JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


You’re in luck! I can play like, twice a week max.


no, quit your job and become a professional ppe person


It’s been over a week, so I am contractually obligated to post something.

The Tinkerer had some beef with Jon Bilgewater, the Son of Arachna and the big butterfly, so he put some bounties on their heads. Stormrage wanted some of these cool items, so she killed a bunch of stuff.

She had four items she wanted:

  • Predator Bow
  • Squadron Sheathing
  • Bergenia Bow
  • Hollyhock Hide

Sadly, the many woodland labyrinths she fought her way through did not yield a single ST, which was a sizeable disappointment. She did get some assorted other white bags and STs from her ventures into the three dungeons, but none of them were very interesting. Thankfully, the Tinkerer was a bit nicer and gave her the Agents of Oryx stuff.

Didn’t have a good screenshot, sorry

Now, Stormrage did have some chests from the Tinkerer that she wanted to open. The one from the Shatters wasn’t very interesting, just giving some pots. However, one of the Nest chests dropped a white bag! Excited, Stormrage ran to the bag eagerly. “Pleasebeethehelmpleasebeethehelmpleasebeethehelm…”

What followed was a good deal of language which may not be suitable for all audiences.

Saddened by the lack of the item she wanted, our hero decided to express her frustration in a constructive manner: by breaking things she does not like. And she does not like the former head of the Forgotten King’s royal guard.

So that’s just what she decided to destroy, and upon doing so, was rewarded with a rich, red bag full of unknown potential, which could very well be a ubhp:

What a disappointment. Let’s run another Shatters!

Seriously? Okay, let’s try a third:


“Oh, Forgotten King,” Stormrage began as she and her friends landed the last few blows on the future-former possessed ruler and her loot drop ticked down to 38 seconds, “I am sad because I have received only rings of Unbound Attack so far. Please give me something else.”

“Okay” said the King as he exploded and gave her a cool hat:

(feat. @AlphaCroc, though they did not seem to notice)

It fit beautifully.

So now Stormrage’s ring no longer lags behind the rest of her set. This is quite a satisfactory addition in her opinion.

Doesn’t sound like a bad life…


Stop being lucky…


You got a crown after three shatters? Still sitting here with almost 50 shatters where I at least did first boss and only one gemstone.
Edit: not almost 50 at least 50


More like 20 Shatters; that was just my third one of the day.


Ok, that’s fair. Still pretty lucky though, I heard an rl from shatts the other day say he had 800 runs and 2 crowns. He was probably just unlucky tho xd


Crown is a pretty rare drop regardless; this is my first one ever.


shatters is the dungeon where you grind hundreds of runs to get one crown or get multiple in one chain

Edit: chain not run for confusion


Basically rng xd


im too busy noting what a failure i am and why i am doing shatters for pbags on a char that isnt 8/8 and cant get exalts while i should be doing my homework.
also im tired of my characters getting fucked by things outta my control. Today i turned off my computer and my knight ppe still died…
hecc u btw @jimdafish


That happened to me on my first 6/8 knight. I got candies from the calendar and one time I closed the lid of my pc and I still died. This was my first max character and several years ago so I was literally in tears.


Yeah, I’m afraid that closing the lid/turning off the computer isn’t a good way to speedily close the game. If you want a way to do so quickly, I recommend you try using this: The Exalt Oh Shiet Button (for freezes, pop-up windows and when you click off page).

@AlphaCroc I hope your luck turns around soon and that you are still having fun playing the game. I know that this game in particular can be frustrating sometimes, but also remember that it is just a game, and should hopefully be a source of entertainment instead of annoyance.


oh nono i dont think its because closing the pc or whatever… i think i forgot i was playing lmao

but ty <3


The aliens returned, ravaging the realm and threatening to destroy both the heroes and Oryx alike. Stormrage quickly joined the resistance movement, using her medieval weapons to take down the futuristic technology the Calbrik’s armies deployed. She was soon rewarded after taking down the large alien anger rabbit, though disappointingly so:

But she pressed on, determined to obtain one of the fitted protective matrices she had heard so much about:


Our hero knew of other useful items she could get from the aliens; she already had the bow from the planet Malogia, but there was another from Katalund which she really wanted. The protective matrix, she knew, wasn’t very useful on its own, but would be very powerful when combined with the elusive Entropy Reactor. She wanted all of it!

But first, she tried for a harlequin armor, which has thus eluded her:

Close, but no banana.

Feeling sad about the lack of fancy jingle armor, Stormrage made her way back to the planet of Malogia in hopes of getting some tokens to give to the Tinkerer for alien stuff. She was greatly surprised:

“Well, that’s 60 tokens I no longer need to collect myself!”

Sand time:

She now has all non-quiver parts of the set.

Getting back to the alien stuff, Stormrage had, through a combination of luck and exchanging with the Tinkerer, acquired one of each of the colored reactors necessary for the Loaded Core. Journeying back into the Tinkerer’s cave, she obtained the buzzing device, and hoped she wouldn’t have to plug it in anywhere, given the Nexus’s lack of outlets.

