I finalized my T14 weapon resprites! What do you guys think?




For Kusanagi, I reverted back to cyan and then improved on the shading.


Katana looks dope.


Honestly like the original wand staff and bow better. The dagger seems off to be a tiered dagger, but some of the other weapons don’t follow the tiered trend, so I guess its fine. Katana is marginally better.

Your sword is miles better than the current sword.


Okay, I changed the shading of the wand entirely and removed a shade of the dagger and sword. What do you guys think now?


Honestly, the only ones of these that I see as an improvement are the sword and the bow just because they have coloring fixes. Even then though, the sword shading doesn’t match other tiered swords which makes it look a little odd. I like the silver handle over the gold though. Flows much nicer.

The wand feels too complex given that it already has the fancy handle that t13 wand also has. Staff looked fine without those extra two pixels. I can’t tell if there are any actual changes to the katana. And the dagger just looks off. Like others have said, doesn’t look like a tiered dagger and I don’t really like that either.

I think tiered weapons should stay simple just for the sake of simplicity. They are tiered because they’re basic items that are all just straight DPS upgrades to one another (apart from some t6 weapons). I think the design of the items needs to match the simplicity of their stats.

Long story short: If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it.


I liked the original staff, too. But someone reminded me that it has the same shape as Spirit Staff. So this was the next best thing.

As for the bow, I imagined that the gem in the middle was glowing, so I made it more noticeable.

The sword took me a long time to finish…


Wand, sword and staff looks ugly.
Dagger should have “arms” dropping not growin up.
Katana looks noot that bad nice shade resprite.
Won’t talk about bow bcuz its just bow.
Wand should look like t13 but with mby gem at the end?
You have hard work on staff - but probably making it silver/darkstone with normal sprite will make it best.
Sword - you should completly look for other sprite than sky/normal sword. Concept of adding 1 pixel to each of arms will make it completly different


Well I think the sword looks great :slight_smile:


The sword and bow look a bit dark to me. The sword’s blade in particular makes it look like the important part of the weapon is the hilt, which once you see you cannot unsee.
The bow is less of an issue, but in my opinion it would look better with a non-white string. Maybe pale blue or teal? See what you think and if you agree with me. Adjusting the colour of the wood slightly so it doesn’t blend in with the inventory as much would be icing on the cake.

I have no feedback for the other items, other than good job.


I really like that sword sprite.


Yeah, I figured my original wand was better. Maybe I should keep with my instincts instead of following people all the time about my sprites.

I tried making the staff the two different colors you suggested, but they kinda look bad to me.

I completely changed the shading of the sword’s blade. It looks less like a screw and more like an actual sword. And the hilt seems unique to me. The white hasn’t been used in tiered swords before and it goes well with the dark of the blade.

About the dagger, I tried making a version where the hilt was similar to that of Toxin Tooth’s, but I personally thought that the original was the best.


Post whole sprites you made - I may resprite them, if they will be looking like the good ones.


Gonna shade it out more