Geb's Scarab Venom


Geb’s Scarab Venom

A vial full of venomous scarabs found only in the Tomb of the Ancients.


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 120
  • Duration: 5 Seconds (Scarabs despawn after 5 seconds)
  • Cooldown: 3 Seconds
  • Range: 5
  • Effect: Spawns 5 scarabs that hit the nearest enemy, dealing 150 damage each, paralyzing that enemy for 3 seconds. (Each scarab can hit a different enemy.)
  • Stat Bonus: +10 Wis, +3 Vit, -3 Dex
  • Special properties: Scarabs chase down enemy withing 5 squares of it.
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1100

Drops From:

  • Tomb of the Ancients (Geb)

More info

Nut always talks about it, thought it would be a good lore based item.
Better sprite would be totally OK.


hmm fels like a more op bee helm tho nerf duration and cooldown to 4 because with a ubmp and a decent mheal this has the potential to be spammed a lot


I really like the sprite and idea (tomb should totally have a poison) so I added some shading and an outline to the sprite!


A very interesting poison, since it can only hit up to 5 targets at once, it has very little damage vs groups. I do like the idea of it sacrificing much of its group damage for a power status effect though.


why is there a blue part and a black part? If the blue part represents empty space you could totally just not color on that part, like all the other poisons


I’m sure the blue part represents the stopper for the flask.


its like a fancy bottle cap idk


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