More ways to spend fame


Fame, which is earned in death, should hold a lot more significance in a game about permadeath. Right now fame can only be used on pets and going on the leaderboard. I believe fame has so much more potential than that.

My ideas:

Skill Tree

This idea has been thought of by a lot of people. If you just died on your jugged warrior, some fame for upgrading your pet yard is hardly compensation. Unlockable skills, benefitting classes, pets, or just gameplay in general would help a lot. I imagine there will be 6 tiers of upgrades, and some upgrades unlock the others. For example, Sword Class Unlocker(which does not apply any benefits) unlock all upgrades for sword classes.

Upgrades (very un-thought out and probably not balanced):

T6: Fast Warrior: +20% speed on warriors
T6: Luck: +10% loot drop frequency and quality
T6: Anti-Instapop: When health drops to 200 player gains Armored for 3 seconds (10 second cooldown)
T6: Wand Powerhouse: Wand classes do 20% more damage with wands (excluding ablities)
T6: Surplus Poison: Assassin poison radius + 2 tiles
T6: Persistent Decoy: Trickster’s decoy(s) last 50% longer

These are not very thought out and probably overpowered or underpowered, but you get the general idea :wink:. I imagine Unlocker Upgrades (such as Sword Class Unlocker) would be around 500 fame, tier 1 upgrades would be 100 fame, Tier 2 200, Tier 3 400, Tier 4 800, Tier 5 1000, Tier 6 1500. There would also be UT upgrades, which provide benefits for some aspects but degrade on others. They would cost 1000 to up to 10,000 fame.

UT: Who Needs Pets?: +50 VIT, +50 WIS, only active while pets are not equipped
UT: Tough Stuff: +150 HP, but VIT and pet Heals are both reduced to 1/4 effectiveness
UT: Rusher’s Delight: +10 SPD, 5% chance to go invisible for 5 seconds when dropped to 4/5 of maximum HP, 10% at 3/5, 50% at 2/5, and 100% at 1/5

Well, that’s one aspect of fame the game could utilize! Constructive feedback welcomed :smile:

Buying Vault Chests and Char Slots

I understand DECA’s need to earn money, and who doesn’t love moolah :money_mouth_face: but I think players should be able to buy 1 character slot and 2 vault chests with fame. It would be extremely expensive, of course, but it would give players a taste of how good these things are. As a free to play player myself who can’t log in every day for 5 months, I would greatly appreciate 2 whole vault chests, and might be tempted to buy some more.

I think the char slot would be 20,000 fame and each vault chest would be 15,000. Maybe too expensive but then again you could always spend money :stuck_out_tongue:.

Fame Road

No, not those mindless -69 IQ fame trains. I mean getting rewards as you get more and more fame. Spending fame on pets and the Skill Tree will not make you backtrack on the Fame Road.

There are milestones along the road, for example maybe every 200 fame you get a mystery stat pot, every 500 fame you get a clover, loot drop potion, potion of max level, or loot tier potion, every 2000 fame you get a epic key, every 5000 you get a legendary key, every 10,000 fame you get a pet skin, every 25,000 fame you get an FP item, and every 50,000 fame you get a skin. This high price probably won’t affect leaderboarders because they spend money on the game anyway.

That’s it for now, if you read the whole thing (wow :sweat_smile:) thank you so much. I hope you’ll leave your opinion below on how I can improve, as this is extremely WIP. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Have a cookie :cookie:

Assassin Ability Rework

Good idea, might be a bit op for some of them tho


tru lmao i don’t know a thing about balancing. When i come back from China i might work on spriting for the skill tree :sweat_smile:


I loved the ideas and would love to see them implemented in the game. The fame road… loved it 4real. (y)


I agree. Although I have only been playing for a small amount of time, I have gotten quite a few whites that I could not fit in my chest, resulting in me putting them on my character. Then recently I was chatting and died on my only character (I only have one slot). It was annoying, and I lost 5 whites in a few seconds. I think every player deserves some more char slots and vault spaces. The only thing I would not add would be the Skill Tree. [horrific creation IRL] already has a skill tree, and it made divine pets way to OP. I don’t have an idea to replace it but I am just saying that it’s too OP :stuck_out_tongue:. At my point in time, my biggest concern would be Character slots and Vault spaces, because without them the game wouldn’t even be fun.

i only want 7 char slots and 10 vault chests plz deca


uh, if this is a flat +20% boost to speed then it stacks with speedy. All in all though, it’s not too broken.

Here’s the ability to cure my salt lol- I think it might be broken but its only a 10% modification relative to the droprate so I don’t see too big of a problem

Are you a WoWs player? lel
Bow classes don’t really need a dex buff atm, actually, bow classes are fine the way they are imo

This is so fucking specific lmao
why only priests?

uh, adding four to the radius adds an insane amount of area


Let us take the radius of the original poison to be x. Creating a circle with radius x, we obtain that a total area of pix^2 will be affected by the poison. With this ability, the new radius is x+4. Redoing the calculations, we obtain that the area of a circle with radius x+4 is equal to pi(x^2+8x+16). I don’t know about you, but that new circle has pi*(8x+16) more area than the old circle. pretty op no?

Pets are already OP as is, buffing them makes the game even easier

Again, so specific and the effect isnt too drastic.

only useful in HUDL’s and HABBY’s

Atm, HP>DEF, so I don’t think many would take this. Also, AP exists

Jeez louise this is incredible if you can manage your health properly

uh, no.

The problem with the Fame Road is that it incentivizes fame training. If you wanted to implement this, then you would have to obtain a mechanism to limit fame training as well.


That would be impossible to code, but most of the stuff on the fame road would be cosmetic anyway, and it implies they’re bad or lazy at the game. Thank you for the feedback, I’m working on fixing the bad parts :).

this is going to be VERY expensive don’t worry. btw fame trainers probably don’t have a use for rushing dungeons, it’s for people who actually play the game.

Also the new anti Instapop thing is for ppl who didnt play during the alien event or prefer using other gear.


Great idea, but I dont think deca will ever implement this. If you want that just play a private server to enjoy that experience


By the way, just because something is rare or expensive doesn’t mean that it should be OP.

Just because it costs an arbitrarily high amount of fame wont stop people from fame training to get it.


that’s the problem lol. But the thing is fame trainers are usually leaderboarders or brain dead anyway


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