Make Rotmg a Non-MMO game[the idea of a new separate version of Rotmg which is not an mmo]


To start explaining why I think it’s a good idea, I’ll start with what made me stop Realm :

  • Getting potions is now “easy”, since you can buy Life for 6 dex, so maxing your character is just stupid farm

  • It’s not way more efficient to just group with a lot of players (Specialised Discords or Realms with 85 people) and just farm big dungeons with no real challenge

With that, to me, the game became pretty boring.

What I’d love to see is Realm being a non-MMO game, a bit like Valheim.

You buy the game and setup your server, so you can play with a bunch of friends. You are offered a lot of custom options to chose what you want for your server (up/down loot rate, enemies hp, so you adjust to the players in the server, able UT to be traded or not, …). Give free access to character slots, chests (maybe shared chests also), and make the game itself non-free (make it 10€ or 20€, whatever).

With such a thing, I think we can feel the good things I personally loved with Realm : Discovering dungeons and fighting to complete them with challenge and coordinating with friends, some taking dps classes, some taking healing / rushing ones, and sharing the loot at the end. There would be a lot of challenges to achieve : looting some O2 stuff would be incredible, since if you’re 10 people in the server, you have to find an Inc, clear a whole world and then complete O2 (not so easy with 10 people). This would really be the essence of realm : Teamplay, Perma-Death (of course), and loot.

Also, letting the players increase droprates looks cool to me : less time farming easy dungeons to get potions / items from this dungeons, to adapt with the number of people in the server (if you only play with 4 friends, time to find a dungeon and complete it is way higher, and Rotmg doesn’t reward it enough).

I know that’s ambitious, but in one way, game itself is already coded, there’s no need to invest in servers (since people host them themselves), and custom variables are already there… So that looks like a huge work, but definitely not impossible.

I kinda dream of such a thing, and I’d definitely buy it (even for 20€ / 30€) to cooperate in completing medium / high tier dungeons, a bit like I did with Valheim. (Leave Dyes payable if you want a bit more income)

I know private servers exists, but as far as I know, it’s not easy at all to setup one yourself, without bugs and with all ingame features.

Don’t hesitate telling me what you think about the idea.


I think a better solution is just making a new game. You can’t un-MMO RotMG. That’s like Riot taking League of Legends and saying that from now on, the game is singleplayer.


Yes that’s what I meant, making a new-game, from the current Rotmg


isn’t that just a priv server? cuz if u own ur own server, you can add mods (new items, etc.) and make it basically a pserver. i definatly think this will expand the community of realm and “realm 2.0”


Ah, I see. I don’t know how I feel about the idea in general, seeing how it was more or less founded on the idea where many random people come together to take down the monsters. There could be updates made to the original Prod to somewhat simulate this sort of thing. But this is basically creative mode for RotMG, where the players have total control, and I’m not sure if I like that.


It’s made to have a cooperation of a fiew individuals, maybe 20 max, buut seeing here trains and 50+ people in dungeons finishing them without any risk and looting more than a standalone person is not what the game was “made for”


Explain why ppl are buying 1-3 Wis/Vit for 1 GLife?

You can challenge yourself by tackling endgame contents by yourself or with small group of Realmers.

PServers exists as San mentioned.

I heard good amount of players complaining Wis/Vit are too difficult to farm even though I have zero issues when I handle the farming. Someone did came up with that idea to incentivise farming on GLand dungeons.

If there are too many advantages over RotMG alone, it (RotMG) will get shut down b/c players prefered your idea over the respective current game + no one playing.


People are buying “bad” potions so cheap just because, with trains, Life pots are way easier to get that they should be.

Pservers are not easy to setup by yourself, and unofficial

Your last argument is litteraly “if this game has too much success, it’ll kill the other one”… Well, first I think success of a “new breath” would be a crazy thing, and after people end 2.0 version, if they liked the MMO one, they might return to it…


The sole issue of the economy influx is O3. LH was accounted for influx though not too grave compared to now. I do have ideas how to make Lives/Manas valuable again.

Never knew it.

Explain why one of the RotMG-inspired game that got DMCA’ed by Deca?


Also I think it’s pretty well-known that the actually most efficient way to do most dungeons is in small, coordinated groups. And keys, guilds, and discords exist to make this possible.

The only thing this would really do is provide “private realms” for hassle-free 03s and I guess provide some extra customization/ease of item access? But testing kind of already does that.

Would I mess around in a sandbox mode on my own server? Probably. Does the game need it? Nah.


I… don’t get it.


Basically just agreeing with you


id personally love a sandbox-type mode. would be fun.


Or go can go into an empty realm, and join a guild with your friends in said realm.

This part… well lets face it, DECA would never, EVER do this. Why?

  1. Money. DECA wants to milk the community for their dollars. Making RotMG single player, and adding all of these options for, like 20€? People buy keys for events DECA spits out for way more than 20€. DECA would make way less profit with an idea that took a lot of effort, compared to adding a limited time chest to a random dungeon and get just as much profit.
  2. Difficulty. Personally, I play this game for its extreme difficulty in dodging, permadeath, and rare loot. I can’t count how many games I dropped due to them being too EASY. You might say: just make the difficulty hard on yourself. How about the overall community? They optimize in every way they can (including hacks!), and that’ll include manipulating the settings you introduced. Perhaps you’re also pointing out that these hardcore-players can just stay in the original game. But this leads to the last point:
  3. Practice. People use testing servers, private servers, heck, even create entire emulators to have a better understanding of boss patterns without the risk of losing their stuff? So what’s gonna happen if there’s a server literally a hard carbon copy of the original that is easier? It’ll hurt the original game. People would flock to the other game, whether it’s new players that just hate the difficulty of the original, or veterans who like another way, more legitimate way to familiarize with boss patterns.

Honestly I just don’t see DECA making a Non-MMO RotMG.

If that’s all you’re looking for, I’m sure there are other games out there that are cooperative, casual, and have dungeon exploration.


It’s… it’s an MMO. I don’t know what you want. If you want a non MMO, go play another game like Terraria or… like you said, Valheim. This idea will never, ever, never ever (never ever) be done. It’d just be a waste of time and money on Deca’s part.

Saying “make rotmg a non-mmo” is like saying you want to remove the sandbox part of Terraria.


I really like this idea but I don’t think it should replace the main game. I think it would work as a little button on the bottom of the servers screen where you can buy a private server to invite your friends to. I don’t agree with the part where you can change the difficulty and that stuff though.


Also, this should go in ideas I think


Okay am I the only one who really wants a single player ROTMG game? Like you get quests and go in dungeons and slowly upgrade your loot as you progress through the story. I remember there was a game on Kongregate that a lot of people said copied ROTMG that I loved, but I can’t remember the name of it. I think you were in some pyramid or temple, I remember it environment looking yellow/sandy, and you would kill enemies. The combat was very similar to realm, and even the UI reminded me of realm. Wish I could find it again


Pretty sure this isn’t the game you’re referring to - but Enter the Gungeon is a good fit for that I think.

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