Current Release

Patch 32.4.1 & Upcoming Events!

January 8

Hello Realmers,

The festivities are over and it’s time to get back in action! New year means that Realm Exalt is closer and with this patch we started to apply several tweaks and changes in preparation for that. You can also look forward to some new items that were added. Also, we will be running a Machine event for a few days, so don’t miss it!

See you in the Realm!

Patch Notes:

  • Removing all Oryxmas content
    • T11 Weapons & T6 Abilities were replaced with their originals
    • Oryx Castle is back to its normal, grim and mysterious state
    • Encounters’ names and looks are back to normal
    • Ice Drops were removed from the Crystal Prisoner, Shatters, Ocean Trench & Snake Pit
    • Presents were removed from the Godlands Dungeons
    • T12 Weapons, Broken Ornaments and Bell Tokens will no longer drop. The latter two will be removed with the next update on January 15th!
    • Snowy and Permafrost Lord were removed. We will probably see them again next Oryxmas!
    • Deactivated Reindeer bonuses
    • Snowy winter Nexus will be staying for another week
  • As we mentioned in the past, the Mad God Shards are the first part of a seasonal rotation of the Agent of Oryx equipment. With today’s update, regular events will no longer drop those Mad God Shards. Instead, they will be dropping the new Shard of the Doorwarden shards. You will be able to collect them for the next 3 months and after getting 35 exchange for one out of 3 new UTs:
  • Esben Ring and Esben Robe are now dropping in Ice Cave

Upcoming Events:

  • The Glitch guaranteed spawn in the Midlands upon a new Realm
  • The Event will run from 01/10 - 12:00 PM UTC until 01/13 - 12:00 PM UTC.

Dungeons Polish

To help tidy things up in preparation for Unity and check off a bunch of tasks that have spent too long waiting deep in the priority list, we’ve taken some extra time to fine tune quite a few dungeons. These changes are a mix of balancing, bug fixes, quality of life tweaks, and even a few pieces of brand new content to spice up familiar challenges. There a lot to dig into (over 120!), so here’s an overview.


  • Changed the default sprites for the portal of cowardice and realm portal to not be Pirate Cave copies. Realm portals are now a mini version of the 16x16 realm portal found in the Nexus, and cowardice portals are a darker version of it, to mesh better with most environments compared to light brown.
  • Tinctures and effusions now exist for all stat types. The four new ones can be found as drops from the four Court of Oryx dungeons (vitality tinctures and effusions from Shaitan, wisdom from Encore, speed from Reef, and attack from Xolotl). Note that speed effusions can only be used in the realm.
  • Effusions now drop in purple bags.
  • Elixir sprites now visibly drain as their usage quantity decreases.

Pirate Cave

  • The drop rate of Pirate Rum has been significantly increased for both Dreadstump and dungeon mobs.
  • Beach Pirates and Piratesses can now drop Pirate Caves (shocking, we know).

The Hive

  • Damage intensity has been reduced across the board, and the Queen Bee has been rebalanced to throw maggot sacs less frequently and remain vulnerable more often.
  • The dungeon has been made more accessible by making it a guaranteed drop from Warrior Bees and making Warrior Bees themselves slightly more common. Additionally, Wasp Queens now have a chance to drop the dungeon as well.

Magic Woods

  • The dungeon now drops more commonly from Ent Ancients.
  • Level design has been improved by adjusting old room types and doubling the total amount of room maps for greater variety.
  • Instead of just slowing, the water throughout the dungeon now inflicts Healing and Hallucinating to give the dungeon a stronger mechanical identity.
  • All monster damage values have been buffed by approximately x1.5 to accommodate for the now plentiful Healing effect provided by the water.

Undead Lair

  • A new, traditional treasure room miniboss, the Lair Spectral Skeleton, has been added to map the dungeon’s sprawling map more worthwhile to explore.
  • Improved Septavius’s internal attack transitions to keep the fight progressively smoothly at low health.
  • Fixed the stacked shots fired by slime enemies upon splitting.
  • The minimap is now centered when zoomed out.

Abyss of Demons

  • Slightly increased the chance of treasure room spawning.
  • Malphas Protectors now despawn upon the boss’s death.
  • The minimap is now centered when zoomed out.

