Kageboshi Buff


Let’s face it - for an event white, Kageboshi falters. Along with its other infamous cousin, the Ray Katana, it simply doesn’t provide enough benefit for its rarity. With less range than a tiered wand, probably less average dps, and the damage of a t3 star without the range and for +20 mp, it’s clear that it’s pretty laughable to say the least. Moreover, its ST counterpart, the Crystalline Kunai, deals much more damage AND has extra effects when hit.

That being said however, I like the concept of a piercing star but feel that Kageboshi is severely limited in that regard - simply, even tiered stars can beat it. So here’s what I wanted to propose as a rework.
TL;DR: Less MP, more damage, centered around Ninja playstyle.

Kageboshi’s original stats:
While Key Held:
MP Cost: 10 MP/sec
Effect: Speedy on self
When Key Released:
MP Cost: 80
Damage: 414-506 (Average: 460)
Projectile Speed: 14
Range: 8.4
Stat Bonus: +2 DEF, +5 VIT
Fame Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 800
Shots hit multiple targets
Shots pass through obstacles

Kageboshi’s new stats:
While Key Held:
MP Cost: 10 MP/sec
Effect: Speedy on self
When Key Released:
MP Cost: 65
Damage: 525-625(Average: 575)
Projectile Speed: 14
Range: 9
Stat Bonus: +4 DEF, +5 SPD
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 800
Shots hit multiple targets
Shots pass through obstacles

This star has slightly less damage than a t4 star and lower range, but excels in buffed stat bonuses, a very low MP cost(allowing more dmg/MP, 8.85 as opposed to 5.75) allowing for spammability, and a 6% fame bonus to match its status as an event white. This would make it a much more viable star than before, considering that it used to be a dungeon white. Moreover, the stat bonuses would help with Ninja’s playstyle.

It’s no question that Kageboshi is rather underwhelming, but my changes to it might be a bit overwhelming :sweat_smile: If you have any thoughts or feedback please leave them below!


While I think Kageboshi needs a buff, I don’t think this is the way to do it. Yeah, it’d make Kageboshi a decent pick, and yeah, it’d be actually useful now, but it wouldn’t be unique and it wouldn’t really make a new playstyle like to event whites do.

Examples: Ogmur turns Knight into a damage machine for the group. Conflict turns Mystic into a bizarre mix of itself with Pally and Warrior. The Bee Quivers allow Archers to crowd control nearly as effectively as a Huntress.

Of course, not all event whites are this unique (particularly Cdirk and Ray), but I think those should also get a buff/change.

TL;DR: event whites are generally much more unique than other whites. I don’t think a simple buff like this would do Kageboshi the justice it deserves. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it could just have so much more done with it.


I understand that sentiment. But you give me an ogmur, conflict, and bee quivers, and I raise you a tablet, trap, and cdirk.

Tablet is pretty much Jade Spell but doesn’t have piercing or as high of an MP cost - yet it’s still useful due to its high damage per MP. At the same time, Parasite Spell is good for low def enemies, Fungal Spell is great for stationary enemies, and Pierce Spell is fantastic for high defense enemies. Tablet, like Kage, used to be pretty awful, but now Tablet has its niche for armor-broken enemies.

Vile Trap(while it could use a slight buff due to Crystal Trap) still serves a good purpose as a hgih damage trap that can be thrown from anywhere. And it’s still an event white despite having no unique quality to its name.

CDirk has the highest dps of other daggers in the game, but Golem Dag is great for long-range enemies, Stinger is great to hit multiple targets AND ignore armor, and Corruption Cutter is great to hit HARD against armor broken enemies. The only unique thing that CDirk has to its name is lower range and damage like a truck, yet it still finds its niche.

In essence, Kageboshi would find itself in the same realm - it COULD have something unique, but does it need to? Chakram gives armor-broken, Midnight Star paralyzes, Tiered stars hit for damage, and Beisa Star stuns - Kageboshi fills its niche as a low-cost, spammable star that ALSO pierces.


While, yes, not all event whites are hyper-unique, I think the standard should be uniqueness (also, I feel like Tablet’s incredibly unique, but that’s just my personal opinion).

When viewed in context with other UT stars, it doesn’t have to be unique. But, when viewed in context with other event whites, it seems somewhat lacking. I just think that there could be other ways to buff it. Instead of making it a parallel of tiered stars, it could, maybe, have a different shot pattern, or the shots could boomerang, or they could be offset from the player. These are just some ideas I had off of the top of my head, but the point is that things can be buffed in ways other than directly increasing the numbers.

Again, that’s not to say that your idea for buffing it is bad, because it’s actually a pretty decent short-term solution. It’s just that you can do so much more with buffs, imo.


I like your ideas for making a unique star, and I personally think a boomerang star sounds really cool. But the point that I really wanted to stress with a reworked Kageboshi is that it doesn’t necessarily have to have an extra effect; it just needs to be viable while still having alternative stars you can choose from.


Honestly the best buff to it would be just to add two shots to it, but have the second shot be thrown 0.5 seconds after the first.


Is that even possible?