Is realm becoming stale?


They should make random phases where it can shoot on this shot then randomize


to me, more content besides dungeons and skins


More event bosses and maybe different types of realms


Would just like to say that this happens naturally with literally anything you do, should you do it enough.


Most people have memorized most easy dungeons and maybe the lost halls by now and epic dungeons are way too predictable after 1 try with the exception of the nest


Maybe new elements to the map, like a new kind of godlands that spawns with a 10% chance per realm.


Problem with this is that Realm has plenty of moments like this for newer players, but keeping that type of suprise content up for the entire game almost impossible for an MMO, where everything will eventually get stale. Suprise moments work better for single player games because you only need to come up with suprises for around 12 hours, not 1200 hours. Also having the game be story driven helps alot with suprise moments, and Realm doesn’t have any story whatsoever.

Also the problem with suprise moments is that it might just feel unfair to the player instead of cool if death is permanent. Imagine if in Hotline Miami you had to replay the entire level if you died at a boss. That would make boss fight’s increadibly frustrating and would take away any ‘‘holy shit’’ moment and just turn it into ‘‘shit’’.


Hmmm mabye that could work but what difference

  1. A single player mode. Allowing DECA to; make up an amazing main story, add plenty of new dungeon and enemy/boss ideas into the game (like separate rooms), incorporate enemy dialogue and realm lore deeper into the game, and add single player rewards that translate to the multiplayer mode.

Even dumber idea

  1. All items and armors are breakable. Kind of like in Minecraft, very slowly armors and weapons will deteriorate with use or damage taken. They will break unless you use “some new item” to repair them or hunt for a new item. This will help reduce number of useless whites rotting in vaults (but might contribute to more grinding for items).


Maybe tiered items, because I’d be pretty triggered if my jugg broke.


Many people have

I was actually surprised by the number of forumers that have PMed me in game when they’ve seen me.

why doesn’t anyone use their prod name I keep forgetting who is who


unfortunately the addition of any major changes have been frozen due to the highly necessary unity port, as any substantial changes made now will have be to duplicated in the port. that means that not only does dev time get spent on something other than the port, but it also increases the amount of dev time that the port needs to complete. expect some neat stuff to come soon after unity.

could you better explain this part? because what I’m hearing is you want some ridiculous next-gen AI attached to an enemy, which is a little extreme for a tiny little indie mmo. it’s also not really appropriate for a permadeath bullet heavy game, you need to be able to tell what’s going to happen so you can prepare for it.

also, some of the tools that UGC members like myself have to work with are a little lacking at times. it’s much better than before, back when kidd made the sewers they basically had nothing at all. but some things are still almost entirely undocumented and have like no useful tools to work with. stuff is happening, I just wish it could happen sooner. unity especially, there’s so much potential for the game to finally grow once that beast is finally tackled.


Yeah I wonder what they are working on for Unity


This sounds like a really good idea, Realm just recently got a huge amount of lore in the Cursed Library, expanding the lore with a single player “story mode” would be great. Through the main game should receive the same treatment.


They need to reduce the people allowed in dungeons and make the more difficult dungeons drop at higher rates


I know that this is definitely something I shouldn’t mention, but ima do it anyway since I’m a rebel. The skill system from a certain popular pserver would be a great addition to realm as you could make more unique class choices like a dps priest, or a mega tanky knight, or a furry.


Is it just me or, at the current state of rotmg, most people that play the game, nowadays, are yellow and white stars or at least players with 8/8 chars?


Probably yes if you are doing halls


Sorry. Should I have been more explicit. Actually, in the last three days, I’m not doing LH. And for that reason I’m even more impressed in a sad way that people on realms are basicly yellow/white stars or, if other rank, they are 8/8.


Well within realms (I play on EUSW) there are a good number of orange red and blue stars playing with not that good gear but lhalls is different there you find mostly yellow and white stars who are decked out.