Realm Rewind 2021


Hey, all! Time to present Realm Rewind 2021, the annual end-of-the-year celebration, and the third time we’re doing this. If you’ve been here for Rewind before, welcome back! And if you’re here for the first time, we’re glad to have ya.

I was originally going to quit it, but I’m typing this so there’s no going back.

Almost no one responded to the Discord DMs that I sent out last month, which was completely my fault because it came to my realization that only half of the people actually got the message this year. Also, a lot of the people who did get it responded saying that it didn’t feel right to be included, seeing their forum activity has dwindled throughout the past months. I only have a few actual responses and it seems silly to work with just those, so I don’t have any to show for this year.

@moderators Thank you for everything you do :blue_heart:

Game Changes

Taken directly from the release history page from RealmEye and cut down. An in-depth version can be found there.

  • Oryxmas is over – removed Jack Frost, removed Oryxmas tokens
  • Godland constructs now heal the construct stronger than them, and all drop attack
  • Drop rates for all runes have been increased (especially Shield Runes)
  • New Tinkerer quest for converting runes to each other, costing 4 Oryx Marks
  • Small chance that Oryx’s Sanctuary will open by itself after the Wine Cellar
  • Introduction of the Blacksmith and the Item Forge
  • Changed drop rates and locations for endgame blueprints
  • New blueprints:
    • Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi
    • Star of Enlightenment
    • Orb of Conflict
    • Tablet of the King’s Avatar
  • Added HP scaling to the Sentry in The Third Dimension.
  • Removed requirement of seasonal dungeons from Hero of the Nexus fame bonus
  • Lost Halls:
    • Agonized Titan only requires 3 Evil Spirits of the 5 to activate
    • Loops can no longer appear on the side paths, which now have a lower max length
    • Crusades & Sentry never appear in the first 2 rooms after spawn instead of 1
    • Champion now only spawns minions once, then attacks once they are killed
    • Nerfed the Marble Colossus’s final stand void attacks
  • Cultist Hideout
    • Quest marker now disappears when players approach the boss room
  • The Void:
    • “All now ends” now leads directly into middle attack with Greater Void Shades
  • Fungal Cavern:
    • Crystal Worm Mother will momentarily not shoot:
      • when going back to the arena after Father/Child has been defeated
      • when the tail has been destroyed
  • Crystal Cavern:
    • Crystal Bats now circle players more slowly, and wait before exploding
    • Added delay to Crystallized Scorpion’s first shotgun
  • Addition of Nilshards and Nildrops
  • New ST sets:
    • Cuboid Necromancer
    • Nordic Knight
  • Nerf updates to Belladonna
    • Reduced the radius of Bella’s berry bombs
    • Reduced damage of the Bella Bud wiper attack in exchange for a short Stun
  • Valentine’s Day resprites
  • New Realm encounter: The Gardener
  • Void Blade rework – stays still for a second, then accelerates 6 tiles
  • Removed some rock spawns in the Realm, making the environment less cluttered.
  • New feedpower items: Chocolate Bonbon, Heart-shaped Chocolate Box
  • HP/MP potions cannot be accidentally used if your HP/MP is full
  • Preventing the opening of keys on top of preexisting portals
  • Fixed issue that allowed items to be equipped in incorrect slots
  • Added option to turn off shadow rendering
  • Fame price adjustments for the Shop, Nexus, Pet Yard, and Bazaar
  • New class: Summoner, along with changes:
    • Summons move slightly slower now
    • Distance at which Summons teleport back to you has been set to 12.5 tiles
    • Added Summoner statues for the Vault
    • Added mistake items for the Summoner and Bard
    • Added puppet and zombie enemy versions of the Summoner
    • Added Agent of Oryx ability for the Summoner
  • Major rework for the Sprite World and Deadwater Docks
  • Crawling Depths changes:
    • Decreased number of Crawling Spider Hatchlings from egg sacs
    • Reduced overall length of the dungeon
    • Increased number of greater spiders and egg sacs per room
    • Egg sacs activated by walking now activate others nearby
    • Increased generation chance for treasure room
    • Boss room no longer contains egg sacs on the edges
    • Giant Egg Sacs no longer heal the Son of Arachna
    • Son of Arachna has a higher chance of dropping weapons
  • Woodland Labyrinth changes:
    • Decreased minion spawn rate from boss, added spawn cap
    • Micro Megamoth Sentinel changes:
      • Nerfed speed but buffed damage of confuse shot
      • Nerfed rate of fire but buffed charge speed
    • Turrets no longer generate close enough for their shot to reach the boss room
    • Megamoth Larva and Murderous Megamoth now cannot leave the boss room
    • Minions in the boss room now die upon boss’s death
    • Murderous Megamoth now has a higher chance of dropping abilities.
  • Major UI improvements, and a new notification system
  • Added option to turn off buff icons on other players
  • Increase fame prices for dyes, feeding, fusing, and equipment
  • Increased Golden Rat spawn rate in the Toxic Sewers
  • Forbidden Jungle is now guaranteed from the Great Coil Snake

