Least Favorite Realm Enemy?



No questions asked.


I’m honestly curious.

What do staplers have to do with RotMG?


nothing thus is why its flagged


actually read through the whole thing
pretty interesting tbh


Completely useless, even too new players


The eye’s are actually supposed to be here


"It would be a shame if your character dies to sanic, wouldn’t it?"


yes, people are aware, this was an art piece done by someone


I know, I didn’t draw it. Besides, this is how I’ve always looked at Arachna even though I know where her eyes are located.


this happened to me one time and I got so flustered that I forgot to nexus and RIP my knight


honestly, I hate it’s abilities, but I have to admit - the urgle’s sprite is well done, the shading is on point and it really looks well done, though a tad disgusting indeed


Holy shit, how am I just now noticing this?!


I honestly had no clue. I always assumed the spots on her back were 3 of her 8 eyes, but nvm I guess not!


thx bby


Don’t know how many times I nexuses during my rush. Flipping hate them


Don’t underestimate this badboy


Urgle hate %

  • 0
  • 1e+64
  • 2e+64
  • 3e+64
  • 4e+64
  • 5e+64
  • 6e+64
  • 7.000000000000001e+64
  • 8.000000000000001e+64
  • 9.000000000000002e+64

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@Etahn I do feel insulted now


All the horses in the game.


So this goes back quite some time, and also only annoying when leveling up in lowlands, but there used to be a lowlands enemy that used a wand (so it had a really long shot range) and was faster than you at low level. This thing would run from you, staying just outside your range of shot, and keep shooting at you. You couldn’t outrun it, it always seemed to be around. Like, even if you thought it was definitely gone, 5 minutes later, the dude would jump in screen real quick and throw some shots at you, before then running out of your range of shot lol. You had to chase it into a ruined building and corner against the walls to kill the damn thing… It was by far the most annoying enemy I can recall in rotmg… Currently though, I honestly hate Ruthven. I hate Ruthven very much lol. It’s not hard really, just super annoying to me. The whole fight… So, currently, this guy: