Least Favorite Dungeon?


I enjoy it, but its not a dungeon id solo on an average char, but rather duo or trio


Big agree, I’ve always wanted to do a void but it’s just not something that happens in public


In my opinion toxic sewers has the potential to be a good dungeon, but it’s just a load of shit—that makes it a nightmare. if that stuff didn’t sicken you it would be much more enjoyable. It ultimately just makes the dungeon 100000 times longer and not as enjoyable as other dungeons I could be spending time on


I love the Shatters so I really hope they don’t butcher it. I’d love to one day finally do the first boss as intended, being a fan of Bullethell games


The dungeon that you grind in order to obtain an item is the worst dungeon.
My case was completing 200 sewers for that Slurp Knight skin.
Sewers was the worst dungeon for me back then.


The worst dungeon for sure is Shaitans.

The dungeon is obscenely hard (can’t solo)
There are way too many phases
The phases aren’t CRAZY different from one another (annoying to chain)
The whites are insanely undesirable
The mystic ST set sucks
and if you don’t get a white or an ST, you get an ATT.

Imagine doing a Shaitans for an ATT.


I enjoy it a lot. On maxed, unmaxed or even level 20 characters I always try to complete it. As I see it, the principle is ‘‘If you get your hands dirty, you’ll be rewarded’’ . Defense has always been a sought-after potion, and even more so when there’s a dungeon event. And this dungeon provides lots of them.

Plus, its the only dungeon to reward with pet food all year long. Aint no one getting those power pizzas anywhere else, its hid only in the sewers’s Trooms.


People underestimate Endless Torment, honestly. Even if it’s conditional, purification is…really good. Like, really good.

Other than that I agree. Did you know that it even used to have 40% HP scaling before a patch a few months back? Like??? What???


I don’t think the dungeons problem is being too hard in big groups. I had very little difficulty doing it on a unmaxed char with a common pet in big event runs. The problem is more that its nest tier hard with <5 people while being very easy with enough people. I think making it so that it scales at 20% for the first 5-10 people and at 40% afterwards would be ok.

Oh and the waki is the best one in the game.


The waki is the best one in the game for burst DPS, sure, I’ll give you that. Longer expose, dex and spd though? Best slow though? Something that deals insane sustained dps, without you having to aim? Jade Storm waki? A waki that literally pierces everything.


*angry Watarimono noises*


I mean expose does more or less nothing and with a maxed legendary you can almost perma expose with crossing fires too.

I admit that you should probably carry the ronins waki for the slows too.

3dex <4 att and speed doesn’t help you in combat anyways and if you want to clear a realm faster or so you can just use a candy ring.

Do you mean the crystal one? It does less damage than t5 unless you get it stuck or you’re in a very narrow hallway.

I admit that I didn’t think about the amaterasu or the watarimono and they could be better for damage but I never played with them so I don’t know.


Unpopular opinion: Shaitans is a well made dungeon

Yes you can, there are videos on youtube, also the whites are underrated and it’s a great source of attack and a decent one of life.

12 is not too many for a lategame boss.

How many bosses really have all their phases be drastically different from another? Shaitan attacks are varied, they look more similar cause all of them use the same projectiles.

The skull is actually an amazing swapout, puri is just overpowered, there are almost always 2 targets to puri yourself with, the waki is a decent mix of exposed and damage.

The full set is fast, hits hard and still has mystic’s utility, the major downside is range tho.

Could say the same about alot of things including MBC.


What? Sure it doesnt help with chests but man, do you even dodge, or you go the knight’s way? If a target is moving faster than you how can you even land your shots?


Yes, I enjoy it to say ~7/10 or so; though I always kill everything rather than rush because the enemies are fast enough to die, and generally come to you. It’s similar feeling to doing abyss this way (clearance) too with enemies that mostly rush to you, though different feeling so that it’s not “just the same as abyss”.

The enemies are varied enough that it’s not entirely mindless killing them, and the action of having to step out of the sewage every so often keeps it engaging too.


With very few exceptions, like cult shape phase you need precise movement and not speed for dodging.

For hitting enemies, using the ronins waki to slow them is much better.


I see. I enjoy clearing abysses quite a bit, but cringe at the idea of having to clear through a sewers. It is not the sick that bothers me so much as it is the confuse and often-invisible quiet /slow trails.


Oh, so when you say ‘‘dodging’’ it means pathing through barrages of bullets. Dodging, for me, includes running past entire barrages, so dodging not only the bullets, but the barrages too. And more speed makes a difference between if you can dodge it, or not.

But I agree that precise movements prevails more than speed when apocalypse walking.


/offtopic but doesn’t a ubspd give the same ten speed as a candy ring?


it does now. it makes candy ring less appealing for me.

really wish it would be +15 spd instead of +10 spd +10 vit