JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


Courtesy of the revamped fame system!


Looting isn’t always glamorous business; sure, there are plenty of dragons to slay and evil rulers to dethrone for stellar equipment, but sometimes expert looters must be willing to dash the hopes of friendly sprites in the quest for items.

And so this was how Stormrage found herself at the checkpoint to a storeroom where Craig the Intern was known to be hiding a huge cache of presents for the Mad God himself. In hopes of fooling the system into thinking that she was an soldier in Oryx’s army, she wore her pilfered Agents of Oryx items. The disguise seemed to work, with the system recognizing her as none other than the Mad God himself!

“I haven’t eaten that many Oryxmas sweets!” she muttered to herself, downing two figgy puddings, a blue ice candy and a frost cake as she made her way past some decorations. Preparing herself for the destruction that she was to wreak upon Craig’s storeroom, she readied her bow and trap, and then proceeded into the next room.

Craig hovered alone in the storeroom, tallying up the latest present additions: “A jar of cerebral fluid from the flying brain, a beautiful catered feast from the butcher, a macaroni necklace from the hobbits… Wait. Why are you here?!?”

As Craig started the countdown to protect the presents, Stormrage began her destruction. Presents were everywhere, and she had to act fast. Destroying everything in the first room while Craig panicked, she moved on to the second room and then the third. Finally, she was done destroying everything!

[Decent time considering no practice and relatively few consumables, eh?]

She got several pots from the experience, but the storehouse also gave her a pretty cool bow:

Craig was not pleased, and sent her packing the moment his now pointless Present Protection Extraction protocol [it took me three years to get the joke, wow] kicked in. Stormrage felt sorry for Craig and all the hard work she had undone, but she got the dungeon completion so it was all worth it.


Wait you had 40 seconds left?? That could be like a world record- the other day I saw someone claiming they had a world record with 10 seconds left. It was a YouTube video by a guy named KinkyPinky


Just found that video, and there were indeed about 10 seconds left on Pinky’s timer. I’m not going to go to the trouble of learning the workshop super well and recording the attempt to actually do an actual world record, but I will just tell anyone out there who wants to give it a go to use the AoO huntress set with the offensive ring since it’s quite effective for crowd control. Otherwise, practice proper use of predator bow and trap and you’ll do fine.


As my huntress died, ima do it on a arch with predator bow, bee quiver, tenne, and probably like a ub dex cus I don’t have crown/potato. My goal is to finish the thing but as long as I make it to the last room I won’t be mad


its not that hard to end with that much time


That makes a bit more sense. Especially given that there was only one Youtube video that so much as claimed a WR, I think it’s just people not caring. It would be cool to see how fast someone could do it (getting it done in under a minute should be pretty possible imo).


Exactly. And under a minute would be super hard or just plain out impossible. Best setup imo is huntress with tiered bow or pred t6 trap and mp armor and ring, along with the consumables.


Yeah I tried 2 yesterday and completed the first with about 10 seconds left with consumables and I tried the second without consumables and I almost completed it but not quite.


I’m super tempted rn to do a workshop on assassin…


probably not the best class because of slow acting ability+non-piercing weapon


Yeah I know, and I really want to finish them, cus I want those abilities/weapons/armors. Ima save up some consumables for them.


Bring a stinger or at least a bone dagger


I don’t think I will do it on sin xd. But yeah if I did I’d definitely bring a piercing weapon.


I’m actually contemplating trix for the tp, do you think mp build+ghostly+stinger will work?


Tbh probably. I don’t know too much about workshop, but I imagine it would work with a harley and an mp ring like corsage/forgotten ring/ubmp


^(You know quality when each update starts with a X DAYS LATER message)

The snowmen were here, and they meant business. Luckily, they weren’t very arrow-proof, so Stormrage was happy. She had an axe to grind against them, namely this one:

But it turned out that there was another set that needed acquiring; not content with one ST set, an Agents of Oryx set, the alien set and the construction set, Stormrage devoted herself to finding the parts necessary to complete the fantastical Oryxmas set. But this required that she obtain the greedsnatcher trap, meaning that it was time for

The Hunt for T6 Trap Part the Second

(Here we go again)

Apparently it could drop in Santa’s Workshop, so she decided to run some more of those once she got keys from the campaign. On her next one, she got some good progress towards her set:

I run the workshops when I’m too sleep-deprived to actually play the game.

