Gamma's Try at PPE (Thread)


Only good if you use ray, then you’re basically immortal


Ladies and gentleman.

I am back in action.

So far, I only have WIS maxed. Trying to pump those stats up right now.


Abby and Exa HP back-to-back :]

3/8 as of now:


Trying to get Eastern Winds Waki for swap-out and flex.


that ppe luck is immense


Exactly what I think.
I have pretty good luck with PPEs, but this is beyond any of my past ones.

gimme the eastern winds, deca, and all will be forgiven
yes, the millions of humiliation and bullying included


this didnt age well lmao


Legit my second Valentine event.

Exactly how rare is it?


get 8/8 to join the 8/8 ppe ranks

I believe in u


I’m currently 7/8 after finally maxing DEF just now.

Definitely getting warmer to that rank for sure.


I almost had an 8/8 ppe, but killed it to join a ppe contest I quit because im not that lucky.


Pretty close to getting 8/8, so I’m pretty pissed.

Arguably my fault, since I got pretty arrogant with the Rock Dragon.

It was my best PPE so far, though. And I reached 5 Stars on Samurai! So that’s good.

And yes, I did eventually use a Backpack because I got super impatient with the short inventory. So I guess it’s not really a true PPE. My bad.

I try not to make a post without something to look forward to. So here’s one!
A few days ago, I decided to change things up a bit. Take a few seconds to vote on which PPE challenge I should do!

  • Bulwark Challenge - Sorcerer PPE but I can only use the Wand of the Bulwark (which I will receive at the beginning).
  • Spell Challenge - Wizard PPE but I can’t use weapons and must resort to Spells for damage.
  • Frail Warrior - Warrior PPE but I can’t use Armors nor Rings.
  • UT Rogue - Rogue PPE but all gear except the Dagger must be UT.

0 voters

I will try to do all of them, but the ones with more votes will come up first.


Since the Bulwark Challenge was the most popular vote option, we’re starting off the challenge theme with that first.

This is my only Bulwark, though, so it better be worth it.