Kill Taunts for Dungeon Bosses


What if dungeon bosses took note of who dies in their hands with taunts? These can be added so that they are spoken at any point in the fight. Plus there can be unique kill taunts for every boss, and many per for more random dialogue. I guess it might clutter up the chat and maybe confuse players, but I still think some kind of implementation of this would be neat. Below are some examples.

Dreadstump the Pirate Cave:

  • Yarrr! [Player] is no more!

  • Coming here wasn’t smart, aye, [Player]?

  • [Player] has been torn to pieces!

Fountain Spirit:

  • [Player] has become one with the woods…

  • [Player] has paid for stepping foot upon here.

The Puppet Master:

  • Ohoho! [Player] will make a lovely puppet for my next show!

  • [Player]… Poor material for a puppet, but we’ll make it work.

  • Wanna see a magic trick? Let’s make [Player] disappear!

  • [Player] has fallen, but the show must go on!

Avalon the Archivist:

  • Death is the compensation for bothering me, [Player]!

  • Let [Player] be an example. Go back from whence you came!

  • To be or not to be? Did [Player] really just die in front of me?

Ghost of Skuld:

  • [Player] makes one addition to my army of the dead.

  • Do not worry, [Player]. I will put your corpse into good use.

  • [Player]’s character will be judged thoroughly for the afterlife, I assure you.





Dr. Terrible:

  • Your death has been carefully noted as valuable data, [Player].

  • Thank you for participating in my research, [Player].

  • [Player]… Another of your parents’ failed experiments.

Davy Jones:

  • Splice the mainbrace! [Player] has been defeated!

  • Yar! Take that [Player], ya bilge-sucker!

  • Just kicked [Player]’s booty!

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King:

  • [Player]'s been pumped with lead. Hahaha!

  • Feel the boom, [Player]! Yar har har!

Thessal the Mermaid Goddess:

  • Join thousands of sailors at the bottom of the sea, [Player]!

  • The price you pay for thrashing in my waters, [Player]!

Forgotten Sentinel:

  • It had to be done, [Player]. I must protect the Realm from what lies beyond.

  • To threaten the safety of the Realm. [Player], you fool.

Void Entity:

  • [Player] has joined the darkness of my realm.

  • [Player] has been…CONSUMED!

  • Meeeet yoouur dooom, [Player]…

  • It is most impressive you have survived this long, [Player]. But now…

Oryx the Mad God 3

  • [Player], your damnation for challenging the god of the universe!

  • [Player]? Is this what the Nexus throws at me? I laugh!


Fun stuff!

In a similar vein, I’ve always wanted a boss with bloodlust, where it gets stronger if players die to it.


yes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @deca


This is such a fun idea, I love it! Please take note, DECA.


Since I don’t want to let this thread die, because it’s such an amazing idea, Here’s some I thought of:


  • “You will make a fitting victory feast, [Player]!”

  • “[Player]'s blood makes a beautiful decoration.”

  • “Oryx will be most pleased. I thank you, [Player].”


  • “[Player]! I cannot atone for this…”

  • Please… Punish me for the death of [Player]

  • “Ahhh… [Player] proves this is a most impressive vessel” (specifically by the mysterious voice)

Bes, Nut, and Geb:

  • “Your insult will not be forgotten [Player], but YOU will be!”

  • “[Player]… Another foolish mortal, challenging a God.”

  • “[Player], you were but another insect to crush.”

  • “Justice has been served to the blasphemous [Player]!”

Ivory Wyvern:

  • “Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, [Player].”

  • “Fate has caught up to you, [Player].”

  • “[Player] could not handle my eminence!”


  • “We offer [Player] as a worthy sacrifice, Azamoth!”

  • “This is the punishment awaiting those like [Player]: Those too foolish to listen to us!”

  • “Your death is necessary for the prevention of the greatest evil, [Player].”

  • “I only hope [Player] will bring the rest of you to your senses.”

Daichi the Fallen:

  • “Take [Player] as proof of my devotion, Xil!”

  • “Even greater pain awaits you in Xil’s realm, [Player]…”

  • “A fitting end for an uncultured brute such as [Player]”


lol just imagine the truly special taunts you could create with the right player names.


Was actually thinking of something like this a while ago, but thought it too niche/dumb to actually write up about (lol). Might as well drop some ideas here.

Alien UFO:

  • “Primitive ‘[Player]’ has been neutralized. One down, [X] to go.” (X = amount of players left in the realm.)

  • “Did [Player] really call that a weapon? HA! Primitives…”

  • “Lay down your arms and accept your imminent obliteration, or else your life will end shamefully like [Player]'s.”

  • (rare) “Your 22 minutes of fame are up, [Player]! Try again in another 10 thousand generations!”

Crystal Entity:

  • Just as predicted, [Player]'s place in this sanctum has been cleansed.

  • The imperfection that was known as [Player] is no more.

  • None of your offspring can ever even come close to matching our perfection, [Player]!


  • A pitiful attempt, [Player]. Pitiful indeed…

  • Was that it, [Player]? Not even a knock?

  • I shall remain sealed to the likes of you. Look upon [Player]'s mangled body as proof.

The Forgotten King:
(note, all of his lines intentionally refuse to acknowledge the player’s name.)

  • Witness the result of your imprudence. You shall KNEEL to me, or you shall die!

  • Was that it? Even the peasantry put up a better fight…

  • I have had enough of your nonsense, peon. Let this be a lesson to you.


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