Manor of the Immortals

  • Lord Ruthven’s fight has been revised. His bat phase now progresses when all four spawned coffins are destroyed (which now have more HP), rather than a fixed timer. This adds more player agency to the fight and should make it go faster overall for capable characters. He also has a minor rage phase attack now.
  • Treasure room coffins are now capable of dropping attack potions and the Tome of Purification, giving them greater value.
  • Change visibility from LineOfSight to Path to reduce frustration (this effectively means that you don’t need to go complete around a wall to uncover the black tiles, and enemies do not disappear from view if a direct line of sight is obscured.
  • Revised and added the previously unused Helmet Head enemy, which spawns from defeated Armored Guards.
  • “RockBomb” now has a proper display name for death messages.

Toxic Sewers

  • Misplaced sewage tiles have been fixed, and you should no longer get sickened at certain spots despite being on safe tiles.
  • The Alligator sprite now faces the correct direction.
  • New environmental art has been added, including dirty slab tiles and broken grates.

Puppet Master’s Theatre

  • Added a quest marker to the Puppet Master.
  • Added all missing puppet enemies (necromancer, huntress, ninja, and samurai).
  • Puppet enemy sizes are now consistent.
  • All 15 class puppet enemies are now able to spawn throughout the dungeon evenly, including those previously restricted like the Puppet Assassin.
  • Fixed Puppet Bombs displaying incorrectly on minimap.
  • Puppet Bombs no longer block player projectiles.
  • Puppet Priests spawned by the Puppet Master despawn upon his death.
  • The Oryx Puppet fight has been improved and adjusted, preventing instakill opportunities and ensuring his phases progress more reliably.
  • The curtain sprite in the boss room has been improved.

Cursed Library

  • All Corruption Phantom Wisps now scale their HP as intended.
  • Fixed numerous typos throughout the Realm Eye.
  • Added a new Realm Eye prompt for the Lair Spectral Skeleton treasure room from the Undead Lair.

Haunted Cemetery

  • The Pumpkin King is now immune to paralyze.
  • Added the intended projectile sprite to the Pumpkin King’s Jack-o’-lantern minions (as well as the Pumpkin Master’s missiles).
  • All monsters required to progress to the next wave are now immune to stasis.

Mad Lab

  • Dr. Terrible can no longer be damaged before activating.

Candyland Hunting Grounds

  • Increased the likelihood of a major monster kill initiating a boss to spawn.
  • Bosses now spawn even if a player is sitting in the room to minimize trolling. The bosses do not attack immediately and remain invulnerable for several seconds first.
  • The dungeon can now be completed via a realm portal. After at least one of every boss type has been spawned and defeated, a new miniboss (the Cupcake) will appear in the starting room. Defeating it gives you an extra high chance at loot and creates a realm portal upon defeat. The dungeon is still infinite, however, and you may continue to farm spawns endlessly.
  • Decorative jelly bean objects have been added throughout the map.

Cave of a Thousand Treasures

  • Fixed boss typos.
  • Made the Treasure Thief enemy more common.
  • Made the dungeon slightly more common from Djinns.
  • Added more fitting damage sounds to most monsters.

Davy Jones’s Locker

  • The swaying seaweed animation on the portal now starts immediately, rather than remaining static for a second.
  • Davy Jones has been buffed with piercing projectiles and slightly extended phases.
  • Corrected the spelling of Lanturn -> Lantern.
  • The minimap will no longer display red dots where there are no active enemies.
  • Added a treasure room that has a chance to exist behind any locked room that doesn’t also hold a required key.

Mountain Temple

  • Rebalanced many of the dungeon’s mobs. The most notable changes include the paralyze arrows from Corrupted Bowmen moving much more slowly and having a longer cooldown between shots, Corrupted Armor no longer infinitely respawning its minions, and Corrupted Monks becoming much less durable while inflicting a very short Petrify effect, rather than Slowed and Darkness.
  • Revised some of Daichi’s dialogue.
  • Added back Daichi’s original extended death animation.
  • Red dot no longer appears on the minimap in the center of the Jade and Garnet Statue setpiece.
  • Daichi’s secret chest now has damage sounds.
  • Daichi’s chest has been made stasis immune.
  • The wall in Daichi’s boss room that opens to the treasure room now has a properly angled sprite.

Lair of Draconis

  • Added HP scaling to Crimson Soul Shards.
  • Fixed minor typo in the Ivory Wyvern’s opening dialogue.
  • Improved XP distribution (4 fame from dragons, 8 from Ivory).

