Improving Fame utility


I suggest that base fame and, ultimately, star ranks should decay. I believe this will encourage players to maintain their characters and their star rank.

Base fame decay will not demote below the current star rank thresholds. For example, achieving 15000 base fame secures a 5 star rank for the class because base fame will not decay any lower. However, death will restart that class’ star rank.

Additionally, base fame decay can lead to base fame purchases. I believe any nexus item should be available to dedicated players. I have not thought of rates, yet. But, the rates should adjust to the daily base fame gain of the average realm player. This will account for any change in current realm players. Deca has shown every realm player that they are capable of providing stats through their blogs on many campaigns. Also, these base fame purchases can demote a player’s star rank! (I am not suggesting the removal of realm gold purchases)

Of course, this makes some top ranking players infamous for not sharing their glory :sweat_smile:


No. This is a horrendous idea.

It’s already an enormous grind to 15k base, and to many players too unskilled to maintain a character alive that long, a pipe dream.



I’m going to take your response very seriously and say that “skill issue” is not the main issue and I don’t even mention anything about skill in the suggestion. Even if it were, this suggestion addresses some of the different viewpoints of star ranks.

  1. “White star is just a fametrain”
    Sure, but the rank requires the skill, outside of mindless fametrains, to maintain it. I even suggested current star rank thresholds to be barriers from demoting. If you want to 15k bf your characters solely for an aesthetic value, just idle the slot. At some point, players will have enough slots to simply have secondary characters. That’s a separate issue contingent to this thread’s suggestion.

  2. “Red star, best star”
    Okay, then base fame purchase keys. Literally subtraction problems.

And, quick band aid, base fame key purchases may be a fame bonus at 1:1 ratio. As far as leaderboard priority goes, it would be rank>fame. For example:
1 [Legend] White Star (20,000 BF)
2 [Legend] White Star (15,000 BF)
3 [Legend] Red Star (22,000 BF)

  1. “Star ranks don’t mean anything”
    Well, wouldn’t this thread’s suggestion be an attempt to solve that? Death strips a rank that may be earned once again through consistency and endurance.

(Will a mod move this thread to the Ideas category, if applicable?)


So, players with 1-2 character slots are stuck at light-blue star then?
Not a big fan of this idea tbh.


On the flip side, players literally smurf on light-blue stars.

But, you’re right. Players with fewer character slots are limited but to a certain extent. Deca has been consistent with campaigns and dailies that reward with character slots. Assumably, if a player has the dedication to maintain at least 1 slot to a 15k base fame, then that player is more than likely to be active throughout those campaigns and dailies.

Sure, that player will maintain a perceived lower rank in the current fame meta. But their activity ingame will most likely precede their star aesthetic, even in the same fame meta.

Who knows, maybe the more player activity, and perhaps attraction to newer players, (this thread’s intention), will allow Deca the security for (account) fame purchasable character slots.


Not everyone can keep their characters alive to maintain that 5 star rank for a class. By this, you are telling me you are invalidating their efforts and have to grind back to 15k bf.

I mean demotion using fame could work as some players want to keep playing on a particular class but does not want to get that white star.


I don’t really like the idea but it is a neat concept. It would encourage players to not progress past 15k (or the other thresholds). As for death resetting class quests, again, I don’t really like the idea. It is already a perma death game. You already lose your character/items/base fame. Aside from loot, this would remove all sense of accomplishment from the game.

Should stats decay too? Should I constantly have to remax my 8/8s just so I’ll have something to do. Should my pet slowly lose it’s level as well? I know you aren’t advocating for these, but I think it draws good comparison.

I agree that fame should have more utility. Aside from pets, fame has had little utility after ammys were removed from the nexus. I’d like to see something expensive for account fame and guild fame to be thrown at.


Since you are so admant to promote this frankly very poorly drafted idea, I’ll explain to you why this is not even a remotely good idea.

It literally does not matter if you did or did not mention anything about skill. You imply that this mechanic would only allow those who are skilled enough to become a white star. While it’s not really a roadblock for somebody like me, it is a roadblock for those who have not played the game as much as you or I. And to be honest, I’m surprised that somebody who died on a glad guard warrior to O2 would be making this suggestion.

No it won’t. All this does is discourage players from spending a long time working on one character, and it bars them from playing what they want, the way they want. You want to add an extra bar to your cell, you’re my guest, but miss me with that shit.

My bullshit detector is going OFF the CHARTS, man! So what you’re telling me is that we have to waste a slot on a character that we no longer want to play on just so we can keep the star rank? Yeah fuck off with that. Not everyone has 17 character slots to have one character per class. I really do not understand what made you think that this was even a remotely good suggestion. You reached that amount of BF with that class, you fucking deserve to keep the star rank, death or not.

No it won’t. If my fame on my pally is decaying, I’ll just go fucking run a LH to get it back up. All you’re doing here is giving people more time to fametrain and less time to actually play the game.

I have no fucking clue what this guy is talking about. What I’m gathering here is that you can BUY fame? What? And that leaderboard shit, you have got to be kidding me. You did not type that down and think that was a good idea. You’re seriously going to downplay a person’s leaderboard status because their rank is low? The only thing I can say to that is “wow”. One word, “wow”.

Solve? My friend, you are far from solving this. Death not only strips a rank off a player, it also strips their willingness to play with such a bullshit mechanic. Why the fuck should one death nullify your previous achievements? This shit literally does not make any sense. When heroes die in war, are all their achievements and acts of bravery just forgotten cause they didn’t make it out alive? NO. This is a massively, colossal pepega suggestion.

