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Patch STory of War IV & Events

Sep 2

Hello Realmers,

We have a few fixes, some events and an ST Bonus Program for you today.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Ancient Ruins now has a player limit of 65.
  • Fixed some DC issues.
  • Fixed the Angelic Bard 16x16 skin size.
  • Fixed the Angelic Bard tooltip (ATT and DEF stats were swapped).
  • HP of bosses with more than 100,000 HP and 1 million HP are now displayed with “k“ and “kk M”. Example: 100,000 HP = 100k; 1,000,000 HP - 1kk M.
  • The Sea Slurp Pet Skin and some other pets that were dropping in orange bags now drop from gold ones.
  • Users will not get into a soft lock when trying to change the name while having less gold.
  • The Wine Cellar will now use only 1 Wine Cellar Incantation to be unlocked. Other Incs will not be consumed.
  • Deathless Crossbow changes: 155-250 -> 160-200 damage
  • New bonus of the Phantom Archer ST set on equip: +6 ATT
  • The drop rates of the Phantom Archer and Skuld Rogue ST sets have been significantly raised.
  • Increased the drop rates of runes. Redistributed the runes that Encounters drop in the following way:
    • Shield Rune - Cube God, Pentaract, Skull Shrine, Grand Sphinx, Hermit God, Jade and Garnet Statues, Lord of the Lost Lands, Rock Dragon, Ghost Ship
    • Sword Rune - Crystal Worm Father, Avatar of the Forgotten King, Beehemoths
    • Helmet Rune - Lost Sentry

War STory IV - An Archer and a Rogue…

Lord Ruthven’s immortal masses are nothing if not cunning. The forbidden arts they practice are rejected by most righteous adventurers, but some fall to the temptation. To entice heroes to dabble in these wicked practices, a wicked set of items was created for rogues. Its users will no doubt find benefit in their vampiric powers and unorthodox weaponry, but this impressive might is to be wielded with caution.

Those who resist Ruthven’s scheme may find greater appeal in the gear of a capable (and fashionable) treasure hunter! Dug up from the Ancient Ruins and other places of luxury, the brand new archer set is fitted for exploration and eager to lead its owner to greater riches!

Treasure Hunter Archer ST Set by Aurum and Lily

Archer ST Spotlight by sebchoof!

Vampire Rogue ST Set by Geo and Sues

Rogue ST Spotlight by Hyperion!

Note: The Deathless Crossbow also now drops from the Corruption Phantom instead of Avalon the Archivist.

The new ST Bonus Program - A STory of War IV: An Archer and a Rogue… is now live in the Mystery Shop.

The new Bonus Program will be running for a little less than 3 weeks. In it, you will have a chance to gather all the new ST sets’ items. The Bonus Program starts now and will end on September 18th @12:00 PM UTC. More details below:

  • Start: September 2nd, 2020
  • End: September 18th, 2020 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Grace Period: 2 days (till September 20th, 2020 at 12:00 PM UTC)
  • Quest at the Tinkerer: till September 22nd, 2020 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Rewards
  • The War STory Chest can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for one of the following:

Each of those Mystery Crates contains their respective ST parts, their mini skin, and:

  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Golden Lucky Clover

  • We have the Avarice Medallion again! Let’s remind you what it was and how you can use it. It is a token that can be found on some of the ranks of the Bonus Program. Once obtained, visit the Tinkerer’s and pick 1 (one) of the new ST sets’ items!

FAQ here!


  • New Skins
  • Changed the name of the Bard Priestess Skin to Lyrical Priestess Skin to avoid class confusion.
  • Changed the name of the Wasteland Headhunter Archer Skin to Wasteland Mercenary Archer Skin.
  • Fixed blinking pixel (on the forehead) of the Fire Battlemaiden Wizard Skin.

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