Least Favorite Realm Enemy?






Seems like I get quieted by this thing even If I see it only in the upper corner of my screen. They have 101% accuracy


Hey man! I made a couple crappy signatures for you on the kabam forums! Im waterfall! Nice to see you here


Hey! Thanks so much for those siggies (don’t worry, I still have them all saved). I wish siggies were still a thing though; I feel bad for not being able to credit people for their awesome images and showing them off.

Do you remember which ones you made? I used to be able to check on the Kabam forums from the posts and pms and such, but since they’re gone, I don’t really remember who made what :c


One of them had a colourful pixel background with lots of items and the other had a white background with screenshots of realmeye stuff and doge memes xD


Found one of them


So sweet :heart_eyes:
Yeah this thread is kinda getting derailed, sorry guys. (PM me if you want WFall c:)

If you’re not on a piercing class, these two guys are really annoying as well. Ugh.


Ahaa found the other tumor


Sorry for going off topic :frowning:


this piece of poop, ran away from me way tooooo many times, and he is a bastard at times for not dropping the Landy Cand


I feel you guys are being unfair. Urgle is just a misunderstood poor lonely guy.

You want the real culprits?


“o hi”


So annoying how he always spawns right on dungeon portals.


[quote=“Lilyk, post:22, topic:1097, full:true”]http://static.drips.pw/rotmg/wiki/Enemies/Swarm.png

The bane of all level 10 players.


Totally agree with @PURELEE, there is nothing worse than an urgle.


This one is soooo anoying…


The classic MeickLol :wink:

But yeah, the bane of a melees existence especially if solo. At least you have a nice pet to kill it quicker ;-;


These lethal-as-… homing missiles when they decide to go kamikaze on you.

When he gets awakened early and goes berzerk around the room.

And, yeah, agree with OP:

This guy basically stops me even going into Labs, he is so annoying with his confuse spam.


that fucker killed my 6/8 knight ppe xD