Literally nothing

  • Chess room is now accessible by saying “chess” to Guill
  • Reverted April Fools/Easter resprites
  • /pause removed completely, also removed from /help information
  • Crystal Entity rework:
    • Fight procedure:
      • Spawns Lizard/Cyclops, will be invulnerable until miniboss dies
      • Becomes vulnerable and uses red crystal attack
      • Once HP is below 75%, spawns Scorpion or Fish
      • Becomes vulnerable and uses red crystal attack
      • Once HP is below 50%, spawns Monstrosity
      • Becomes vulnerable and uses red crystal attack (until death)
    • HP buff: 90,000 -> 120,000
    • Becomes Armored during final rage at 50% HP
    • Lizard and Cyclops now have randomized starting position
    • Lizard – new shotgun attack (5 shots, 160 damage/shot)
    • Scorpion – now cycles through shotgun and spin
    • Fish – now immune to Stun
  • Stat changes for the following:
    • Ray Katana
    • Kageboshi
    • Trap of the Vile Spirit
    • Amber Encrusted Helmet
    • Robe of the Mad Scientist
    • Soul’s Guidance
    • Plague Poison
    • Resurrected Warrior’s Armor
    • Staff of Esban
    • Orb of Aether
    • Fire Dragon Battle Armor
    • Leaf Hide Dragon Armor
    • Water Dragon Silk Robe
    • Ring of the Sphinx
    • Tome of Holy Protection
    • Pharaoh’s Requiem
    • Hivemaster Helm
    • Ritual Robe
    • Bloodshed Ring
    • Quiver of the Shadows
    • Armor of Nil
    • Superior
    • Gambler’s Fate
    • Turncoat Cape
    • Lumiaire
    • Divine Coronation
    • Enforcer
    • Ballistic Star
    • Centaur’s Shielding
    • Battalion Banner
    • Oryx’s Escutcheon
    • Thousand Shot & Blazon Bow & Sunny Side Bow
    • Sealed Crystal Skull
    • Bottled Medusozoan
    • Cloak of the Mad God
    • Lightshow Scepter
    • Performer’s Hat
    • Ancient Spell & Spectral Spell
    • Harmonious Harp
    • Nectar Crossfire
    • Oryx’s Greatsword
    • Tricorne of the High Seas
    • Staff of Eruption
    • Kiritsukeru
    • Watarimono
    • Reinforced Root Armor
  • Feedpower & EXP changes for the following:
    • Arcane Rapier
    • Snake Charmer Pungi
    • Cloak of Cubic Enigma
    • Seal of Cubic Conundra
    • Shadow Serpent Sidearm
    • Sealed Crystal Skull
    • Skull of Endless Torment
    • Wakizashi of Crossing Fires
    • Crystal Sword
    • Enchanted Ice Blade
    • Crystal Wand
    • Frozen Wand
    • Jade Storm
    • Shield of Flowing Clarity
    • Tome of Holy Furor
    • Mayhem Medallion
    • Ring of Wrath
    • Autarch Amulet
  • Sprite changes for the following:
    • Celestial Blade
    • Midnight Star
    • Skullish Remains of Esben
    • Esben’s Shaman Attire
    • Esben’s Wedding Ring
  • Court of Oryx dungeons have max player cap of 25
  • Other dungeons with cap of 65 have now been reduced to 50
  • New skins:
    • Paladin Beachcake
    • Paladin Beefcake
    • Glyph Researcher Trickster
    • Rainmaker Sorcerer
    • Paladuck Paladin
    • Possessed Earring Sorcerer
    • Lonesome Swordswoman Samurai
  • Blueprints now drop in golden bags instead of cyan bags
  • Slow immunity added to the Lizard and Cyclops in Crystal Cavern
  • The Unstable effect now restricts the angle that a weapon shot can deviate
  • Abilities are still aimed in a 360º angle
  • Major fame rework:
    • Class quests are unlocked from Base Fame
    • Increased fame requirements for the quests
    • No fame will be gained from active time
    • New fame conversion formula (2 phases instead of 5):
      • Phase 1 (under 18050 XP, aka Lvl 20): 1 Fame = 900 XP
      • Phase 2 (above 18050 XP, aka Lvl 20): 1 Fame = 2000 XP
Stars Before (Total Fame) Now (Base Fame)
1 20 20
2 150 500
3 400 1500
4 800 5000
5 2000 15000

