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I agree 100% with this.

Also the free shield rune was too enticing for most people and they did not participate on the testing server.

I wanted to pop in and say I was disappointed that the testing server had the same fame for feeding pets as production.

Will the fame costs increase with the update? It would be nice to evaluate the fame rework knowing what future fame purchases will look like.

It also appears that creating quick death characters still benefits you far more than making long term characters that survive.

It’s very hard to test realms on the testing server because literally nobody is in them.

Overall I felt that the bounty hunter dagger was nerfed to harshly and that the predator bow should be a direct upgrade from covert. Covert is bad (when are the bow reworks coming).

The transparency changes were good in my opinion.


I spent a very large amount of time testing this update (upwards of 24 hours) and I have a bit of a giant text wall of feedback.

I’ll start off with the fame rework. ParabolicalX on reddit did a great job of expressing everything I think is good and bad about this, so I’ll just link his post instead of writing about it at length.

Now, onto the weapons.

Firstly, Oppressor’s Staff feels far too weak for it’s disadvantages. I would suggest an increase in the ROF to 80% along with the changes on testing, allowing it to narrowly beat t14 at low DEF (and get progressively better at high DEF).

Now onto Predator Bow - I think the point of this weapon should be to function like a bow version of EP. It was only broken because landing 3 shots let it beat every other bows dps. The changes on testing do help bring it more in line with other bows, but it still beats tier 14 at every defense level only hitting 3 shots. Along with the current changes, I would lower it’s ROF to 70% but add an extra projectile. This would make it’s 3-shot dps lower than t14, but leave it’s 6-shot dps about equal to current levels.

Henchmen’s Claymore probably got the largest buff out of all the items, but I still think it is a little too weak. It feels very much like a slightly worse pixie sword, only passing it in dps past 90ish DEF. I think a straight damage buff to (80-110) per shot would bring it more in line with the dps it should have, still losing to pixie at low def but beating it a bit before 50 defense, giving it a more useful niche.

Finally, Bounty Hunter Dagger got a solid buff, but it still isn’t a particularly useful or interesting item. With the testing changes, it effectively functions as a slower t13 dagger with obstacle pierce* added on. I really don’t know how I would go about changing it because there are already daggers for basically every role, and any changes to bounty hunter would just power creep already existing daggers. I think the best option would be to keep it at 3 shots but hugely increase the shot spread (up to maybe 15 degrees), while buffing the fire rate back up a bit so that it slightly outdamages cutter.

*I think part of the reason this dagger is so hard to balance is that it’s primary gimmick is only marginally useful in a very small portion of content.

Next up, I will cover the abilities that received changes.

Blacklight Artifice is actually somewhat usable now, but I still think it isn’t quite where it should be. On a maxed divine pet, it has very slightly more dps than vile trap, but because of the cooldown it lacks the burst damage capability. I ultimately don’t think this item needs a cooldown at all (if this is in place for performance reasons, just buff the damage).

Cursed Spire Spell - Frankly, I already thought this spell was incredibly strong. Thankfully, adding boomerang shots doesn’t do too much to make it even better, so I think it is still well-balanced, with a few more opportunities to make use of it.

Siege Scepter - After the buff, this actually feels somewhat useful. I still don’t think the daze is super reliable, but having it trigger every few ability uses actually does noticeably effect gameplay. However, I think the bigger issue with this scepter is actually external; Scepter of Devastation is too strong. There is a reason that devastation is effectively a must-have for sorcerer, and I think a nerf to it’s supreme power is well-deserved. I think the only real problem with it is how spammable it is, so I would increase the MP cost drastically (70MP->110MP). With devastation less overwhelmingly good, other scepters should be able to shine a bit more.

Seal of the Battle God now feels like a swapout worth carrying. The slightly longer duration of the attack increase and the stats on equip make it into the item it always should have been; a dps-oriented seal trading survivability for damage. The change to a percentage-based threshold is also a good one.

Tyrant’s Toxin having it’s -SPD proc removed is a wonderful change that doesn’t hurt the balance of the item much, but makes using it much less annoying.

Tome of the Tarnished Gods and Brutal Buckler were both changed to percentage-based triggers, which helps them act more consistently with other threshold-based procs.

Finally, I would like to suggest a buff to Helm of Exalted Might. This item, while it looks good on paper, is very underwhelming to actually use. First of all, I would remove the chance-based explosion proc entirely as it serves very little purpose. Then, I would increase the duration of the DEX increase to 4 seconds from 3. This should give the helm a more solid role as a dps monster that requires good timing to use well, instead of only increasing average damage by a tiny amount.

In order of slots, armors are up next. This section will be very brief.

I think all 3 armors were changed for the better here, and I wouldn’t make any changes to any of them. They all function very well as a good in-between for dps and survivability, largerly performing worse in terms of dps than their more damage oriented counterparts (mercy’s bane, centaur shielding, tenne, and vesture), without being too survivable.

