason why I freaked out was because I couldnt believe that you got a t5 ring with that kind of equipment (and uh, spd ring jk).


Well, it is a Bulwark. And like said before, there weren’t many people, so I had plenty of time to get my SB damage in and plenty of time to nearly die.


Oh, uh, yeah. Sometimes I go deep into things, thinking very hard just to fail to have common sense on something else. Happens frequently.

laughs in heart-pumping skuld fight

Oh my doom almost forgot to wish you good luck. So may the rng gods be with you, and have fun!


Max Level Potion (which would have been nice earlier on) and a solid upgrade for my scepter. I have thoughts on quitting the whole Bulwark thing and just striving for a normal PPE, since attempting SB damage with that wand is pretty comical.

I should probably also mention that DECA’s been hanging these T11 wands all over me. Here’s one of them:

DECA: “Oh? You can’t use these? Here, just take them anyway. We love being generous after all.”


Never underestimate rotmg i swear the game is sentient.

I personnally wouldnt mind that you stop, after all bulwark is a defensive weapon, totally not designed for attack so it doesn’t fit into everywhere in the game.

In short, if you don’t find it fun, don’t continue.


Switched to a tiered wand for the Sorcerer PPE and promptly got shredded by Daichi during the three-shot burst phase. 1/8 (SPD) upon death.

The new Sorcerer PPE so far.




Weirdest teleworking experience the other day.

Um. Anyways. I’m back. Sort of.

Do you guys still want Sorc PPEs? All of them died a while ago, so I have a pretty clean slate to work on for now. I’m open to pretty much any of the classes, (other than the 5-stars and the classes that I already have).

  • Rogue
  • Wizard
  • Warrior
  • Knight
  • Necromancer
  • Mystic
  • Trickster
  • Ninja
  • You thought we’d spare you from the Sorc? There is no mercy here. Get back and finish what you started!

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Even forum wants ninja


I switch to Ninja just to annoy LudwiGa


is it tho?


@LudwiGa This is why dark mode for the forums is utter garbage.
And I already started the Ninja anyways. :sunglasses:


@Ecookied @Glawi

Cukie has left the chat. :sob:

Glaui has entered the chat. :grin:

I spend time annoying innocent people.


When was this?


:joy: wut?

ah, another way of having fun i see.


You were waiting next to a Realm portal and then you just disappeared. I thought you went in after the queue, but it said you were offline =/


Tbh I think I might have you blocked. :flushed:
Or maybe I just was watching Netflix for long enough not to see it.


Honestly, I don’t blame you haha

Anyways, first actual PPE update in a while!

Equipment Screenshots

No white bags for now. :frowning:
I’m hoping the popularity of CDepths and Davy’s will help me get some of those UT Ninja gear, though.