Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


lol leader abuse? Anyways it would be lag for me! Or urgle because it basically defines lag for me…




Still! What if he said no?


100% agree, this dude’s confuse debuff is so short that I can’t even process my confuse controls in time, it is so annoying. If the confuse was longer it would be 10x easier to get through, but instead, you gotta constantly switch between confuse controls and normal controls.


Urgle and UDL Slimes. Both are icky, look sticky, and lichy.


my least favorite realm enemy is RNG


Sprite Gods. The quiet ruins my day every time
every time


Damn right. This weak guy is so annoying (and well worth reopen of the topic :wink: ).

This enemy also gets Least Favourite points for kicking out Horned Drake as the closed-realm quest… because they’re usually so far spaced apart it’s tougher to rack up the easycheesy Quests Complete now.




Since I’ve been doing some public Halls lately, this thing is horrible and generally stupid:
Especially as melee…


Anything that causes CONFUSION


these guys




you sure you aren’t thinking of this dude?:


those ones with the robes are pretty weak tbh


Are you sure its not this:image


i dont know the dude that shoot the big bullets in groups of 3

the ones that travel slowly and have almost yeeted my warrior a million times


Another notable addition:
Unless I’m doing a Trickster run, I have to keep dealing with these buggers >:c


DS%20Bat I swear these things make every sewers rush take twice as long.


What about this guy? Does he count?


I think so… He hurts you on a mental level by stealing your money in real life. Evil, but what would I know? I’m free to play!


Honestly… the slime gods in the godlands…

Those big ******* always seem to slow me and make me have to wait like 10 billion years before I return to my speedy self…

Irrelevant… go back to the sewers where you belong!