Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


Keep in mind that some of first rotmg sprites are unshaded and they “look like shit”

For me it’s detailed, not overshaded, but that’s just preference.


They may look like shit, but at least they look like RotMG shit.

Realm’s art tends to take a very basic approach, with the vast majority of sprites being either unshaded or shaded. Once a sprite moves into the over shaded category, it appears to be foreign to the game’s art style, as it is simply too realistic for the game. Such sprites may look more natural and appealing to the eye, but they’re simply out of place. An unshaded jugg might not look great, but at least it fits.


I see your point, but i also like style of new sprites and would like to see whole game in that style someday.


Never fear, the funpolice is here!


That looks like it follows the “Shaded” bit. Yeah, it may not be the best sprite, but it’s not exactly “overshaded.”
I will divide the sprite sections into three pieces: Dark side of the shield, Light side of the shield (the shield is kinda in a shape that makes it look like its bent outwards), and the grass. For each section, there’s three colors at most. And two sections even share a color (the light and dark bit of the shield). Additionally, there’s not even that much noise to it as it uses clusters. It’s still the same idea, even for the grass: Base color (the middle green color), some highlights, and some shadows/dark shades.
If you notice, the overshaded section of your little guidebook has completely uncountable amounts of colors on it, all of which are put in close proximity to each other and overall looks like a massive mess. I’m not saying that the sprite you’re posting isn’t a mess (it kinda is) but if that one of all the lod sprites gets you the most…

(well alright; it looks like it belongs in a different game. I’ll give you that.)


Also, idk if these count but UDL burst traps, make them hard to rush on anything except knight
Also @Seelpit, think you might have something to say here



This fucker.


*confused seel noises*


Ahem red bee? Owo


I’m surprised I haven’t seen this thread at all yet. Oh well.

Bomb artifacts do a good job of killing people. Problem is, they do it too well. During Oryx’s power phase they aren’t too problematic if you have a brain and rotate clockwise but during dance they can be a nightmare. You want to get in and do damage? Well, if you happen to be on a character with low speed, you had better be prepared for taking a lot of damage just for approaching the enemy. Once you’re already in? If you need to back out, you need to focus both on Oryx’s bombs, the quiet shots and be in a good position to leave through the tiny opening that they give you. Pretty sure everyone knows how hard it is to get people to do this phase instead of waiting for their 8/8 allies with a good pet to do it for them.

i couldn’t find a wiki page for them so no picture


When these boys explode in a messy shatters instakilling like 20 people rushing to get to the first boss. They’re kinda hard to see in the dark environment of the Shatters.


They’re not too bad to notice but they do kinda mesh with the terrain if you’re not alert and zoned out, as most people who are grinding shatts a lot are since the dungeon is boring



Sand Devil
These enemies are very annoying for low level characters, but act as most new players introduction to the confusion status effect. - Realmeye Wiki
Annoying? Yes. An introduction? Not a good one, thats for sure. I have vivid memories of these guys making it impossible for me to navigate because every single time I tried to walk forwards I would start going right. On top of that, I could never actually learn confuse controls until I started doing manors because the 1 second of confusion that the Sand Devils hit you with is just too short a duration to adapt to.

Marble Colossus Rock
Trying to find these guys in a swarm of 65 people (and before the update, a laggy swarm of 100 people) feels like a Where’s Waldo book where Waldo sucker punches you if you don’t find him within 15 seconds.

Dr. Terrible’s attack phase + Malphas’s small phase
Why, I always wonder, can an arthritic scientist and a malformed demon which seems to not have knees jump around small distances at the speed of light like they’re Super Smash Bros Melee players wavedashing across the map? I don’t have an electric pet, so every single time I have to attempt to hit one of these guys the frustration is immense. Actually, you can’t paralyze these guys at all, you can just slow them. Oryx the Mad God 2 himself - the “final boss” of the game - can be paralyzed, but these two hyperactive dungeon bosses can’t be.

Hermit Minion
Dude, stop paralyzing me.

Bubblaris (lol)
I really like Untaris, and I think this enemy’s mechanic is cool if not original, but the sprite for this really is just a circle. That’s it. A circle with shading. RotMG is a game full of Egyptian gods, evil puppeteers, murderous jellyfish, ancient kingdoms, undead Hobbits, and masked shamans, but when you finally get to an alien planet you find a floating circle.

P.S. The cubes gets a pass on the creativity bit because at least cubes are a running joke throughout realm. They get their own fame bonus, and low and high level players will regularly interact with them. The Bubblaris is just a circle slapped into a planet which is otherwise full of cool looking aliens.


(just play Huntress)


void entity
for obvious reasons
seeing them 2k+ times and not getting back omni is not really that pleasant experience


I didn’t know that they were immune, and it happened in 2018, so I probably should have figured that out by now :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately none of the classes that can slow enemies are ones that I like to farm glands dungeons with. Maybe they’ll release a consumable that can slow which I’ll carry around only for Dr. Terrible and Malphas :thinking:


Ice Sphere



My least favorite enemy is: the brain in the godlands because it has a high rate of fire


cough* ice sphere