The adventurers had new things they could put on their selves: the Nexus’ Equipment Engineering Division had at last developed the fanny pack! Our hero was quick to put it on:

But then it turned out that the mushrooms were acting up again. Hearing that she could get a pretty cool trap from the massive ground snake, she ran a few of them, and was quite disappointed:

…and finally, a very expensive machete:

But there was no time for dilly-dallying! There were Oryxmas weapons to acquire, and our hero happily turned in an Oryxmas armament/armory/weapon cache thing (too lazy to pull up wiki for name; sue me) to get a magical bow:

How wonderous! Then she went and killed a snowman:

Thank you, RNGesus.

But there were some things for which RNGesus is not required; throughout the campaign, Stormrage had collected many magical ornaments for Oryxmas trees. Giving them to the Tinkerer man, she got a handy thingamabob:

Now she had but one piece of the set left. “Let’s go screw up Craig again!” Stormrage announced with glee. So she hopped into another Santa’s Workshop, and lo and behold:

The final thing. Now she could become a jacked Kringlebonker:

Also, can we all just admire that beautiful, ascending/descending palindromic fame count?

But then tragedy struck: a fellow hero was brutally murdered by the snowmen and his remains were left in a box in the realm:

How gruesome.


What better way to spend one’s days than by killing massive numbers of insects?

Diving into a maze of trees, Stormrage hoped desperately to finally finish off her Horticulture Huntress set; all she needed was the bow and armor. Her very first run was lucky, netting her the armor:

She then proceeded to run ~40 more, without getting the bow. Maybe some day she will finish the set.

Saddened by the lack of Bergenia, our hero ventured deep within the icy depths of the wintery realm to fight some frozen dieties. These guys were a little more forthcoming with their items:

Tiring of such endeavors, she returned to the realm to actually play the game. Seeing a giant floating ship, she shot it a bunch and got something she already had:

But two is better than one, so she hung onto it.

However, her anger at insects was still far from satiated. Grabbing the biggest flyswatter she could find, she marched into the hive of a bunch of giant angry killer bees and with the help of her friends, slayed the queen:

Having never had the bee hat before, she was quite happy. Even if it didn’t fit.

She then continued on her quest and destroyed more such nests, without getting much of interest. She did get a couple blueprints at one point…

…but she had already studied these blueprints and thus couldn’t learn anything new. They stayed on the ground.

At long last, after much bug swatting and several cans of Raid, our hero finally succeeded in her quest with the bees:

She now no longer has any reason to set foot in this place again. Thank. Goodness.


Ancient kingdoms. Otherwordly power. People who think huntress is a “stinky class”. The threats are innumerable.

But you know what else is innumerable? Our hero’s supply of arrows! With a determination to finally exalt her attack stat (whatever that meant), Stormrage set off on a campaign with her friends to lay siege to the forgotten kingdoms that lay far from the mainland of the Realm. She found a small bird in need of her help trapped in a box, and figured she should care for it:

“I could do it” Stormrage told Shuriken the ninja cat, her trusted companion. “I could turn you into this fella.”

Needless to say, Shuriken was unamused.

Handling stuff around these Forgotten Kings they kept killing was difficult; with the lava nearby, everything was extremely hot to the touch. Luckily, our hero obtained only the greatest in heat protection technology: the oven mitt!

After some STs (including three back-to-back spells), she had at last amassed the entire wizard set from a single chain of these kingdoms:

“This is so cool!” shouted Stormrage.

“Feed me!” shouted her cats.

But one oven mitt can only get you so far when you’re baking cookies in lava, so Stormrage got another one:

She finally exalted attack:

I eagerly await the Shatters rework; the entire dungeon gets screwed up by insufficient dps, people who generally don’t know what they’re doing, rogues, misplaced traps, and on top of all of that you have to know the safe spots or it’s not even possible. Public runs get screwed up in the first ten seconds by people with no patience, and discord runs are incredibly boring.


Huntress Is a stinky class.