I must consoom (Miscellaneous fun consumables)


I’ve been seeing the “bosses drop extra consumables” modifier on many a dungeon as of late, and combined with the Wanderer’s relatively boring loot table I’ve decided to make some miscellaneous consumables. Maybe they drop from dungeon bosses with mods, maybe they drop from the Wanderer, I don’t know. They’re mostly just here for fun.

The basic idea of these is to combine the effect of stat potions with regular consumables: you can eat them for their effect in combat, for the permanent bonuses they give, or for both. Of course, they are consumable even after stats are maxed, they just won’t give you the extra stats.
The detailed effects can be found here:

P.S. I drew them too small, so I had to use the snipping tool instead of exporting them properly. That’s why the background is grey.


The problem with those though is the secondary effects are meaningless for many players. Anyone who plays primarily with 8/8 chars, by e.g. potting up a char before starting to play them, will use these just as stat pots.

Especially as they’re completely OP as stat pots, with +stats equivalent to 2 greater potions or so. Definitely ones you want to use to help max a char, especially if you have limited space to carry them in preference to the normal pots they can displace.

Even if you are self-maxing and drink them as you get them, the secondary effects normally do nothing because when you get them the boss/Wanderer is dead. If the effects were more like Nildrops, long lasting and very beneficial, you might hang onto them to use them. But not with these effects I fear.


I guess you’re right that they’d become the new meta for stat storage, I didn’t even think about that. I wanted them to be valuable enough to get excited about, but probably went too far overboard there. I’ll change it so that they’re around equal to one greater pot, or less.
I’m still not too enthusiastic about nildrop type potions, although there’s nothing inherently wrong with them. I guess I like the idea of using them for short, powerful effects rather than long ones like the christmas ones or nildrops.


they look good but the actual stats arent that great. The negative effects aren’t really worth the positive effects. Imagine sliding around in o3, might give you a free char slot.


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