Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


Im surprised no one said oryx 2, yes I am still a bit salty.


the cubes on the beach. rip fame


because hes a ton of fun to fight once you learn how to fight him.


least favorite enemy is the mother hugger that slows you in sprite worlds. I nicknamed him Jeffery, the fat and slow younger cousin of the absolute unit Craig.


This is terrible,

Mini%20Bot image
These are even worse,

But this thing…
This little dick-waffle right here,
This blue pissant of an enemy,


There are no words that can describe how much I absolutely despise this fucking thing. That being said, I’m going to spare you the 1-paragraph-long spiel about how much I hate it that I typed out prior to posting this comment only to delete soon afterwards.


Not if you get one shotted from full health and pally buff. And no I did not get hit by his classic shotgun.


This has killed 50% of my characters


the old tree. takes forever to kill, so annoying


Ent Ancient the quest monster or the god

Edit: It’s the ent Ancient


Keep trying, you’ll get him eventually. It’s never fun to die but its almost always fun to get a little better.


The black dots are actually her back, the eyes are white dots.