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Please for the love of oryx at least acknowledge or fix the shadow mute thing, it’s really putting a dent in enjoyment for us not being able to talk to other people and it’s causing confusion so many times trying to help another causing too much frustration.

Too many words that people actually use in realm (like the word ‘‘realm or real’’ for instance) are causing this while slurs that should be triggering this gets freely thrown around and how bots can bypass this is really adding salt to the injury.


What is the reasoning behind nerfing the leather armor defense down? It was already a bad hydra reskin before, but now it just isn’t worth using IMO. The heavy armor and robe have their uses, but the leather armor is just so far behind and not special at all


Any info on the changes coming to the Agents of Oryx weapons? For some reason I can’t log into the testing server so I can’t check myself.


how do i join the public testing ;3


Can someone tell me which weapons were changed and how? Also, were the armors changed at all?


the sword has different shot


Bow: Slight damage nerf to make it not a direct upgrade to Covert
Sword: Now a triple-shot wavy sword with lower damage per shot
Staff: Faster projectiles, lower amplitude, higher rate of fire
Dagger: 50% rof, triple shot with lower damage per shot, retains its obstacle pierce.
Katana: Unchanged.
Wand: Unchanged.

The Armors’ proc was changed to occur at 80% HP, granting 5 att and dex for 3 seconds (as opposed to underneath 300 HP, for 8 seconds).

Additionally, the Squadron Sheathing’s (Leather’s) defense was decreased to 14, as it’d otherwise be generally more effective than Centaur’s Shielding.

Finally, for the abilities: the Tome’s switch mechanic from Darkness to Light Orb occurs at 80% HP now, as does the Shield’s effect.
The Scepter’s proc’s cooldown was reduced to 8 seconds, with its blast range increased to 6 tiles, and base damage (pre-wismod) to 450.
The Trap’s cooldown was reduced to 2 seconds, its MP cost to 100, and its proc’s chance of occurring was increased to 50%.
The Seal’s switch now happens at 50% HP, with its cooldown lowered to 2 seconds, and its attack boost duration increased to 0.6 seconds (NOTE: tooltip is still wrong!), as well as having a passive +4 att and def on equip.
The Spell’s bullets were also changed somewhat, making them easier to hit.


Thanks so much, but is the bow still better damage then a leaf bow when landing 3 of the shots? (Sorry for the stream of questions)


It would be awesome if there was an oryx skin for each class that your character is changed to when using all of the agent of oryx items


Can the launcher installer make it optional to create a desktop shortcut, I needed to reinstall the launcher since mine wasn’t the most recent version and I play on Steam and don’t need a desktop shortcut it get a little tiring to delete the shortcut it makes each time.


  • I think the HTT laser works properly now. I did a HTT and I wasn’t taking invisible damage around the laser, I only took it when walking into the laser itself it seemed.
  • I really like the new fame bonuses! I think the fame for first completes of dungeons (only ones I’ve really actually gotten so far) is pretty balanced, and really appreciate that they give a sizeable chunk of fame the more impressive the dungeon complete is. It really makes getting fame more fun in my opinion.
  • I feel like the fame bonuses for maxing make sense given the current state of the game… I really wish that they could be increased (like, I do feel that an 8/8 should be worth more than just 1k fame if everything were ideal), but unfortunately with how messed up the economy is and how easy it is to max from chest/weekend events I don’t think it could be increased any more. I guess one thing I would change is make it so that life doesn’t give the same fame bonus as mana, and att/def shouldn’t give the same fame bonus as the other rainbows. Idk not sure if this imbalances it too much for the game as a whole, it makes sense for people who max via the realm but as mentioned earlier game’s economy and sense of progression is all messed up.
  • Maybe a nitpick but after you open the additional info that shows the progress bar on a fame bonus (eg. Cartography), when you close it, it kind of causes some jumping which is a bit disorienting. I think if you have active fame bonuses (eg the ones for clearing dungeon for the first time) in that tab it jumps even more. Ideally it would jump very little or not at all, because it’s easy to lose my place in the list.
    - I don’t see any bugs so far other than the really obvious ones that I’m sure Deca is already very aware of.
  • There was a small issue with stat displaying which might be present on prod but that I just haven’t experienced because I’ve mostly just been using tops on prod. I don’t really know how to recreate it atm since I’m heading off very soon but I just know I was playing with the oryx armor that buffs your att/dex when you drop below 80% HP and it showed those stats as missing 5 pots to max when I moused over my stats, even though they were maxed.
  • Shouldn’t this show that I have the speed/wis fame bonuses (or even show the progress of not just life?)

    (and yes, this is after I switched maps to see if it would refresh what’s being shown)
  • I forgot my pet on testing is maxed legendary, game is ez I just heal so much and I can actually make so many mistakes but just get healed right back. I know people have largely stopped complaining about the pet “nerfs” but there’s such a big difference between maxed legendary and my non-maxed on prod, let alone maxed legendary and pre-rework maxed rare which I played with on prod for many months.


Deca: does a cool event that allows people to grind dungeons to get oryx items
Also Deca: “Yay we’re opening testing now you have to choose between getting oryx items and testing the new features out”


My personal biggest issue with the fame bonuses as well - the “top” bonus prevents you from seeing any underlying bonuses.
The same goes for the dungeon bonuses for doing all dungeons released by an owner (Tunnel Rat, Explosive Journey, Travel of the Decade) - the later ones don’t seem to be unlocked unless you’ve got the first ones*.
*Haven’t actually checked if this is the case yet, but I do remember that repeated bonuses - f.e. the final tier for killing monsters of a certain type - don’t properly give the fame from all bonuses after the first one, essentially capping it


massacre on pt:



I love that the scepter is finally usable now, but I find it off that the range of the actual scepter cast isn’t listed in the item’s description despite it deviating from the standard 9 range of all other scepters.

Along with this, it would be nice to see the range and aiming cone of each scepter on their own descriptions just for clarity.


Hi, I am a little confused because all the event whites and whites and tops and 8/8 characters disappeared from testing all of a sudden. Anybody know how I can fix this? Another thing I wanted to ask is why the testing servers are so consistently closed? Thanks! Lionlord


Probably because the game would be too easy if you could always practice, and some people would only play testing because that way they can use items they wouldn’t normally have and have unlimited 8/8s etc


Some maintenance, likely.

As for the disappearance of all of it, perhaps they had to reset accounts due to bugged fame values?
If they’ll add in apples of extreme maxening, that’d certainly be neat.


Public testing only opens up when Deca feels that new content they’re adding to the game needs to be tested by the community at large. This is not very often, whether this is a good or a bad thing is debatable.

Having other white bags available to test synergies with the AoO items could be useful? That’s the only argument I can think of for having those available (well that, and having more “essential” items like not-covert on a bow class but wait you can literally get predator bow so lol)

Tops are available from the shop, always check the shop during a PT because that’s generally where they give out the stuff you test with. They also give semi-max apples, which don’t 8/8 but tbh I’m not sure if you actually need the 8/8 for anything.

edit: I’m assuming nothing happened on PT just now, when I played it earlier my 8/8 from the last session still existed and it still had the gear and even dungeon completes from the last session so I haven’t had any issues on that end


In my opinion, transparency is worse now than it is in production. With 50% transparency in testing, I see too much of the other players and their pets, making it way too hard to distinguish anything in-game. If this is going to be the new transparency feel, then I think it should be allowed to go waaaaaay lower than 50%.


I tried to solo MBC again but… always fiascos.