New Class!


I think that perhaps whichever ability is accepted into the game, the other ability should be the template for a UT item for it.



They’re up


I think currently I prefer Waki. Without looking at the relatively tiny damage. sheaths seem too long range and their small tp range isn’t really any problem from that range. Either the range should be lowered slightly, or the teleport is increased for danger. (one idea I had is to have the player teleport to the end of the cutting line, so the player has to teleport through the enemy. This would probably be very dangerous ut deal high damage).


An Idea for the sheath… Just straight up skip the teleport. Let’s see if just an Insta AoE is fun enough to warrant its own ability. After all, simple and clean is miles better than complex but sophisticated.


Since I played demon slayer, dark thrust was the main source of damage, which was an ability that hit like 2-3 enemies, but lots of damage. It was meant for killing bosses in a short period of time. Also, Hayato also had a great one-shot move. Sheath just doesn’t really appeal to me


Ooh, it can tp across sprites :smiley:


Only small gaps, so it’s like a jump more than it is a tp, it could cross moats and fissures easily too


Stop h a c c i n g


I found this on discord, found it pretty funny. Creds to whoever posted this.


I found Wakizashi huge better, less mana cost and safer to use
I always love what u’ve done,


Does the sheath push enemies?


I’d assume so, waki does a sideways motion so I don’t think it’d be waki. Gotta try this out later xD


I feel like the wakis slash should have a higher projectile speed… like 2 or 3 times the speed, a really quick attack.


Should Sheath’s TP distance not be the same distance as the damage done? It would keep the ??? out of danger, but having to play its chips right to avoid anything on the other side.


this is selfish from me but, if possible another ability to be tested. it wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Another Ability suggestion


It can go thru blacktiles, unlike wizzy spellbomb etc.


exactly, making 2 katana classes that focuses on dealing damage is really bad idea, and dunno if it should be a samurai because we still don’t know if it’s gonna be called like that.

aside from that, in my opinion, the new class should be focused on supporting players by giving buffs to allies or/and debuffs to enemies.


As a Ninja main, here’s my thoughts on it.

First off, the stats are a little underwhelming. Although 75 attack is a lot, 50 dex hurts the class a lot, and makes it just that tad bit too weak in my opinion. 55 or 60 dex would be nicer to have.

Secondly, the abilities. The Sheath, although an interesting concept, is…not that great. The teleport is fairly buggy, and the “width” of the AoE attack is rather small.
The Wakizashi (was that how it was written?) on the other hand feels much stronger, although the projectiles being spawned slightly to the left of where you’re aiming is a tad awkward to get used to.

About its role, it’s indeed a bit odd to have two Katana classes focus entirely on DPS. Giving the ??? (its name hasn’t come out yet!!) an ability that is more leaned towards a supportive role rather than an offensive one would be nicer - in exchange for an increase in dexterity, of course.
I mean, all the Heavy armor classes play some sort of supporting role with their abilities.
Paladin? Damage boost, Health boost, Vitality boost.
Warrior? Fire rate boost, can go fast.
Knight? Literally disables an enemy’s shots, making it safe for everyone to get in.
Unnamed Class? Lowers an enemy’s defense by 20. And deals a h*ckton of damage while doing so (Waki) or dies doing so (Sheath when teleporting into Janus or something).

Finally, here’s my suggestion for changing the ability; specifically, the Sheath.
I like @BaraBlazer’s suggestion to

…and to combine that with a slightly wider cone of damage, a longer Exposed duration, and to maybe add an attack boost to party at higher tiers, perhaps.


Sir, I dont know who you are but please, stop reading my mind!


Fixed ;3