But unfortunately, she was still quite a ways away from having the Entropy Reactor; she would have to either acquire the Loaded Core from one of the alien spaceships or jacked anger rabbits, so she prepared herself mentally for the long haul of farming. In the meantime, she tried again to get a harlequin armor:

Not an armor, but a skin that she somehow did not have yet.

A notice went up in the Nexus: the tabulation of everyone’s dungeon completions had been reset! Stormrage was furious (having done at least several hundred dungeons by the previous count), and sought to begin reclaiming her completions.

Luckily, as she made her way through the ruins of an old castle, she encountered a large red snake which was guarding the entrance to a forbidden jungle. The massive, ancient snake began to summon more snakes, while simultaneously spitting flames and poison at our hero. It looked like our hero had finally met her match; the snake would soon slay her, and it would all be over. So she shot it twice, and it died.

Then Stormrage charged into the dungeon, murdered the minions and slayed Mixcoatl. She got a thing:

Returning to the hunt for alien stuff, Stormrage was quite dismayed to see the price tag on the Locked Reactors the Tinkerer was selling. How was she expected to pay 120 universal fragments for a purple rock?!? Luckily, this huntress is quite the financial wizard, and quickly came up with an alternative solution:

Stormrage, the Art of the Deal is coming soon to bookstores near you!

Unamused, the Tinkerer demanded the fragments, which Stormrage eventually forked over for the purple rock:

So now she had a bow and the Reactor, but still needed the other bow and the matrix. Sadly, the aliens were not on board with this idea:

Now, don’t let the lack of screenshots from alien worlds fool you; Stormrage got a fair number of whitebags. Here’s the tally from this event:


  • Bow: 5
  • Katana: 4
  • Staff: 3


  • Katana: 0 (but who cares?)
  • Dagger: 2
  • Wand: 2


  • Staff: 1
  • Sword: 1
  • Dagger: 0


  • Wand: 5
  • Sword: 1
  • Bow: 0

So pretty much everything but the one thing she actually wanted. Okay, then.

Knowing that the angry golden monster in the yellow place would probably never give her the sun bow, Stormrage bought a weapons cache from the Tinkerer.

Unfortunately, there was a two in three chance of this thing disappointing her, so she was braced for sadness. Fortunately, none was needed:

Stormrage was then free to spend her remaining fragments on the matrix:

And thus, her quest for alien gear was complete!

But there was an added bonus: the aliens had recently started dropping extra shards (from Shaitan or something), which Stormrage had been collecting. She had gathered 70 of them, and exchanged them at the Tinkerer (who was doing some mighty good business these days) for a ring:

And so she finished her set of unholy destruction:

+10 atk, +20 dex (and occasionally an additional +5 of each) along with the heaviest-hitting bow in the game? Sure!

Our hero is currently the number six huntress by base fame, though we’ll see how long that holds up; she’s a bit tired after all of the alien slaying, and might take a nap. Or, she’ll just try to get some dungeon completions back and get some fame bonuses.


the ninja main himself


He is lucky, from Untaris I got 2 katanas and a dagger.


I have multiple ray katanas, which have better xp bonuses.

But I need to play more ninja at some point; my ninja playing has been a bit low lately.


Thessal the Mermaid Goddess was up to no good once more, but as she isn’t generally too much of an issue to deal with, Stormrage hopped into the watery depths with just one other hero to take her out (and get a dungeon completion, since all those got wiped). She got a neat bonk stick:

Now, Ocean Trenches are fun, but not as much much fun as the Shatters. The forgotten kingdom, said to be the origin of the mad god himself, is known by heroes to hold many very potent treasures. Stormrage had herself obtained the Forgotten Crown in an earlier expedition, but she’s never satisfied with just one cool thing; she wants all of them. This time around, someone else swiped the brown oven mitt from the guy on the bridge, but Stormrage did find another cool accessory item:

This marks the last tiered ring of interest for our hero.

After destroying the forgotten kingdom (again), Stormrage learned that a dwarf had been drilling into the unexplored caverns below the Lost Halls, and he needed protection. She joined with Steamhammer’s Mining Company as a private security contractor and entered the mineshaft.

The fighting was fierce in the caves, lit only by bioluminescent mushrooms and these odd crystals that dotted every available surface. Many mushrooms seemed to be sentient and fought back, but ultimately the heroes were successful. Usually.

Accepting that such losses were bound to happen from time to time, the heroes nevertheless pressed onwards, slaying numerous fungus people, a massive worm or two and some living crystals. For her efforts, Stormrage was richly rewarded:

“Thanks, but I already have one of these. I don’t need another.”

“Okay then.”

But at last, when her arrows finally slayed the mighty Crystal Entity, she saw before her a beautiful white bag tied with neat blue string. Running towards it eagerly, she peered in…

…and was quite disappointed. Better luck next time!

Then the Forgotten King gave her a walking stick:

I haven’t posted much because there really hasn’t been much lately; I’m getting to the point where equipment upgrades are fewer and farther between, and I’ve also started actually running some dungeons that give exaltations. I’m a long way from being able to do O3s, but I will definitely be running a lot of event dungeons as they come.


Are we just not gonna talk about the fact that he has 60,000 BASE FAME AND HE STILL IS ALIVE???