Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


Im surprised no one said oryx 2, yes I am still a bit salty.


the cubes on the beach. rip fame


because hes a ton of fun to fight once you learn how to fight him.


least favorite enemy is the mother hugger that slows you in sprite worlds. I nicknamed him Jeffery, the fat and slow younger cousin of the absolute unit Craig.


This is terrible,

Mini%20Bot image
These are even worse,

But this thing…
This little dick-waffle right here,
This blue pissant of an enemy,


There are no words that can describe how much I absolutely despise this fucking thing. That being said, I’m going to spare you the 1-paragraph-long spiel about how much I hate it that I typed out prior to posting this comment only to delete soon afterwards.


Not if you get one shotted from full health and pally buff. And no I did not get hit by his classic shotgun.


This has killed 50% of my characters


the old tree. takes forever to kill, so annoying


Ent Ancient the quest monster or the god

Edit: It’s the ent Ancient


Keep trying, you’ll get him eventually. It’s never fun to die but its almost always fun to get a little better.


The black dots are actually her back, the eyes are white dots.


Imma bump this because why not…


next time it’s my turn


Hi there friend, nice ppe you got there…what about save it in your graveyard~

image image

Hey! what you said? you wasted your free candies in a fresh char and started farming for items? let me fix it now~

image (end of sun phase) image FFAC05B6-78B1-441A-8903-8357304E1C0B (if activated early)

Hey im ugly as heck can someone re-sprite me?

shtrs%20Twilight%20Archmage sente (dont ask me i think theyre ugly
image bro clearly thats a…
Oryx%20the%20Mad%20God%201 literally a black conjunt of pixels with a sword (dont think thats racism lmao)

I’m a god you cant fight me~


garbage trash urgle goes into my ass

dumb nature sprite gimme qot


urgle best enemy


wdym like it looks like a gross slime blob


i think its sexy i want to marry him


I cannot believe this topic is still alive. Henchmen of Oryx are the worst.


ok i was drawing and stuff with mouse