Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]


my guess is nest and davy’s

not unfair guess i swear


My guess is nest.


Both already guessed earlier in the topic. :stuck_out_tongue:
So might be @Mynamerr & @Seelpit on for the win(s).


(btw it’s quest in game so it’s confirmed)


It is. Good guess!


Nice guess


OK so im 100% sure that there is going to be a nest and davy event this week end.
The winners are:
@Mynamerr - davy jones
@Seelpit - nest

(remember you cant guess the same dungeon as a different person)
winners please comment your email below so i can email u some mules which will have a life on them or if you are online when i am and dont want to share your emails you can message me ingame


I dont really care about the life tbh.


I’m calling it now. It’s gonna involve Manor, OT and maybe even Sew.


Well that was the week before but okay QQ.


I will uh kindly hold on to their lifes for them.


Next week’s guess: LOD


My guess in 2 weeks is belladonna.


hopefully shaitan or Ddocks I got some keys that need a poppin’


I’m still gonna go with the Ocean Trench


I guess Encore or Thicket


OT with a Valentine’s Theme


@Fluffegan luffegan if u find me ingame i can give u a life u misarable pleader


Um. Ok. Kinda random


ocean trench and mwoods