JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


Jesus those reqs are more of DPS focused.


Here are the specific requirements for the void runs, since they’re a little higher than some of the other ones:

I can do it with my AoO armor, I’d just prefer wyrmhide because I am a coward.

Same thing. Huntress reqs tend to be more stringent, because it doesn’t usually do melee dps.


Those are fs voids. They almost never do fs voids. Look at fullclear reqs.

oh mb

but it’s like 5 def!


Efficient runs. I feel like I’m good at the game when I do their runs, like I’m an elite player with good stuff. (I know I suck ok? just let me feel good)



They’d probably let you do it with full agent of oryx set because that turns into a better crown, just gotta deal with pred bow close range


They might; it probably depends on the rl, though.


Tbh I’d be shocked if they didn’t. Most rls are pretty lax about reqs tbh, like during fungal event as long as you were close they’d be fine, but that probably depends on rl and dungeon, so idk.


T6 trap 20 hp is about as good as 5 def now go do those voids


Useful for IC/OoC <3

“All Stat 8/8 maxed”
Me who have 15 7/8’s but 2 8/8’s: So may I send an 7/8 without Mana maxed? Sending an 8/8 to raid endgame means accidental Exaltations for me and I don’t want to do that.


No. Especially not mana, maybe something like wis on a non wismod class like ninja, but are you going to be doing null runs? Also, why don’t you want exaltations?



No. If that Discord requires me to cloak my Realmeye location, that’s more than just “Hell naw! Ain’t doing that mate.”

Discord-reliant, creates toxic community, widen the gap between casual Realmer and Discord supremacist (basically my way to say elitist) counterparts, encourage cheaters, duped Runes…


but not getting exaltations isn’t going to make them go away…


Huh? It’s just that I won’t participate. If they want to have 8/8 req and bunch of that, well leave them be. I didn’t say I sought to wipe them out from existence…


You weren’t going to participate in null runs anyway, so why make a big thing of it?


Their reqs.


why don’t you want to exaltations? It’s free stats and like I said before, you not getting exaltations isn’t going to make the “Discord-reliant, creates toxic community, widen the gap between casual Realmer and Discord supremacist (basically my way to say elitist) counterparts, encourage cheaters, duped Runes…” exaltations go away

sry Jimdafish for getting your thread off track


Nah, you’re good. If it continues, I’ll just move the posts to their own separate thread.


They might be mushrooms, but they aren’t fun guys.

After a really long time killing these murderous spore-spreaders, Stormrage was kinda done with the whole walking fungus thing. But Steamhammer had needed more defense contractors, so she continued slaying the endless hordes while the greedy dwarf continued grabbing crystals in a desperate effort to fund his court-mandated child support. Her efforts were aided by a handy YouTube video which showed her how to make her friends more see-through.

In return for her risk of life and limb, our hero was promised any non-crystal rewards she could find. Hoping to finally get her hands on a Cave Dweller trap, our hero reluctantly obliged. Sadly, her first loot was a replicate of a non-trap item:

“So it’s a sword, but like, smaller and it breaks itself and I can’t equip it?”


“Into the pet’s mouth it goes!”

But then it happened. The worm mother died, and left behind a beautiful white bag. “Could it be?” Stormrage raced to the bag and peered inside…

A book about spores. Fascinating. She did not already have one of these, so it was a refreshing change from the Crystal Shields. Still disappointing, though. She handed it to a priest friend, and continued her search.

So it was with great excitement that she received her next white bag. “This one’s gotta be it!”

Yeah, no. More pet food, as Stormrage readied herself to get every white bag except the trap.

But an important milestone was reached:

Four stats out of eight exalted! That means we’re halfway there, right?

Not even close.

LHs will probably be next, though I still really want Cave Dweller (and no, not just for the Null runs; CD outclasses Vile in most situations). I do also have ~25 crystal marks saved up from those runs I did, so maybe I’ll get it from a chest while I barely play for the next couple weeks.


I would keep it or sacrifice it for Forge at least.