Really? Because I’m a top 100 trickster and I only have 5 character slots. No matter what, it still takes time for a player to accumulate character slots, not to mention SEVENTEEN character slots for your “idea” to actually work. Most players, in case you haven’t noticed with the dwindling player population, QUIT because of the perma death mechanic. Your idea only adds an entire fucking exponent to how damaging the perma death mechanic is to somebody’s morale.

This is the American Dream in a nutshell. Optimism, and optimism so strong that you break all your bones in your body, and you still think it’s fine. Do you think that a player will stick around after their character dies and they LOSE rank? FUCK. NO. Some people can’t even get over a death of a character, and now you want them to lose rank AND expect them to come back for more? What are you running here, a sadomasochist show?


No… Are you trying to make this game even more life eating?

God no




Also, remember that you need 10 stars to pop keys, so basically you need at least 2 slots and a lot of patience to do that.


Let’s get this straight. Base fame decay rate isn’t god-awfully high like some players in this thread are implying. You’re not going to wake up one day to see your well-earned 400 base fame slot drop to 0 in a day, a week, or even two. Second, the biggest complaint of this entire game, as anyone would notice from the ingame banter, is that star ranks have literally 0 representation of skill; fame is farmed or even bought. The thread’s suggestion will change that. The rank will represent endurance and consistency. The current star ranks cap a player from being demoted.

There is literally nothing wrong with remaining light blue, blue, or red. Some players have demoted from white star to red star, including yourself, and few have retained their credibility as an ender (endgame player).

I found this funny. When a player dies, it contributes to their account fame, which are ranked (superficially) through realmeye. I suppose guild hall, as well. Which in such place, guild halls, account fame, or rather accumulated death fame, determines how well its members play regardless of its members activity. In fact, someone can literally buy members to make their guild renown. Anyways, when players die, the graveyard recognizes fame and the achievements that came along with it, which curiously does not include the player’s rank.

Roleplaying aside, I see myself commanding a troop from a top-down perspective. If I lose men due to carelessness and greedy endeavors, should I, like any active officer in any given war, not lose rank for such acts, bud?


Are you implying that the top 10% players are the only ones playing?

True. Honestly, your points so far are solid.


I’m implying the star system dosn’t need to be more exclusive than it is in the most recent update. just since my post we lost another 14 white stars. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ended at only 50



What? Are you complaining that the 14 white stars that did not play to the bare minimum of rework deserved those spots post-rework? The other 90% spit on white stars and agree that those 14 white stars were not white stars at any rate.


No not at all. All I’m saying is there’s so few people at high rank why would you want to make it a temporary rank.

Stop assuming things.


I want ranks to be something deserved, recognized, and sought after.


This would put ranks behind a pay wall. Or a gross amount of time of logins to get 17 slots.

People would stop characters at 15k and essentially have a useless character slot just to hold thier rank. Death would hurt even more than it does today. People would be even more reluctant to bring their good characters into good dungeons.

I think most of this has been mentioned. Just echoing my opinion.

You don’t think 15k is enough to consider someone adept at a class?


I do. In fact, I see it as more than adept at a class. Red star is best star.

I believe that realmo has the potential to become a bigger game, considering its last enduring decade. So, I am optimistic about the next decade, which has already seen more attention in its first year as exalt than it has previously in other companies.

I just see a problem with players that have fallen ranks or stagnated. Realmo, in its current fame meta, promotes that stagnation and players already have useless character slots.

This thread’s suggestion introduces a dynamic fame meta.


So if the decay is so minimal that you will barely noticed, then why even add it? It’s unnecessary and stupid. And I seem to be on the more popular opinion here.

I have never implied that there was anything wrong with remaining at a star color. And you say I have “incoherent logical fallacies”? Well your stupid new leaderboard favors higher star ranks… so there you have it. People will not want to be a lower rank if somebody with a higher rank can easily out shadow them without even trying. YOU made a system where there IS something wrong with being a lower star rank.

In war, lives are lost; it is inevitable. And I find it pathetic that you would consider the death of a, say, 200k base fame character the same as a blundering general. Honestly, I find you and your arguments to be thinner than air. You don’t even address most of the points I make and you claim that my arguments have logical fallacies. They do not.

I believe that this idea will be something that DECA wouldn’t even consider for a microsecond. And at this point I’m 90% convinced that you are a masochist, wanting to implement this torturous endeavor as a “way to keep people playing”. It won’t.

Edit 1: Oh, and you might want to consider that the fact that more people liked my first post here than your actual post actually means that you should go draft another idea that isn’t so bad.


Since you want to mix roleplay in, skill and fame fades over time. Additionally, I don’t think it’s fair that a player can literally quest chest fame farm in the vault to achieve a spot on the leaderboards.

On the contrary, a player in this change’s meta will definitely deserve more than the lower rank. Key phrase being the white star deserving leaderboard more than a red star. Not, the red star does not deserve a leaderboard spot.

buhro, you’re the one introducing roleplaying through


Of course not, it’s clear some parts I’ve mentioned are overlooked and have been addressed already.


I don’t think you realize how flawed this is as a premise. Not dying is already the entire point of the game. This wouldn’t encourage anything, just make death more punishing and unfair.
Also, RotMG is already extremely thin on the MMO side of things. If anything, we need more permanent progression, not less.