Deadwater Docks

  • Added a unique portal sprite.
  • The Mysterious Crystal is now stasis immune.
  • Crystal Prisoner Steeds now despawn upon the Crystal Prisoner’s death.
  • The Crystal Prisoner now gives 2.5 fame.
  • Jon Bilgewater’s fight has been touched up to ensure he progresses through more phases.
  • Fixed a spawning issue that sent players directly inside the treasure room.

Woodland Labyrinth

  • Added a unique portal sprite.

The Crawling Depths

  • Added a unique portal sprite.

Ice Cave

  • Added a new ice barrier sprite for Esben during his rage phase.
  • Added a small delay to missable dialogue at the start of the Ice Cave and Inner Sanctum.
  • Added damage sounds for the yetis.

Ocean Trench

  • Destructible coral barriers now appear in the hallways between rooms, occasionally impeding progress and needing to be destroyed (like the obstacles in the Parasite Chambers, but less dense).
  • Deep Sea Beasts now despawn upon Thessal’s death.

Tomb of the Ancients

  • Moved the Book of Geb drop to Sarcophagi to incentivize participation.

The Shatters

  • Removed loot chests.

Abandoned Mineshaft

  • Added intended dialogue to Crystal Entity.
  • Improved event dialogue.
  • Made damage sounds more consistent and fitting throughout the dungeon.
  • Added new sprites for the Crystal Entity bosses.
  • Ensured the Crystallized Scorpion has at least one opportunity to use one of its special attacks.
  • Made XP from Crystal Entity summons consistent.
  • Added the Magic Mushroom as a rare drop to large Fungal Cavern monsters.

Lost Halls

  • Added damage sounds to Evil Spirits.
  • Made hazard and bonus rooms slightly more common compared to vanilla rooms.
  • Reduced the main branch length (12 -> 10).
  • Added armor piercing to the Marble Defender’s attacks.
  • Added a quest marker for the cultist group.

Oryx’s Castle

  • Made Suits of Armor grant a meaningful amount of XP (200 each, or 1/10th of 1 fame each).
  • Created new sprites and animations for Janus the Doorwarden and his keys (as well as the Janus mark by extension).
  • Made Janus’s long range shots pierce.
  • Added a quest marker to Janus once revealed.
  • Overhauled Janus’s final phase. He now remains stationary and shoots alternating boomerang waves, requiring a figure-eight motion to go in and out for damage.
  • Added damage sounds to Janus’s keys.
  • Changed the portal sprite of Oryx’s Chamber to not use the default art.
  • Buffed the Stone Guardians with piercing projectiles and overall higher damage.
  • Made the Stone Guardian Sword be visibly thrown through the air.
  • Fixed the intended dialogue string upon O1’s death.
  • Made O2’s dance artifacts disappear more quickly at the end of the phase to prevent instakills.

Lair of Shaitan

  • Fixed the laser projectile in Shaitan’s rage phase so it appears continuous.
  • Reduced the head’s base HP (253000 ->180000) and lowered his HP scaling (now 30%).
  • Added more thematically fitting projectile sprites.
  • Dramatically improved the loot. In addition to both whites being slightly more common, Shaitan now drops a guaranteed attack potion with a chance at a second one, as well as a life potion guaranteed to at least one person.
  • Added a warning flash to the dungeon portal to be consistent with other dungeons.

Belladonna’s Garden

  • Improved the arena map to use consistent art assets and not flicker erratically when Belladonna extends her vines.
  • Removed the loot chest.
  • Made Bella Buds self destruct upon Belladonna’s death.
  • Added damage sounds to the minions.
  • Added standard potion loot as a potential drop.

Ice Tomb

  • Added a delay to the opening dialogue.
  • Gave the portal a warning flash before disappearing, as intended.
  • Removed the loot chest. Instead, to ensure accessing your loot mid-fight is not an issue, all three bosses will spawn a small soul upon death. Once all three bosses are defeated, the souls will vanish and drop your loot.

Mad God Mayhem

  • Integrated the dungeon onto a single map to feel more fluid, teleporting you to different rooms rather than going into separate portals after each boss is defeated. Some rooms have been adjusted accordingly.
  • HP scaling is now consistent across all bosses within the dungeon.

Tutorial/Oryx’s Kitchen

  • Fixed broken dialogue strings for Bonegrind. He will now “greet” you upon entering the dungeon and say more varied lines in combat.