Literally nothing

  • Antimony campaign
  • Realm encounters: The Appetizer, the Gardener, the Glitch
  • Dungeon modifiers
  • Dungeon callout feature
  • Major rework for The Shatters

List of all new tradeable items:

All eggs up to rare
All nildrops
Demon Blade
Sprite Wand
Wand of the Bulwark
Snake Skin Shield
Snake Skin Armor
Poison Fang Dagger
Doom Bow
Coral Bow
Snake Eye Ring
Spider’s Eye Ring
Ring of the Sphinx
Enchanted Ice Shard
Cloak of the Planewalker
Staff of Extreme Prejudice
Prism of Dancing Swords
Chicken Leg of Doom
Amulet of Dispersion
Coral Ring
Robe of the Tlatoani
Staff of the Crystal Serpent
Cracked Crystal Skull
Crystal Bone Ring
Coral Silk Armor
St. Abraham’s Wand
Tome of Purification
Chasuble of Holy Light
Ring of Divine Faith
Bone Dagger
Anatis Staff
Captain’s Ring
Spectral Cloth Armor
Spirit Dagger
Ghostly Prism
Scepter of Fulmination
Experimental Ring
Robe of the Mad Scientist
Conducting Wand
Candy Ring
Candy-Coated Armor
Plague Poison
Resurrected Warrior’s Armor
Soul’s Guidance
Cheater Light Armor
Cheater Robe
Cheater Heavy Armor
Pirate King’s Cutlass
Doctor Swordsworth
Spicy Wand of Spice
Sunshine Shiv
Skull-splitter Sword
Staff of Adoration
Wand of Budding Romance
Heartfind Dagger
Cupid’s Bow
Wand of Egg-cellence
Staff of the Rising Sun
Thousand Suns Spell
Robe of the Summer Solstice
Ring of the Burning Sun
Bow of the Morning Star
Sword of Illumination
Dagger of the Amethyst Prism
Unstable Anomaly
Precisely Calibrated Stringstick
Barely Attuned Magic Thingy
Lethargic Sentience
Toy Knife
Harlequin Armor
Wand of Ancient Terror
Dagger of the Terrible Talon
Bow of Nightmares
Staff of Horrific Knowledge
Staff of Esben
Skullish Remains of Esben
Bow of Eternal Frost
Present Dispensing Wand
An Icicle
Staff of Yuletide Carols
Murky Toxin
Honey Scepter
Orb of Sweet Demise
Frozen Wand
Enchanted Ice Blade
Staff of Iceblast
Eternal Snowflake Wand
Arctic Bow
Frost Drake Hide Armor
Frost Elementalist Robe
Frost Citadel Armor
Apocalypse Feather
Dagger of the Hasteful Rabbit
Clover Bow
Sword of the Rainbow’s End
Clover Star
EH Yellow Bee Armor
EH Red Bee Armor
EH Blue Bee Armor
Scepter of Sainthood
Snowbound Orb
Pathfinder’s Helm
Coalbearing Quiver
Skull of Krampus
Vigil Spell
Greedsnatcher Trap
Resounding Shield
Ornamental Prism
Nativity Tome
Holly Poison
Cloak of Winter
Advent Seal
Ilex Star
Icicle Launcher
Frost Lich’s Finger
Frosty’s Walking Stick
Winter’s Breath Wand
Saint Nicolas’ Blade
Heart of Gold Prism
Spirit Staff
Enchantment Orb
Woodland Robe
Fairy Ring
Random Spell Extraction Device
Silex’s Hammer
Sealed Crystal Skull
Tlatoani’s Shroud
Peppermint Wakizashi
K.I.D.D. Force
MMace MMurderer
Mister Mango
Butter Bow
Caduceus of Current Craziness
Mirror Cloak
Spelling Spell
Tome of Moral Support
Challenger Helm
Shield of Pogmur
Seal of Eternal Life
Lightning in a Bottle
Epiphany Skull
Helium Trap
Karma Orb
Fool’s Prism
Honey Scepter Supreme
Scholar’s Seal
Ronin’s Wakizashi
Corruption Cutter
Foramite Staff
Gaseous Glaive
Sun’s Judgement
Dueling Daggers
Keychain Cutlass
Crystal Key
Mimicry Trap
Mighty Stein
Esben’s Shaman Attire
Esben’s Wedding Ring
Oryxmas Ornament: Energized
Oryxmas Ornament: Weak
Oryxmas Ornament: Exposed
Mask of Anubis
Mask of Lightning
Mask of Cnidaria
Mask of Mucus
Rainbow Rod
Prismatic Slasher
Staff of the Saint
Botany Book
Arcane Rapier
Sandstone Seal
Amber Encrusted Helmet
Bramble Bow
Cocoon Quiver
Nail Gun Bow
Spatula Dagger
Screwdriver Staff
Measuring Wand
Hammer Sword
Magic Construction Vest
Fitted Construction Vest
Heavy Construction Vest

