Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


craig tells you to remind him of the numbers when he is at home, wouldn’t have that if it was useless


maybe deca forgot to implement the stuff kekw




…or is this the dialogue for the original inner workings puzzle?


yes, this is the original inner workings puzzle reward, which is the inner workings calculator


I think once you get to the calculator ur supposed to enter 16+16 but that has already been done.


So i asked realm eye about the inner workings and this seems different from the other machine related messages

Maybe this is important if we can decode it?


Has anyone tried defeating skuld using only summoner’s abilities/Cesetial forest? I tried to do it, but I accidently shot Skuld once or twice towards the end.


btw that is the response to the last arg


has anyone spent some time trying prompts to skuld in the cemetery?


It probably isnt connected to skuld, as after finding craig multiple times in sprites we discovered that the comment about skuld was just one of many possible prompts, and probably not the right prompt to take us to the next clue. (at least, thats my thoughts on the matter)

I think several people have tried a few prompts on skuld, im not sure what they prompted though, to answer your question.



craig is literally a sprite, you use HEX color codes for spriting


32 in decimal is 20 in hex. 32 in hex is 50 in decimal. We could try both.


Pretty far fetched guess, but…

‘Sprite’ World has it’s name from, well, sprites as in pixel art png files, right?

16+16=32, and the only 32 bit sprite in the game is O3 (according to wiki at least). I have no idea if it’s significant, just throwing random ideas to help you guys. I mean it won’t hurt to try, right?


swarm tree in wlab, some objects like the pirate banner in pcave or something, and many, many others


Once you figure this part of the puzzle, I suspect half of you will be very upset it was this simple and close the whole time. The other half will probably find it funny!

For now we’d like to not give too many hints, to have the discovery feel your own. But to help you narrow down what to try, recall that Objects in this game ignore numbers when reading your chat. Saying he lives and reigns and conquers the world or he lives and reigns and conquers the w1o2r3l4d to Thessal will both have the same result. Meaning saying “16” or anything like that is akin to saying nothing at all!

Good luck :slight_smile: - And don’t overthink it, this is meant to be the easy part…


ok so we are close, meaning we missed something simple in something that we already tried? I’d guess its not some kind of chat message but a behaviour then, as we’ve spammed all the possible words related to every line said


LOL I was starting to think there was no ARG. I guess we just have to keep trying.


what if we type the numbers as words



I did try that before