Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


*Best sprite



That is an ice sphere…


no its the untaris orb I’m pretty sure


That is an ice sphere. That is definitely an ice sphere. The other thing in GB’s post (which was quoted from Waffle’s post) is the Untaris orb.


ty for correcting me, i was unsure


The damn dirty seahorse in the OT can be made into ikea meatballs for all i care. perma-paralyze in a oxygen dungeon is frustrating.


Any damn cube cuz I cant go for cdirk and need to be careful while low level to keep FotC


Mammoth Megamoth

why is it still not stasis immune :<


things that insta kill, i died on an entropy pad to a blue ball in an alien because of oryx lag and then a few days later on the war ppe i made to replace i get insta’ed one tile out of the first room in a lib by an enemy i wasnt even sitting on. rip mercy ppe ;-;


Any enemy that can kill me. Final answer.


My least favorite enemy is: the brain of the godlands because it has a high rate of fire


you missed the sprite god


Bert. What other enemy of realm could stop you playing?



(goes to check that word does mean what I think it means)

Ouch too accurate sometimes.



Not sure if anyone mentioned this guy yet (highlands mob with confuse shots, https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/undead-dwarf-god), and he’s never been responsible for any of my deaths, he’s just really annoying as well. Sort of a love-hate relationship, because he does kind of keep me awake in godlands if I run into one. And I suppose he kind of keeps the edges of glands guarded, along with the urgle, to keep lower-level players from just running into the gods…


Honestly, I hate the Hobbit Mage. Whenever I make a character and am trying to level it, which happens a lot because I’m bad, it runs over to me and starts spamming me with bullets and it’s children attack me and it hurts a lot.


the bats in the manor, honestly

or the crystallized fish.

Every single time it’s jumped on the group, nobody died, except me.
I would be in front of the group, in mid of group, or even in back of group, and it has ALWAYS jumped right onto ME and nobody else. I’m a fungal rl, and to this day I am still the only person I’ve seen die to the fish


I’ve seen you die to the fish


im sure u have


I physically cringed every time I had to fight the Keyper in random realms I played. Just to start I think it has a ridiculous name, completely unoriginal, and I seriously think it fits as an April 1st joke. Secondly, it’s the most annoying boss I’ve ever seen in the game. I dare anyone to explain to me how does this fat fuck run as fast as the Bee queen when he doesn’t even fly or anything like that. Also it shoots a billion keys out of his ass and confuses you, It’s an extremely low effort “god” and nothing about it makes any sense.