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New ST set and A STory of War!

November 21

A STory of War

Hello Realmers,

A prophet for the Mad God, spreading Oryx’s propaganda to those unfortunate enough to be in his path. An accomplished pirate king, a remnant of the realm’s many kingdoms from a bygone era. A blessed fairy, defending the little ones who could not fend for themselves. Together, these three may look like nothing more than a band of misfits, but they represent the realm’s factions. The cruel strength of Oryx’s tyranny, the rebellious humans who answer to no one but themselves, and the neutral creatures caught in the crossfire. Now you can take the role of all three!

RIFTS: Infestation is over - thank you for participating. You will receive your rewards soon!

The new STs we mentioned yesterday are finally on production! Here’s a bit more info about each of them:

Pirate King Warrior Set

Note: This set brings great power! Only worthy characters are able to use full set on them! Don’t try to use it before reaching level 12 or you will be overwhelmed by it!

Mad God’s Messenger Priest Set

Horticultural Huntress Set

Note: A small reminder that the older Priest, Huntress and Warrior ST now drop with an increased drop rate at their respective dungeons! For more information ->!

New ST Bonus Program - A STory of War: a Priest, a Warrior and a Huntress…

For the next 12 days we will be running a Bonus Program where you will have a chance to get parts of new sets and maybe even gather them. The Bonus Program starts today and will end on December 2nd. More details below:

Each of those Mystery Crates contains their respective ST parts, their mini skin and:

  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Golden Lucky Clover

Q: What is a Bonus Program/Rewards ?

A: A Bonus Program/Rewards is a time limited event that can be accessed in the Shop. It allows players to collect Bonus Points (BP) with gold they spend in the Shop and claim Bonus rewards.


Q: Why release a BONUS (Program/Rewards)?

A: Awhile ago, we released a new feature in order to run the Unity Support Campaign. The feature was a big investment for our team in terms of development and we designed it with possible future campaigns in mind from the start.

We are re-purposing the feature to make it available again in the form of events during which you’ll collect additional rewards for supporting the game via gold purchases or solving quests, depending on the type of bonus program.


Q: How do I participate?

A: Whenever a Bonus Program/Rewards starts, you will be able to access the feature directly in the Shop. In order to participate and to start collecting points, you will first have to “unlock” the campaign. A Story of War is FREE to unlock!

The details above are subject to change with future campaigns.


Q: Is the Bonus Program mandatory? Why should I participate?

A: None of the Bonus Programs will be mandatory, of course! It is totally up to you to unlock the campaign or not. The main idea of a Bonus Program is to give extra rewards. However, you will not collect points as long as the Bonus Program is not unlocked and this will not be retroactive (i.e. any points generated before unlocking the Bonus Program will not count).


Q: Can I obtain the Unity Supporter Campaign Glow, Chat Color and Gravestone skins via the Bonus Campaign?

A: No, you can’t. Those were exclusive to the Unity Supporter Campaign and limited to the users that helped us push through with the unity port project.


Q: What is a “Grace Period” and what is its purpose?

A: The “Grace Period” of a Bonus Program is a limited time where the Bonus Program will still be visible at the Mystery Shop but you will no longer be able to progress in the tiers even if you keep donating (directly or via purchases in the shop). This grace period is there so everyone can claim the rewards from the tier he/she already have unlocked while the Bonus Program was live (in a non-grace period).


Q: Will any direct purchases from the Nexus/character screen count towards the Bonus campaign?

A: No. That was possible for the Unity Support Campaign but it no longer is. Right now, only purchases/direct donations made in the Mystery Shop will count towards the Bonus Program.

Edit: We are aware of connection problems and we will be pushing fix shortly.