It’s been a very, very, VERY long time since I last posted here, it was late Sophmore year of high school when I last was active.

I am now a high school senior, and I am on my way to college very soon. Most of my friends that played realm, and the people I interacted with on this forum seem to have left RotMG, and I can’t blame them, I myself took a two year break from this game.
But now, i’m back, and I already have my first 6/8, 7/8, and I am on the fast track to my first 8/8.

If any of you knew me, shoot me a reply! Say hi!
If you have no idea who I am, shoot me a reply! Say hi!

But, onto the main reason why I am posting again.
I don’t plan on becoming SUPER active, but definitley semi-active on the forums again, but I was wondering what has changed in the game, (NOTALBLE new bosses, dungeons, content, buffs, nerfs, changes over the last two years)

Glad to be back.


Unity Port is a thing. Because Flash is dying soon, DECA has been putting a lot of energy into a port that will transition the client-sided portion of the game to the Unity engine. Here is the latest major update on that: Streaming Event: Unity Q&A and more post-event content

Also, we’re being suffocated with dungeon events (at least one per well, often more), so that’s a pretty big aspect of the game.

There have been other additions as well, but I’ll let people who have been keeping better track of those list them for you. Welcome back!


Take a look at the Wiki and the patch that dev made couple years back.


Hello, and welcome back to Realm of the Mad God, the eternal night and endless abyss of addiction and no escape!


This, my friend, is something every RotMG player says at some point. Even the people that later get addicted.

The game is going through very strange stages.
There are aliens. But please don’t panic because that’s not all.

  • New Class: Samurai - Semi-tank katana wielder that uses the Wakizashi, which cuts horizontally and deals Exposed (reduces enemy DEF)

A couple new dungeons:

  • Cursed Library - Drops from the Beholder, mid-tier dungeon

  • Abandoned Mineshaft - A mega-dungeon consisting of two parts (Fungal Cavern and Crystal Cavern), very high-tier dungeon (ridiculously hard IIRC)

  • The Machine - Vanity dungeon that drops joke items. Mid-tier difficulty and is pretty cool IMO.

Archer finally received an ST set! And it’s super good.

The ST system is now really wonky.
ST items are now soulbound, and all existing tradeable ST items were changed into “Legacy ST”. They are still tradeable.
There are now several generations of ST. The Mystic, Ninja, Warrior, Priest, Huntress and Assassin currently have two ST sets.

Don’t worry too much about the ST thing for now.

Some of the new Armors have special features. For example, the Heavy Protective Matrix gives Invulnerability for 2 seconds if your HP drops below 75.

You’ll see weird weapons like these:

FnqA2tj Zxbj1os image iidC2yA zvxEPFL

They drop from the Alien dungeons (they’re essentially reskins of UT weapons). There are more of those items that I didn’t list.

It’s really hectic, TBH. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us!

Best of luck in the Realm,
Gamma :v:


2… why does everyone forget…


Huntress has 2 ST sets, Archer still only has one


golden archer set has entered the chat


Hey. Welcome back to the game. I can’t really explain all the changes but what I do know is that Rotmg looks like pserver nowadays. GL with your remaining senior year and college.


there are also new dungeons like fungal and dungeon reworks like lair of draconis


Hello back I’m ildudino


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