Current Release

Realm Exalt/Flash Patch Notes & Prismimic Events [Patch X.34.1.0]

June 4

Hi there Realmers,

After a rough patch with the Bard release last week, we are ready to make more improvements and fixes to both Realm and Realm Exalt. We have something special for you, something that you’ve all been asking for awhile now! Check what that is and more, below:

Other Changes

  • Added requirements to unlock the Bard class - by reaching level 20 on both Huntress and Paladin.
  • Fixed player limit for Ice Cave.
  • New Enchanted Mystery Keys were added.
  • Max HP Up buff no longer bypasses Sick
  • Updated the content and description of the Mystery ST Crate item with the new Samurai, Wizard and Sorcerer ST sets.

Upcoming Prismimic Events

Introducing the Shard of the Intern! With a stack of those, you will be able to get one of the new Agent of Oryx abilities!

Agent of Oryx abilities:

The Shard of the Doorwarden was replaced with the Shard of the Intern in the drop tables of both the Prismimic and Guild chests.