IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


Here comes the alien event though! I’m really excited to grind for the alien set, and after only a few runs I g et my first alien white - the ray katana I’ve been hunting for.


That joy was short lived though.


I honestly don’t really know how I died - I think it was converging shots but I pretty much got insta’d. I wish I was recording because that death left a bitter taste in my mouth.


Rippppppp :sob::sob:


That’s a little heart rending. :frowning:


I think I might as well try something new…


Time for some archer action!

You’ll notice this is my first item screenshot despite the fact that I’m level 6. That’s cuz I’m gonna be trying a UPE, so only UT drops. I fully expect the start of this run to be pretty rough, but I’m excited for the start! Plus I hopefully can capitalize on the alien weapons while the event is still going on.


If this ppe gets better than my main archer then I will give you 3 glife (I’m poor and not ashamed to admit it)


Lmao I don’t mind a friendly competition! I’ll give a UBHP if I die before the two characters are comparable.




I died picking up my white bag lmao, time to run it back


you owe me a ubhp!


Startinggggggggggggggggg on the next attempt :slight_smile:


Alright, you sure you wanna do this tho? My archer is pretty stacked… but I think that if you really try then ima end up owing u glife :grin:


How about this - if I hit 15k base fame on the UPE then I win, if not I lose. I’m okay losing a UBHP, and it gives me incentive to play a lil more than I might.




Best of luck to you both! May the best no-lifer adventurer win! :smile:


It’s IgoZoom who has to get to 15k base…


somebody owes me a ubhp… :smiling_imp:


Yeahhhh this death kind of broke my spirit… lemme share the events leading up to it