And also these later on:

Useless Katana
Doku No Ken
Arbiter’s Wrath
Void Blade
Katana of Good Fortune
Blade of Ages
Fire Blade
Snake Charmer Pungi
Sawblade Katana
  • Changes to The Shatters:
    • Reduced base HP on all dungeon enemies (including bosses)
    • Reduced HP scaling on enemies except the Royal Guard
    • Reduced enemy spawns in the village marsh
    • Village Magi Gate teleporters are visible on minimap after activation
    • Removed safe spot in Twilight Archmage’s fire finale
    • Added invulnerability to Forgotten King’s “Guitar Hero” phase
    • Added Quiet to the blue skulls in the King’s corrupt tentacle
    • Added shield icon to players when being invincible via teleporters
    • Decreased projectile count and range of Blobombs.
    • Reduced Invulnerability of The Forgotten King on his first phase attacks
    • Increased drop rate for Defiled Equilibrium
  • New Grand Bazaar
  • Blueprints are now more available
  • Blood and Spirit campaign
  • Halloween ST reskins
  • Added music to:
    • Davy Jones’s Locker
    • Pirate Cave
    • Snake Pit
    • Abyss of Demons
    • Undead Lair
    • Halloween Nexus
  • New encounters: Totalia the Malevolent
  • New ST sets: Storm Caller Bard & Earthen Bulwark Summoner
  • Dungeon mod changes:
    • “Noble Boss” mod is back
    • Court of Oryx dungeon don’t have mods, but respective keys can
    • “Guaranteed Stat Potion” in the Candyland only works on the Cupcake
  • Changes for The Shatters:
    • Increased movement speed for all untempered magic types in the castle
    • Added guaranteed-to-all Greater Life and Greater Vitality to the King
    • Replaced the King’s T14 armor drops with T15, also increased their drop rates
    • Increased drop rate of T6 abilities and T6 rings from the King
    • Increased white bag drop rates for the King
  • Fountain Spirit now drops the Shield of Flowing Clarity
  • Daichi now drops Jade Storm
  • Oryx 1 now drops the Cloak of the Mad God
  • Oryx 2 now drops the Tome of Holy Furor
  • Nexus has now switched to its Autumn map
  • New Shop
  • New default skins (classic skins are still available)
  • Oryxmas quests
  • New class: Kensei
  • Kensei competition
  • New encounters: Jack Frost & Snowman Gods
  • The Wanderer – new miniboss for dungeons that get the mod

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  • Reworked Shatters
  • Reworked Deadwater Docks
  • Reworked Sprite World
  • Dungeon Modifiers
  • UT Trading
  • April Fools ARG
  • Notification System
  • Grand Bazaar
  • New Shop
  • Fame & Stars Rework

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And that’s all. Sorry there wasn’t as much content this time around as I woulda hoped. Thank you for 2021, I’ll see you next year.

~ Gamma

(PS: Don’t miss the New Years free pack, in-game right now ^-^)


<3 thx


UT trade cuz we can just buy the fool prism now


Can’t believe my meta troll post was one of the top topics.

Actually, scratch that - very believable.


Well you’ve just led me to a gem.


Checking back at this thread, I think you forgot one of the most popular threads this year. . .


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