Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


i mean why you hate it
it’s sprite is good and its not too powerful

if i were you i would hate the things it spawns


i hate both and mainly the urgle cuz it rapes archers and stuff and then makes those eyeballs


ur just bad, also, move to general chat thread


ok ill draw it out for u


ok im done


i have no idea about what im watching rn


Truly a masterpiece. My eyes feast on this wonderful piece of art.


tysm this took me 15 mins using my mouse


bro ppl pay me 10s of thousands of dollars to view my art pls dont hate




this sneaky bastard has a way of fucking up even the smoothest rush. go fuck yourself :slight_smile:


Alright, FINALLY found this thread again, prepare for a massive rapid fire list of some of my least favorite enemies, not including bosses. (Note: I only count enemies I’ve personally dealt with)

Gray Blob
I can’t even count anymore the amount of times a fresh PPE I was rolling gets booty-blasted by 5 of these idiots from (almost) off-screen. Their damage is ridiculous, and they are really evil for a mid-lands enemy.

I love casually going through godlands, then all of a sudden my monitor gets turned off. 10/10

Crystal Prisoner Steed
These things annoy me to no end. I rarely get anything from crystals because of these dipshits zooming around throwing nigh-impossible to dodge weak bolts that you can’t see in a crowd of people.

Shatters Blobomb
Yes, because the FIRST thing I think of when I think of an ancient ruins themed dungeon is fucking piles of grape jelly that explode into napalm. These things are a deadly nuisance that always give me anxiety when I deal with them.

Mini%20Bot Fairy
Mini Bot & Fairy
I love these two enemies! They have the interactive gameplay mechanic of making your movement controls so consistently broken, that you’d think your cat vomited into your keyboard.

Demon of the Abyss
Because what you need in a dungeon filled with lava and other highly aggressive enemies, is an enemy that has the damage yield of a nuclear bomb. These things, in numbers, even manage to shred maxed characters. Disgusting.

Brown Slime
The even-more-deadly and even-more-annoying cousin to the Demon of the Abyss. Have fun rushing through 3 rooms filled of these assholes on a squishy class.

Crawling Spider Hatchling
Justacoupleahundredofthemjustupahead, so good luck. I-I mean, good luck. (Aka “you can’t do damage anymore”)

Arena%20Blue%20Flame shtrs%20Ice%20Shield
Blue Flame & Ice Sphere
If the Demon of the Abyss has a damage yield of an nuclear bomb, these things are literal atomic bombs. Good luck trying not to shit a brick while dodging around these.

Henchman of Oryx
“…you’d better be praying on your knees that you’re not gonna get hit with one of those funky blue stars that come out, cause if you DO…” death noise

12 Corrupt%20Bowman
Puppet Archer & Corrupted Bowman
Both of these little shits pull the same evil move - they just paralyze you for AGES in rooms full of deadly enemies. If one of the fucks hits you, its over, just nexus because unless you are tanky as all hell, you’re dead. Don’t even get me started on how 2-3 corrupted bowman can CHAIN PARALYZE YOU INFINITELY, either.

Sea Mare
Do I even. Have. To. Say. It.

Soulless Scholar
These asshats almost single-handedly make me not want to do Libaries anymore. It infuriates me trying to rush the dungeon, then just getting soaked in shit and moving at a crawl for several seconds.

Mask Shaman
Hurdurr, tripping balls is fun! Have fun with your 4 seconds of eyebleed!

Horror Maw
Just. Fuck you Horror Maw, both your damage and your shitty attack pattern.

Alright, I’m done. Sorry for the text wall.



Well i think mask shaman is the best enemy in the game for providing the easiest way to get high without taking much damage/being confused.


This piece of poop:

Not because of it’s behaviour or shot patterns. I hate it because it looks like it should be in another game.

Actually I hate every single one of the new over-shaded LoD sprites but this one gets me the most.

For reference Deca:

[ Developing a RotMG Sprite Design Guide ]




I find everything on this list except the sea mare and ice sphere (never encountered an ice sphere as I haven’t actually done shatters, so can’t say anything) easy to deal with as I just don’t rush, clearing tends to be a significantly safer option and of course steamrolling is the freaking safest option (with very few exceptions), but if you don’t rush a godlands dungeon, they still don’t take long, give an okay amount of fame, and basically no chance of death whatsoever, I mean, I cleared an udl with a fresh wizard in order to level and the brown slimes didn’t even present a problem. I was able to kill Septavius at the end because I got a decent roll and early-midgame gear with the loot from the enemies I killed


This ugly thing in the sewers. They always make me nexus when I’m rushing on my rogue


Least favorite enemy T0PO7q3 I always get tilted when I get weakened by these guys

Least favorite boss type enemy (just very boring + it has been reskinned 1+ too many times) Puppet%20Master%20v2

Monstrosity%20Scarab this guy is up there too


all the ones that hurt me