Now, the rings.

Firstly, Ring of Wrath is a strong but not overwhelming survivability ring, offering a good mix of HP, DEF, and VIT. The stats are spread nicely across the partial set bonuses and all-in-all I think this ring is probably the best balanced of the 3.

Autarch Amulet is also quite well balanced, but I feel like it focuses a bit too much on defense. Changing the +5 DEF granted at the 3 piece bonus into +5 SPD would make this ring a bit more useful, especially since many of the agents of oryx items require good positioning on the part of the user.

Lastly, Mayhem Medallion feels like too many of the bonuses are locked behind the full set. Expecting people to always equip full AOO sets is ridiculous because of the situational nature of the weapons/abilities. I would first move the +2 ATT from the 4-piece bonus to the 2-piece bonus. The other issue with this item is that wearing it on most classes leaves them incredibly squishy, since it only offers 80 hp. I would potentially consider swapping the +5 SPD at the 4-piece bonus to +5 DEF instead, to help offset the fact that the entire AOO set offers very little survivability.

Wooh, that was a lot of text. There is just 1 section left: The Bugs. I will leave out the obvious UI bugs present with characters (white name, 0 stars, etc.)

This one was absolute hell to correct (I had to manually drop more than 15k items to get my vault to function again, a process that took ~10 hours). Having a very large number of items in the gift chest causes disconnects/long loads into the nexus. Obviously this isn’t a pressing issue (I doubt anybody has anywhere near 15k+ items), but still something that should probably be fixed.

A little bug - Dragging items around in your inventory very rarely leaves the slot number visible behind the item.

Clicking the up arrow on the server select screen scroll bar causes the bar to disappear (footage is from prod but bug also occurs on testing).

A rather annoying bug is that spamming the Cursed Spire Spell reliably causes DCs if it hits enemies.

To finish this whole thing off, there is a small error in the Seal of the Battle God’s description - it displays as having a 0.4 second ATT buff, when in reality it lasts 0.6 seconds.

That’s the end of my massive text wall. I think the changes are overall very good, but there are still a few items that I think could use some work.


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Okay so I have a few thoughts on some of the changes:
I think the AOO rings are quite fine but the DPS ring seems a bit underwhelming, it gives off a lot of spd and while 8atk and 8dex would be nice, the ring doesn’t give enough HP to warrant wearing a full set of AOO, when there are other rings/sets that give off similar or even better results.

The MP and Survivability rings are quite nice. The MP ring is a good example of balancing its main usage with Survavibility, 200 MP and 10 WIS with 10 DEF and 100 HP is great and the classes benefiting most from these stats have pretty good AOO sets themselves. I used quite a bit of the Assasin, Priest and Trickster AOO sets with the MP rings and it was very useful.

The change of removing the -SPD on Tyrant’s is wonderful. Siege Scepter is more useful than it currently I cant see using it as a main scepter considering the short range and how unreliable the proc is. The proc doesnt affect gameplay that much. I also solo’d some HTTs as a Paladin with the AOO seal and it’s actually a very nice swapout to have.

Overall I like these changes and I don’t think anything was particularly “hurt” by them. I did notice a few bugs; having too many items in your gift chest and taking something out/shift clicking to use one causes a remote host. The AOO spell disconnects aswell if you use it too much.

These are the things that I wanted to point out and I hope I help in some way. (Also props to the spriters for the great sprites, particularly Sturky and Aurum on that Bard skin)


When is the public testing closing?


It closed already.


It was useless before, but with the rings now it has a use (similar to the Alien set, armor is TRASH but necessary for full set). To balance it, they’re going to make it trash but with complete set it’s actually good. This is acceptable.


i need help i cant get into testing and i dont kown whats happening


The testing server is only open to the public when Deca wants feedback from the public. This testing session ended on Monday, so the testing server is no longer accessible.


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Am I missing something? How is the spell usually used?

It seems to me that it’s exceptionally difficult to get stuff to actually get hit by the shots to do significant damage.


It’s usually used in places where bosses rotate in a predictable pattern to set a mine and get an enemy to walk over it. Love your videos btw tho! :smiley:


Boomerang is actually nice now, it has a small delay but with the boomerang you have a chance still. Its good for Limon and stuff.


Yea hes a pretty small channel but he makes good videos for a channel his size, deservers more subs


@AnxietyX @DeeBomb thanks so much for the support!

But yeah, I guess I can kinda see why it would be nice in those situations, but I think I personally would still prefer parasite spell, but maybe that’s just a different playstyle.


Anything that chases at a decent speed, has predictable movement, or has phases that are safe to sit on can be absolutely destroyed by spire spell. Every endgame dungeon boss except shatters and crystal entity has at least one of those things, with o3 in particular having all of them. I was able to force guards on o3 in less than a second on chase phases in medium size groups, which is incredibly strong.


will testing re open anytime soon?


probably not