Assassin Ability Rework


Assassin sucks. And that sucks because it’s a genuinely fun to play class (in my opinion). It’s extremely satisfying to land a poison on a boss with a short vulnerability window, and seeing those beautiful purple numbers above the head of the boss. Which is what i’m here to talk about.

Murky Toxin, the poison that does the most damage (unless I’m mistaken) does 1000 damage. In contrast, T6 Colossus Shield can do up to 1650 damage while inflicting stun for three seconds. And the UT Shield of Ogmur does 1750 damage while inflicting armor break for 4 seconds, effectively rendering the assassin’s poison useless.

Archer gets Paralyzed, Huntress gets Slowed, Rogue gets Invisible, Trickster gets Teleportation and Decoys, Wizard gets a butt ton of damage, and Warrior gets an even more butt ton of damage and speedy. What does Assassin get? slow-acting 900 damage poison. Heck, even sorcerer gets auto-aiming attacks.

This is why I propose adding Wismod to the assassin’s ability, making T6 Baneserpent poison do 1100 damage at 60 WIS. I think the mana cost should be reduced as well (100 to 90) and make poisons faster acting, making baneserpet do 200 dmg/half second (300 on impact). Also, maybe higher tiered and UT poisons could put Sick for ~10 seconds and -5% ATT and DEX for ~5 seconds on enemies? It is a poison, after all. Thank you for reading my two cents, of course constructive criticism is always welcomed. Thank you! :grin:

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to gimme somma dat sweet sweet constructive criticism? Thank you in advance!


I think the very concept of the assassin is not suited for the game xD

I think that adding a debuff (weak and -X SPD and -Y DEX) will be interesting


I like it tho. Huntress is boring


Huntress has an actual use- area denial
(mass slow/paralyze)


Assassin already is a spd and dex powerhouse, those debuffs would not hurt it much. Also Weak would greatly hurt the already underpowered assassin, who is a dagger class and already gets overshadowed by sword, bow, and staff classes


Uh, Weak, -movspd and -rof for the targets hit by poison, not the assassin myself

There is no way to have every boss fit the playstyle of super aggressive, in-your-face melee and also the assassin’s chip-for-million-years type of combat




Weak, dazed, and slowed would be far too op, i can do a short duration of weak tho


Not Dazed or Slowed

Just a slash to the RoF and MovSPD of the affected enemy, as well as a certain percentage cut off of the damage


Kay. I dont have much trouble getting whites on assassin but its ability is kinda bad and is useless when the boss dies in 2 seconds


I think poisons should be instantaneous. The way sin was designed was for 2011 gameplay and it just doesn’t work anymore.


Tru. But then it would be too much like huntress


No like it’ll be an aoe spellbomb, traps take like a second to land


Poisons have throw time too


Yes that’s why I want to turn it into a poison that lands instantly like a spellbomb


‘Kay that would be interesting. It would remove the timing aspect of assassin’s playstyle, which i really like. I’ll consider the idea, but I don’t really like it imo


If u want to keep the timing aspect you have to either give it massive damage or a status effect. R_v_n_e of the f_ _ _ _ _ buffed assassin pretty well.


Yes I’m proposing it inflict sick, weak, and -10% speed and dex on enemies. Is that too much?


I like it. Maybe just weak and sick though, enemies could do 5% less damage and make it stack up to three times possibly.


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In general I like your idea. Some classes were so strong at a point that no other class could compete really. 2011 assassin and rogue, with pets nowadays its the paladin, knight, wizard and sorcerer. I like the timing effect of the poison, but it needs way more damage.
Or maybe go different route, how about the poison stays the same, but you could get a ring that increases poison by 100% dmg but the ring doesn’t give you HP? Just my 2 cents :wink: