If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?


I’d be a (non-troll) mystic. I could dish out surprisingly high amounts of damage, make enemies quicker to kill and prevent my teammates and myself from getting overrun by overwhelming hordes, perfect as support for raids into the realm for resources and for defending the nexus from attacks.


Maybe the nexus is never attacked in the game because players go in realms and kill monsters? It would make sense, because in dungeons you often seem to counter an evil plan to destroy the nexus.

Also killing foes would keep them at a rather low, or at least acceptable number, preventing them from gathering and attacking the nexus.




Nexus was attacked before in battle for the nexus. Or when GMs decided to spawn stuff in nexus. I believe this happened a couple time. As for the class? If I have all the stuff that I currently have it would be priest. Max legendary pet with prot is hard to kill especially if there is no maxed ceiling.


… if youre talking about rotmg trilogy, then that is most defirnrly not short


It was pretty short- I read it in several hours

wtf I’m not fucking yellow star lol


What the fuck dude.

Also kinda unrelated?


Ninja cause I would like to be fast as F**k boi.


TF, I only finished after a few weeks!
Youre a fast reader lel


You read my mind.
I would also be able to dodge easily with my 75 spd


How’s NNN going for you anyways


are we controlling OURSELVES or are the players controlling US?


Failed it on the 4th day lol


smh my head rip in piece


promptly suicides 8/8s in lava

sad times


Definitely a Necromancer. I am always depressed, I am always depressing. I suck the life out of people. And I’m pretty fucking useless, in the grand scheme of things.


It would make sense that we are controlling ourselves.


In such a world, I feel like healers would be priceless (since people would be scared for their life), especially necromancers. These guys could attack at long range and destroy hordes of monsters with their skulls, while healing their allies. With proper equipements they could also slow down monsters for additionnal support.


Necro is da best (In my opinion)


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