How did you find RotMG?


wouldn’t it be crazy if deca decided to get back to markiplier to play the game once exalt comes out?


I was playing random flash games on Kongregate and I found RoTMG,This was back before RoTMG even had a website xD


I was searching games in Kongregate with my brother to play together.


3 years ago me & my friends were looking for multiplayer game to play in steam. We found this game and decided to take a quick look at it. And there goes


A friend introduced me to it, back when I was in elementary. I remember hearing him complain about how Horned Drakes were so annoying to kill.
iirc I only played it for a bit at his house, then I later downloaded it on Steam when I got my (now old) laptop.
Judging from the timeline, this was some time after Kabam acquired the game.


Release date on steam


I was playing flash games on some site and the cover looked cool. I certainly didn’t expect the game to have such a giant impact on my life.


Stumbled upon realmeye wiki one day by chance. Didn’t bother making an account for years until I got bored one day and suddenly recalled that one wiki with those interesting creatures. Subsequently made a kong account just to play rotmg just because the wiki said the treasure map was exclusive to Kong.

And literally a week after I got the map, Deca made Cave of a Thousand Treasures drop from Djinns.


Watched my brother playing it.

My first thoughts were “wtf is that stupid pew pew game”


I saw one of my friends playing RotMG several years ago, and he let me try the game for a moment. I remember walking around in the Shorelines and he said, “Go on top of the brown bag”. Once I did, he took the mouse and doubled clicked whatever was in there. I’m not sure why that memory’s still stuck in my head.

The game turned out to be more fun than I anticipated, and I ended up making my own account a couple days later. I kept making new accounts, for some weird reason, though, which is why I had half a dozen accounts before even knowing what a mule is.

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That’s me right here.


my brother played it and then i did


browsing through free games on steam store


I know, I just haven’t gotten around to doing that. Should probably do that though, seeing as how its now off by eight stars.

Me and my friend have gotten so many stupid games that way.


No worries! Mistakes happen.

just like me finding this game


I used to play legends of yore and I’d often watch gameplay of it on yt. one day I was recommended a video about rotmg; I was confused, I thought one of them had ripped off the other. but I did research into it and since then I have gone insane.


I don’t remember if it was my brother that introduced me or if I introduced him to the game, but one of us searched free MMO games on steam and stumbled upon rotmg. So we started playing and for a couple of months we gathered some gear, I remember one of us got a Dbow and it looked really good and fun to play with. The fact that you could mix different and strange equipments in your character’s equipment slots is what attracted me and is still why I keep playing.

Why you still play RotMG?

When I was 11 I was bored looking for fun browser games to play on the google play store. Lo and behold, there it was. Addicted ever since.


Oryx was mentioned in the Spry Fox newsletter, I got curious and googled it.


Blindly got into the game in the wild-shadow era through my older brother’s account when I was in elementary school- I was watching him play it and he decided to let me play without any explanation- he just wanted to see what’d I do xd- It got me hooked at a young age- degradation of my feelings towards this game started much much earlier when I died to Oryx on my 1/8 “Super Speedy Fast” Archer and I started feeling empty inside every time I died- not now though haha lol