HavinFun (EUrope based guild)


Join our guild: HavinFun.
Our guild is Europe based.

The main goal is to have an active guild where we have fun playing the game together (and can learn from eachother, or share items/keys if we can afford them)


  • No Base Fame requirements! Everyone is welcome to join.
  • Joining Discord is needed! (link on the guildboard once you’ve joined)
  • Language? English only, unless you want to quickly explain something to another guildmember.
  • Skills: can run Tombs & Shatters, etc… not needed, but welcome so we can learn from you.
  • No cheaters; you’ll be reported to DECA and instantly banned from the guild!!
  • Time zone: European preferably, since we play on an European server. But if you can play on European hours, you’re welcome to join as well.
  • Fairly active players, but playing and posting on Discord only once every 10 days is the absolute minimum.
  • The guild is EUrope based! Trading, or doing certain dungeons on other servers is allowed, but guild-dungeons and certain trainings will have to be ran on a European server only.

How to apply:
Post here,
Send me a pm through my profile (Croidone),
Check our list of members and find an officer or leader online,
Or befriend me on Discord: Croidin#1431

And if you’ve got more questions: ask. But most of all: Have Fun! :wink:

looking for guild euw
Looking for a chill guild!

Can i join?


Hi there I would like to join as well :slight_smile:


Welcome into the guild both, @Sotoko and @Tammelamm :slight_smile:


Hey, I would like to join your guild.


I’ve sent you a friend request in game, for we have to meet in game for the actual guild invite :wink:


I would like to join the guild! ^.^


Welcome already :wink:



I don’t know if you remember but I joined your guild a couple of months ago, however for the last month I wasn’t able to play the game because my PC died, which meant I had to buy new components and due to your rules I got kicked from the guild for inactivity, so I wanted to ask kindly, if you could re-invite into the guild.

I had no intention of just quitting silently and I really liked your guild, I ask for a bit of understanding.


Of course you are. Things like that do happen, and i find it no reason to not allow you back into the guild anymore :wink:

I’ve sent a friend request in game, so we can meet for the re-invitation


Hi! i’d be glad to join!


I’ve sent you a friend request in game, so we can easier meet for the actual guild-invite


Hmm, might want to sneak in. Do you run dungeons like shatters and cults with the guild ?


Can I join?
Fairly new player


They are done, occasionally, yes. But more often only a few join together in public ones (or go to the discord runs for them).


Hey, would like to join! :slight_smile:


I just went offline to prepare for dinner. But i’ll return later and send you a friendrequest in game. For the actual guild-invite we have to meet in game :wink:


Okay, FR sent :wink:


Hello there, I’m a rather old player looking for a new guild to be a part of, as my previous one was completely dead. I am European and would very much like to join HavinFun if you are still recruiting :slight_smile: . Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi @Requna, i’ve sent you a friend request in game, as it’s easier to meet that way for the actual guild invite :wink: